Straits Times Interviews MediaOne For Crystal Jade Controversy

crystal jade promotion controversy

Yes, MediaOne is yet again in the spotlight when we were asked by The Straits Times about our views on a recent Crystal Jade promotion where a Cantonese mother compared her daughter to ‘char siew’, a Chinese roast-pork dish.

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Crystal Jade’s promotional video was meant to infuse humour and resonate with Chinese families. It offered diners a complimentary plate of char siew if a parent recites the phrase “It’s better to give birth to a piece of char siew than to give birth to you” in Cantonese.

Our CEO, Tom Koh, said Cantonese sayings resonate deeply with Singaporeans who speak the dialect, creating a strong cultural connection and making the campaign relatable and engaging.

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“However, more modern and Westernised families might perceive such expressions as aggressive or insulting, leading to potential backlash. Non-Cantonese speakers might not grasp the humour or cultural significance, potentially leading to confusion or misinterpretation,” he added.

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Mr Koh said the campaign might have been effective in attracting fans and customers. He pointed out that as of the evening of June 4, the post had accumulated about 770 likes, a number much higher than the usual range of between 30 and 70 likes.

The engagement, he said, proves the famous adage that many brands are driven by: Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Here is the full article:

Straits Times Interviews MediaOne For XiaoHongShu Article

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