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Should I Start Afresh or Fix My Website? The Answers

Well-Designed Website

There comes a time when tough decisions such as creating a new website to replace the existing one have to be made. Luckily, Singapore is well known for having a plethora of professional web designers who have the skills and ability to make that happen for your business.

To help you make a decision on what to do with the current website that is not delivering the expected results, think of your site as a custom house. The total amount of money that you will need to fix and repair everything is mostly dependent on the quality of the materials, the age of the house, and complexity of the required update.

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The same case applies to a website, if it can handle the current size of your business, it is worth refurbishing. However, it does not resonate with your business model; you should consider investing in a new website.

Here are two benefits of creating a new website instead of fixing the current one.

Saves Time and Money

One of the factors that web developers in Singapore consider when generating a quote for a customer is the amount of time that will be required to complete the site. From personal experience, trying to change another web developer’s code is often tedious and time-consuming. This is the main reason why fixing a site is more expensive than creating a new one.

Access to Past Features

The statement “starting afresh” does not mean that everything on the current website should be thrown into the bin. Certain functions that are still relevant to your business can be retained or tweaked to make them more efficient and capable of scaling up your business. However, these incidents are very rare because technology has evolved tremendously over the years. It makes more economic sense to create a new website with new features instead of improving the old features that probably the target audience is accustomed to already.

The bottom line is; fixing an already broken website is usually expensive and does not yield significant positive results in most cases. If possible, consider hiring a Singapore web developer to create a whole new site for your business. If you wish to save costs – its possible to hire an reputable SEO service company to handle the error-fixing and re-optimise your site for higher rankings on the search engines.


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