5 Tools to Track Your Brand Mentions on Social Media in Singapore

5 Tools to Track Your Brand Mentions on Social Media in Singapore

Every social media marketing manager in Singapore wishes that their customers would honestly tell they what they think about their brand. On top of this, any lead that does not want to be a customer would tell them why. Every day, customers are talking about products and services, exchanging recommendations, talking about ads, complaining, as well as mentioning the products, services, and brand in passing.

Preferably, every social media marketing manager in Singapore would like the customers to bring all the conversations about their brands on their platforms, but it is not the case. Brand users will discuss the positives and negatives of a brand, service, or product on their accounts. This makes it difficult for a social media marketing manager in Singapore to get the right social metrics about their products, services, or brands.

Must Have Social Listening Tools for a Social Media Marketing Manager in Singapore

However, with social media listening software, you have an opportunity to research your target audience’s preference and unfiltered opinions. While it is a simple procedure, the available tools vary significantly in features, price, and the platforms they monitor. They are the perfect answer to your feedback problems plaguing marketing through social media in Singapore.

Today, we will look at the tools for tracking, engaging with, and analysing your social mentions for meaningful social metrics in Singapore.


Brandwatch’s strength is in providing detailed social data analytics. By clicking on the statistics graphs, individual mentions will appear in the pop-up window. However, to interact to the mentions you have to go to the social networks site. This is a tedious process compared to other tools tracking social media mentions and social media analytics in Singapore.

The software is presented in three platforms

  • Vizia
  • Analytics
  • Audiences

You can analyse conversations in real time to get insights into what your audience is talking about and whom they are engaging. On top of this, Brandwatch also offers a variety of extra features including smart reports, image recognition, and emoji analysis, which are crucial for social media measurement in Singapore.

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Brandwatch will provide you with invaluable insights that could change how you view social media for business in Singapore.

 Monitored Platforms

Brandwatch monitors Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Pinterest, QQ, VK, as well as news sites, blogs, and the web.


Mention specialises in real-time monitoring, and you will get alerts for the last 24 hours. You also get a Boolean search mode that helps you design the perfect search query. Unlike Brandwatch, Mention allows you to respond to the social mentions right on the platform. You can also connect a Buffer account to schedule the reposts from the favourable mentions.

With that said, you can also tag individual mentions and unite them in a single group. Mention has an Insights’ centre where the software will dissect the social metrics using several parameters such as language, reach, and sentiment.

Mention, allows for the customisation of reports, and with the available API, you can integrate your Insights with other marketing software. The software is on the watch 24/7, and it sends you the latest mentions by Slack or email.

 Monitored Platforms

 The software will monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, news and blogs, Reddit, and the web, making it great for marketing through social media in Singapore.

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Keyhole specialises in account and mentions analytics. You can like and respond to the mentions directly on the platform, and it provides an in-depth analysis of the mentions. These data will be a good edition to your social media marketing analytics in Singapore.

Keyhole classifies the mentions by location, gender, sentiments, original vs. reposts, and the source. The software also identifies the most popular hashtags, links, and phrases mentioned alongside your brand name as well as mentions from influential accounts.

Keyhole has a machine learning algorithm that will send alerts if

  • You receive a spike in activity for any conversation
  • A user complains about your product, brand, or service
  • A post begins to go viral
  • New influential users join in on the conversation

On top of this, Keyhole will pull data and present insights into the most engaged followers, the most popular posts, and the best time to post, and more. For this reason, any social media marketing manager in Singapore will agree that it is a great tool for tracking social metrics in Singapore.

 Monitored Platforms

Keyhole has a free trial that you can use to gauge its performance. You get 3 keywords and 3 social media accounts with 5,000 limits of mentions per month. However, Keyhole has a limited number of platforms seeing that you can only monitor Instagram, Twitter, news sites, blogs, and forums.

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Social Mention

This free software is touted as one of the best alternatives to using Google Alerts when using social media for business in Singapore. It allows you to customise the language and the social media sources you want to monitor. Social Mention displays the mentions sorted by source or in chronological order.

Other than the standard real-time mentions alerts, Social Mention will show you the

  • Overall sentiment analysis
  • Reach of your posts
  • The likelihood that your brand will be discussed on social media also known as the strength of your brand
  • The likelihood that one account will mention it more than once, also known as the passion behind the mentions
  • Top hashtags and keywords associated with your brand
  • Top authors based on the quantity of the mentions

Monitored Platforms

Social Mentions is the perfect tracking tool for a social media marketing manager in Singapore running a small business in Singapore. The platforms monitored include Google News, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, and Reddit.


This software collects and analyses social data while also doing real-time brand tracking and engagement. As soon as you start using the software, you will be able to

  • Add negative keywords
  • Choose the platforms and countries Awario will monitor
  • Choose the frequency of alerts

Awario currently notifies users of mentions via push notifications and email. On top of this, Awario has a Boolean search that allows you to create elaborate searches.

The mentions are shown in the feed, and you can react to them without leaving the platform. Besides this, you can group the mentions by conversation or author, and sort them via reach, sentiment, and date.

As a social media marketing manager in Singapore, you will benefit from both historical data and real-time mentions, and you can export this raw data in CVS. Moreover, Awario has an Alert Comparison tab that allows you to monitor several keywords as well as that of your competitor.

Pricing and Monitored Platforms

The Starter plan offers 3 alerts, and 30,000 new mentions per month. You can monitor Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, blogs, news sites, and the web.


The above tools cut across different data goals and budgets and are perfect when doing social media marketing in Singapore. We hope that as a social media marketing manager in Singapore, you will learn how to use either one of these tools for social media measurement in Singapore.

Contact us today for professional digital marketing services in Singapore. Our team will help you get the right social media marketing analytics in Singapore from social mentions to build a superior strategy.

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