5 Visual Elements of a Successful Company Blog in Singapore

successful company blog in Singapore

Looking for expert tips on how to establish a successful company blog in Singapore? As you make an effort to market your company online in Singapore, you should not overlook the power of content. The easiest way to build trust among clients and prospects is by sharing information that might be of interest to them. This will help you create an influential and credible brand.

A significant percentage of online shoppers in Singapore make their purchasing decisions based on the reviews and recommendations that they read on blogs. Joining the bandwagon by creating a blog for your company will significantly boost its online visibility. Visuals are among the most pertinent components of a blog.

Blog posts that feature images get more views compared to plain text articles. Most visual marketers understand that visual content should be the fulcrum of every digital marketing strategy. The number of Internet users who are likely to remember blog posts that feature images is equally high. 

5 Elements of a Successful Company Blog in Singapore

1. Branding Elements

At the beginning of your marketing campaign, branding needs to be among the main areas of focus. Likewise, it should be the first step that you take as you create your company blog. Your brand comprises relevant aspects of the company including its name, symbols, design, and any other critical feature that distinguishes you from similar businesses.

Your brand is akin to an individual’s reputation, which is earned by doing good deeds repeatedly. Therefore, the brand that you build is valuable since it represents who you are as a company. It also presents you to your target audience. It is at this point that branding elements come into play. Your branding elements are visual landmarks, which help your prospects know the kind of company that they are likely to deal with.

successful company blog in Singapore

Visual elements that need to be included on the blog’s landing page include your name, logo, appropriate colors, and suitable typography. Your company’s logo is its ID card since it acts as a visual reference point that clients use to identify your company. The chosen logo should be prominently featured on your blog to help visitors identify the source of whatever content that you publish there. This is actually one of the factors that differentiate successful company blog in Singapore from the rest. 

The colors that you choose for your company blog are equally important. Color evokes different emotions in us. Using the appropriate color combination will set the tone for your blogs and your brand in general. Colors used on the blog can either attract visitors or make them look elsewhere for information.

For your brand to stand out from other Singaporean companies, you must ensure that all notable branding elements are consistent and that they improve the visual style used on your blog. You may be creative when writing your content, but visitors will still be turned off if the text is not readable or suitably formatted. In this regard, you should choose appropriate fonts, white spaces, and bullet lists to make your content is readable.

2. Featured Images

Besides branding elements, the images that you feature on your blog will significantly determine how readers perceive it. The choice of images for your site will be determined by the type of business that you are, and your target audience. Human beings are visual creatures since they consume more visual information than written data.

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Images not only make your blog appear attractive but also break the monotony of long texts. You should blend images with other graphic presentations, which will act as a backup to your written data. When choosing pictures and graphic representations that you will incorporate into your blog, you need to ensure that whatever you pick gives the blog an attractive and professional look.

3. Author Photograph and Bio Section

 A bio section featuring the photograph of whoever wrote your articles gives your blog a sense of credibility. When marketing online in Singapore, your aim is definitely to build credibility and trust with the target audience. Readers are more likely to trust you if they know you, even if that knowledge comes from a short bio that features a profile picture.

Once they see this, they will know that you invested your time, resources, and professional skills in writing the article. Similarly, it gives your blog a human touch. Moreover, if you are a well-known expert within your industry or you have hired authors who are your peers but are known to the target audience, you will be telling your readers that your articles are professional opinions, which are credible.

You can display the authors’ bios and photos in several ways. If one author has written an article, consider setting up in such a way that his/her profile appears as a sidebar widget. Likewise, this information can be displayed at the end of your blog posts.

4. Call-to-Action Images

CTAs play a critical role as far as lead generation is concerned. You can use newsletter subscription widgets, sign-up forms, or advertising banners as part of your CTA. You can integrate anything that you deem fit in the CTA section of your blog provided that it can generate the much-needed conversions.

You should only use CTAs that encourage prospective clients to buy your goods or services. There are a few incredible CTAs that you can seek inspiration from. Hubspot is a perfect example. The blog has a standard subscription widget at its right sidebar. This widget is prominently placed in such a way that invites visitors to find out what’s featured in the CTA.

Shopify features two subscription banners. One is located on the right sidebar while another CTA features at the end of every article. This way, visitors’ attention is fully drawn to the CTA even as they go through the blog.

The probability of clients clicking on your subscription banner is even higher when your blog features more than one CTA. Nonetheless, you should avoid using too many CTAs since they will distract visitors from going through your content, which is the reason why they visited your blog in the first place.

5. Social Proof

Social media should be at the core of your content marketing campaign if you intend to penetrate the Singaporean market. More than 80% of Singaporeans use social media on a daily basis. For you to win over more clients, the buck does not stop with posting high-quality content. This content should be shared on different social networks to increase the visibility of your blogs.

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Creating profiles on different social networks proves that you are credible. Clients who cannot reach you via email, chatbots on your sites, or telephone similarly have a way of getting in touch with you. Likewise, it is easy to follow social media discussions about your brand, something that helps you make improvements to your products and services where weaknesses exist.

When your content gets shared a lot on different social networks, you have sufficient proof that there are lots of people who value whatever you post on your blogs thus their willingness to share it with their friends and acquaintances.

Your blog should make use of social media icons, which make it easy for readers to share your content to different platforms conveniently. Displaying the number of times that the content has been shared is a way of proving to your audience how large your following is. When you share positive reviews about your products and services on social networks, you are telling a bigger audience about your professionalism.

Another excellent social proof for blogs is showing off the big companies that you serve or work with. You can do this by featuring a visual list that outlines some of your most important clients. It is also good practice to show genuine testimonials since it shows your potential clients that they won’t get disappointed if they choose to work with you.

To get onto as many channels as possible, it is pertinent that you open a page or profile on all major social media platforms. There are users on this platform who are not currently in your funnel yet could be interested in your products and services. Being on different platforms makes you visible to clients who spend time online but mostly on social media rather than company blogs.

successful company blog in Singapore

You should not only use social media to market your content, products, and services, but also as a platform to interact with clients, follow their conversations, and if possible, respond to any queries that they present to you.

Content marketing is the direction that every company seeking to gain a firm footing in Singapore should explore. Your content might be of high quality, but it may not reach the intended target audience if you fail to market it.

Incorporating the above mentioned visual elements into your company’s blog will not only make it attractive, but also adds a sense of credibility, organisation, and professionalism. Combining the elements with rich content goes a long way in ensuring that you attract the right audience to your blog.

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