How to Test Your Facebook Ads for Optimal Results in Singapore

How to Test Your Facebook Ads for Optimal Results in Singapore

Do you want to optimise your Facebook ads in Singapore? Are you wondering what will work best for your target customers in the country? Indeed, Singapore has more than 1 million active Facebook users and this make the platform a gold mine to any digital marketing team that wants to get more leads.

In a bid to understand how to optimise and test ads on Facebook, we sat down with Andrea Vahl, the renowned author of Facebook Ads Made Simple course.

Why you should Test Your Facebook Ads

Just like any other facet of your digital marketing strategy in Singapore, it is imperative to test the performance of your Facebook ads to know if you are heading in the right direction. Testing will help you to understand what works best for your ads on Facebook. Improving the ads based on what you uncover when doing the tests will help you get better results for less money.

For example, you can reduce the cost of acquisition from $150 to $70 by just changing the message and graphics in your ads. In most cases when digital marketers in Singapore say Facebook ads do not offer significant ROI, it is because they have not tested enough variables to know which ones resonate with the brands. They often make sporadic decisions to change the ads at once or are unaware of one adjustment that would have a major impact on the results.

The point we are trying to put across is that, you need to be systematic and strategic when testing Facebook ads in Singapore.

Budgeting for Testing Facebook Ads – How to Do it Right?

A number of factors will come into play when budgeting for testing Facebook ads in Singapore. They include the product or service, the market, niche, target audience and the list continues. As you budget, think about the cost of your goals and significance of your results.

Think about it, you will spend more money to test Facebook ads with a cost per lead of $50, than a cost per lead of $20.

Andrea recommends allocating 10% to 20% of the total advertising budget to testing and reviewing. It is highly unlikely that you will get it right the first time and the premier ads will yield great results. Continuously running tests will ensure that you get maximum ROI by only focusing on ads that you are almost sure will deliver good results.

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How to Test Facebook Ads

One of the best ways of testing a marketing campaign in Singapore is by creating a new ad set instead of using the existing or editing the existing ones. This is based on the fact that editing existing ad set will change the momentum and make it difficult to monitor performance and other variables that you are interested in.

Identify Responsive Audiences

Andrea prefers testing Facebook Ads by first categorising the target audiences based on keywords, interests, and targeting. The more specific and narrow a segment of your target audience is, the more accurate the results you will get.

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Test a Facebook Ad that you think will do well across multiple audiences and take note of the engagement level from each audience. Your budget will determine the number of variables and audiences you will test. For example, a large budget will make it possible for you to continuously optimise and test ads on different audience. It is not possible to do that with a smaller budget.

Consider testing potential audiences that you have created based on keywords and interests against high value similar audiences.

Look at Facebook Ad Creative Variations

Once you have identified audiences that deliver the best results, the next thing that you need to do is use those audiences or segments of target customers to improve your visuals and text.

Text can be tested by changing the ad copy, call to action, and headlines. Creative testing can be done by changing variables such as images, carousels, and video.

Visuals have a potent ability to grasp users’ attention and so focus more on the visuals before proceeding to test short and long versions of text elements in your Facebook ads. If you are on a tight budget, test 4-5 square visuals as they work best on ads distributed on Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, if your budget is not limiting, go ahead and test a greater number of square visuals against vertical and horizontal orientation.

Recent data shows unpolished, spontaneous videos ads generate more conversions, and higher engagement than they did in the past probably because the target audience perceive them as more genuine. The secret to testing video ads is by using captions and reducing the amount of text in the thumbnail image.

On Facebook, images that contain 20% less text work best compared to those that are filled with text. So, go ahead and restrict the amount of text that you or your team incorporate in Facebook ad images.

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Determine the Right Facebook Ad Placements

Specifying ad placements gives Singapore digital marketers the freedom to have their ads displayed on specific places on Facebook. For example, you can set individual ads to be only placed in Facebook Marketplace or in the right column of Facebook homepage when displayed on desktop screens.

One of the benefits of managing individual Facebook ad placement is that it limits Facebook bot ability to channel a significant percentage of your budget into placements that may not help your brand achieve its goals.

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The bottom line is that, specifying ad placement will improve your Facebook ad relevance score and low the cost per lead thereby increasing your ROI. Use the breakdown report to understand how your budget is spent on each placement. Based on the report, you can decide to stop some ads from been displayed on certain places such as Facebook Messenger. It is also prudent to experiment with desktop placements vs. mobile placements.

Refine your Facebook Ads by Analysing Test Results

The tests discussed above will provide plenty of data that you can use to get a clearer perspective of your Facebook ad campaign in Singapore. Take the time to analyse the results and use the findings to improve your ads. Make sure that your ad sets are properly named from the onset to avoid any confusion.

The test should run for at least 3-4 days to garner enough data that you can use to make informed decisions. The amount of time it will take to analyse the results depends on the ad sets you are testing.

Use Facebook Ads Manager to Evaluate the Test Results

Facebook Ads Manager has a Performance Chart that records the clicks on ads. This is a default report that can be tweaked by adding custom conversions as well as standard events. For example, you can add more columns to track return on ad spending.

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Other factors that you can use to create a custom report include age range and geographic location.

Streamline your Facebook Advertising Results with Google Analytics

This will come as a surprise, but numerous reports have proved Facebook that does not always report attributions and leads correctly. Incidents of over-reporting have misled a good number of digital marketers when making decisions.

Therefore, confirm the results by checking your Google UTM tags and Google Analytics. Comparing the results will help you identify Facebook ads that actual spur engagement with the audience and result in conversions.

In fact, Google Analytics offer more detailed reports compared to Facebook. The report includes important metrics such as Time on Page that you can use to know the amount of time users spend on your website. You can also know the manner in which potential customers interact with your ads when displayed on desktop and mobile.

Leverage Facebook Ads Delivery Insights

Ad burnout occurs when the same ad is displayed too often. Facebook Delivery Insights dashboard has time impressions ratio that is meant to inform you the number of people who come across your ad for the first time. If the ratio is 50% or less, consider using a different ad.

Closing Remarks

Testing your Facebook ads in Singapore will help you get optimal results. Use the above tactics to determine the performance of your ads and use the data presented in the reports to make the right marketing decisions. Get in touch with us for more insights about social media marketing in Singapore.

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