Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites

Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites


Numbers don’t lie. Having a solid Alexa ranking will help you to know the overall value and popularity of your brand online. Potential business partners, investors, and customers use this metric to know the state of a company before they do business with them.

Today we will look at three tips on how to get a solid Alexa ranking for Singaporean websites.

Produce High-Quality Content

Content is one of the primary components of your online marketing campaigns. Take the time to evaluate the needs and expectations of the customers and then create A+ content that proves your brand is an authority in your niche.

Accrue High-Quality Backlinks

Trust and authority are two of the primary factors that Google Algorithm uses to ranking websites. Other factors that are employed in the ranking process include;

  • On-page keyword usage = 15.04%
  • Anchor text of external links to the pages = 20.26%
  • Link popularity of specific page = 22.33%
  • CTR data and traffic = 6.29%
  • Social graph metrics = 5.30%

Guest posting is one of the guaranteed ways of getting high-quality backlinks. While at it, apply the 90/10 rule that states 90% of your efforts should be used to create epic content, and 10% channeled into link building.

Evaluate Keywords Used by Competitors

One of the motivations to improving your Alexa ranking is to outperform your competition. Analyzing the keywords used by your competitors is the first step to not only improving your Alexa ranking but also your SEO campaigns in general.

Get to know which keywords gives them the most traffic from search engines then use the best SEO practices to optimize your site for them. Also, build momentum to increase your content reach and visibility of your brand online. Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools that you can use to analyze the keywords.

In a nutshell, your Alexa ranking has a direct impact on the progress and health of your brand. Start applying the above tips to get a stable ranking and higher visibility in Singapore.

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Engage an expert SEO in Singapore to ensure you get this right because as with all things in search engine optimisation – most of your time could be spent chasing unproductive activities thinking it will help your ranking.

April 13, 2017

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