6 Major Marketing Digital Trends You Will See This Year

digital marketing trends in Singapore

The digital marketing landscape in Singapore is dynamic. Just when the internet marketers believe that they have a clear understanding of their target market, a new technology, new trend, consumer behaviour kicks in and changes everything. It is not easy to predict the next marketing strategy that will take over the industry.

That said, based on past digital marketing trends, we can predict some of the trends that will become more popular this year.

Content Will Become More Prominent

In the current digital marketing ecosystem, content is the cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy that you implement in Singapore. Already, you are aware of what type of material that inspires, excite, appeals and triggers positive emotions.

This year, you need to go an extra mile and not only focus on putting content in front of potential customers and hoping that they will respond to your call to actions but also encourage them to share and engage with it.. Engagement will create an opportunity to interact with them at a personal level, and this is in turn builds trust. Structure your content in such a way that it shows the consumers that you appreciate their input in your business.

More Usage of Chatbots

Customer service is another essential pillar of your Singapore e-commerce site. Unknown to most people is that not all customers are comfortable talking to a real person on phone or email. Thanks to chatbots, this group of customers can now get comprehensive and accurate answers to their queries in real time and without necessarily contacting the support team.

By using AI technology, chatbots can fulfil requests efficiently and without compromising the personality or image of the brand. Recent research done by Grand View Research predicts that the chatbot market will hit $1.25 billion by 2025. The current annual growth rate is 24.3 percent.

Artificial Intelligence Will Continues to Advance

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing at an unexpectedly high rate in Singapore. Businesses in different niches appreciate its ability to make data tabulation and analysis more accurate and efficient. Artificial Intelligence is also making it possible for brands to do tasks that were previously not possible or were time-consuming in a matter of minutes.

digital marketing trends in Singapore

In the world of digital marketing, AI monitors customers’ online patterns and behaviours. With this information at hand, it gets a clear understanding of the target customer interests, needs, and preferences. This year, more businesses will start using this technology to not only do market research but also create robust digital marketing campaigns that are based on the data collected.

Conventional Marketing Funnel is changing

At the moment, the marketing funnel is open to everyone. It assets them for profitability and any prospect who is deemed as unfit or not ready to convert is rejected. Too many companies that rely on the internet to sell their products and services see their clients as gatekeepers to wallets. The customers, on the other hand, feel ignored and insulted when the purchasing journey ends.

Smart businesses in Singapore that are keen on staying ahead of the competition are creating new digital marketing funnel that unlike the previous one that swallows any lead, this one uses custom content to target niche markets and audiences.

This kind of marketing funnel is more effective in increasing conversion as it focuses solely on people who are already interested in the company and what it offers. It is more sustainable and efficient in terms of resources and time input. It is also important to note that modern customers are not comfortable doing business with companies that gloss over them; they are interested in genuine and trustworthy relationships.

Voice Search is Becoming More Popular

As the name suggests, voice search allows internet users to find the information they are looking for online by speaking to the search engine as opposed to typing their query. This new trend is gaining traction in Singapore and other parts of the world as it simplifies the process of finding information about products and services online.

The ever-ballooning online community is gradually falling in love with this new way of finding information as it reduces the amount of time they spend in front of the screen. If you want to start dominating or to continue getting clients online, you need to make sure that your website content is optimised for voice searches.

Increased Use of Vertical Videos

You already know the potent power of using videos to communicate the intended message to the target customers. In the past, we used to perceive it as just one aspect of your digital marketing strategy in Singapore. However, based on a recent research report that shows that people are spending hundreds of hours watching videos, you need to have an entire marketing strategy for just videos.

Note that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other prominent social media platform, video marketing is here to stay. This form of content will continue to open doors for new and existing businesses to thrive in 2019 and beyond.

However, it would help if you tweaked how you present your videos to stand out from the crowd. A majority of the customers do not like turning their smartphones to watch a video. Consider creating vertical videos to suit the preferences of all audiences.

Instagram launched IGTV in June last year to present more videos in vertical mode on the platform. One of the highlights of IGTV is that it allows content creators to come up with longer videos as well as animated videos, interviews, demos, 360-degree virtual reality, live streams, case studies and the list is endless.

The bottom line is that; as you create your Singapore social media marketing strategy; consider incorporating vertical form IGTV videos to get ahead of the competition.

Final Thoughts

These six digital marketing trends will help your business to continue scaling up and venturing into new markets in Singapore. However, they need to be well crafted and implemented to deliver the best results possible. Our team of digital marketers is on standby ready to create superior digital marketing strategies that will generate more leads in Singapore. Get in touch with us for more details.



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February 26, 2019

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