Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites

Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites

Numbers don’t lie. Having a solid Alexa ranking will help you to know the overall value and popularity of your brand online. Potential business partners, investors, and customers use this metric to know the state of a company before they do business with them.

Today we will look at three tips on how to get a solid Alexa ranking for your website.

Produce High-Quality Content

Content is one of the primary components of your online marketing campaign. Take the time to evaluate the needs and expectations of the customers and then create A+ content that proves your brand is an authority in your niche.

Accrue High-Quality Backlinks

Trust and authority are two of the primary factors that Google Algorithm uses to ranking websites. Other factors that are employed in the ranking process include;

  • On-page keyword usage = 15.04%
  • Anchor text of external links to the pages = 20.26%
  • Link popularity of specific page = 22.33%
  • CTR data and traffic = 6.29%
  • Social graph metrics = 5.30%

Guest posting is one of the guaranteed ways of getting high-quality backlinks. While at it, apply the 90/10 rule that states 90% of your efforts should be used to create epic content, and 10% channeled into link building.

Evaluate Keywords Used by Competitors

One of the motivations to improving your Alexa ranking is to outperform your competition. Analyzing the keywords used by your competitors is the first step to not only improving your Alexa ranking but also your SEO campaigns in general.

Get to know which keywords gives them the most traffic from search engines then use the best SEO practices to optimize your site for them. Also, build momentum to increase your content reach and visibility of your brand online. Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools that you can use to analyze the keywords.

In a nutshell, your Alexa ranking has a direct impact on the progress and health of your brand. Start applying the above tips to get a stable ranking and higher visibility in Singapore.

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Engage an expert SEO in Singapore to ensure you get this right because as with all things in search engine optimisation – most of your time could be spent chasing unproductive activities thinking it will help your ranking.


Encourage Discussion

There are many Singapore website owners who pay close attention to their subscriber count on their website’s RSS feed. Subscribers are the users who are actively signing up to receive every article you post through your RSS reader or your email client. In a lot of cases, these individuals will not visit your site directly. Many find it easier to read all of their articles from one platform instead of visiting several websites at a time.

While this may be convenient for the user and show that people are actually taking an interest in your articles, you must consider how Alexa would view this. When people sign up for your RSS feed, it means that you are not getting as many hits as you could be. So it’s important that you find ways to pull your visitors back into your site. You need to give them a reason to actually stop by.

One of the best ways to do this is to create posts that encourage engagement and discussion. You need to share information that makes people want to add their opinion or find out what others are thinking about it. Implement a comment system that actually rewards visitors for leaving their comments on your site. Systems like Commentluv are great examples.

This isn’t to say that you should encourage people to comment just for the sake of commenting. You should definitely find a balance between rewards and creating an environment for a meaningful discussion. Try leaving open-ended questions at the end of your article and take note of how people respond to it. Take an unusual position on a certain argument.

Curate Content

In many instances, you will find that users don’t have a lot of time to search for the best sources of information. You can act as a resource for them by curating relevant content around the web that they will be interested. What is content curation? This is the practice of researching, gathering, organising, and presenting content that surrounds a specific subject matter.

This means that you will be able to offer content that your audience may not have been exposed to if they had searched on their own. But more importantly, by creating roundup posts, you can drive some toolbar touting traffic. This is also a great way to network with other websites in your niche and get backlinks to your own content.

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When using this method, you need to be very mindful of the type of content that you decide to add to your website. Only choose those that add value to the community or that seem to be particularly popular. The more informative and helpful the posts, the more regularly people visit your site and the higher up in Alexa rankings you will go. Remember that your list will only be as good as the content that you curate.

Perform interviews with influencers

Another way to use the value that other industry experts offer is to perform interviews. And the great thing about this particular method is that you can really focus on a certain area of your industry and provide information that is in-depth. Interviews are also a great way to reach out to a much bigger audience, exchange links and form meaningful connections with others in your industry. But perhaps the biggest advantage to performing interviews is that it attracts a lot of traffic to your site, specifically if the interviewee is a well-known expert in your field. And this is great for your Alexa ranking.

When using the interview method, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared. You need to ask questions that your audience wants to know the answers to. One of the best ways to find questions is to poll your audience. Let them know that you will be having a discussion with an industry expert and ask them what they would like you to ask them during the interview. Interviews are a win-win situation for you, the interview, and your audience.

Hold competitions and offer relevant prizes

One of the most fun ways to get a higher Alexa ranking is to hold a competition. Competitions are a great way to engage your audience. The key is to choose a prize that your audience will actually want to win. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to offer a great prize. Sure, it would be great to give away something that has a lot of monetary value, but you can also provide other forms of currency.

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For instance, you may offer a little social currency. More specifically, you could offer publicity. Perhaps you could give them a shoutout on your social media. Or maybe you could promote their business. You could also offer a free product or service. Think about your demographics and what they are most interested in.

The reason this method is so effective is because you can get toolbar traffic, and all of your toolbar traffic will get visitors and recognition. The more influence you have, the more valuable a contest will be to your brand. However, there is a downside to holding your own contests. There are some people who will only participate to win the prize and will have no real interest in your brand. Also, there is always a chance that you could offer a prize that does not interest everyone.

How to Use Alexa Ranking to Scale Up Your Business

Whether you own a website or blog, it’s imperative to benchmark your site performance to know which areas you should focus on more. Alexa is one of the handy tools you can count on to offer accurate essential data about your platform.

Surprisingly, despite its potent ability to help businesses perform better, many webmasters often overlook Alexa ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity based on organic traffic. Millions of sites are listed based on their popularity, with the number 1 being the most popular.

Initially, there were numerous complaints that the tool was providing inaccurate data since it only relied on users who installed its plugin in their browser. Only a select group of users such as internet marketers and tech-savvy users interested in monitoring websites would install the toolbar. 

Therefore, the results would only be from a select target audience that may not be interested in really doing business with the tracked websites but rather to gauge their performance. Since then, the tool has been improved to generate reports based on a broad and representative sample of online website traffic.

Needless to say, the site ranked number 1 by Google, and other search engines enjoy massive traffic and visibility in SERPs compared to lowly ranked sites. The worst possible numeric score on Alexa is 20,000,000. Beyond that point, your site will be marked as “not enough traffic data,” meaning the tool doesn’t have any or enough record of your site traffic.

It’s also important to note that the ranking is relative to other sites in your niche and not based on visitors. The relative ranking is enough for most tasks, such as monitoring the performance of newly implemented SEO strategies. 

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However, we recommend using it alongside other tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to get a clearer perspective of your website and make informed decisions.

How to Use Alexa Ranking to Scale Up Your Online Business

Now that you know what Alexa is let us proceed and look at how to use the Alexa ranking to scale up your online business. After that, we will decipher myths that often mislead and deter people from using this tool.

Determine Your Website Commercial Potential

Apart from conveying the intended message to the target audience, you desire to make money from your website. As your website or blog grows, you will start receiving sponsorship, joint ventures, guest post, and product promotion requests from other people.

Alexa ranking comes in to test a site’s suitability to a particular project or goal. For example, if you want to promote a product and approach a webmaster who claims to get 100,000 visitors per day, you can use Alexa to know if the claim is true.

Based on the sites ranking on Alexa, you can estimate the amount of traffic the websites receive. The same case applies to your website. Your site ranking will help you gauge its commercial potential and devise ways of increasing it.

Monitor Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is one of the primary factors you can count on to determine the performance of your SEO campaigns. If the traffic is dropping, you need to spring into action and do a comprehensive website audit to pinpoint and resolve the plausible causes. 

On the other hand, you can use organic traffic to know which SEO strategies you should continue investing resources in and which ones you should stop using. 

Google is known to introduce algorithm updates when least expected. With Google Alexa Ranking, you can tell whether this search engine giant updated its algorithm. Note that some updates are not publicly announced until webmasters start reporting significant changes in various aspects of their websites such as traffic and ranking in SERPs.

Consequently, if your ranking is dropping but competitors are gaining, investigate what strategies they are using to knock you off the top spot. Create better strategies instead of mimicking what they are doing to get ahead of the curve again.

Locating Potential Super Affiliates

When running an affiliate marketing program, it’s imperative to collaborate with websites and other affiliates with great potential of helping you generate more sales. However, finding high-volume marketers is usually a daunting task for people who don’t have the required tools and expertise.

It would be best if you were sure you could deliver on your promise to pay commissions for sales generated before signing the contract. Alexa will come in handy to help you identify sites with the potent ability to increase your affiliate sales. 

Don’t just rely on Alexa, though. Compare the reports generated by other tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, and SimilarWeb to know the website’s percentage of traffic from organic search. 

Note that organic search traffic is of higher quality than general traffic from social media and other platforms. Use it to verify claims of success before making any decision to avoid regrets down the road.

Do Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis compares your website’s performance compared to other websites in the same niche. Use Alexa for this purpose to know which strategies are working in your niche and optimise your website accordingly to rival the competitors. 

Remember, an Alexa ranking is generated based on two primary factors, namely;

  • Average pageviews: The number of times a URL or page is viewed
  • Unique daily visitors: Amount of traffic that a site gets daily

It’s possible to increase the two metrics by creating quality and engaging content, sourcing for more backlinks, sharing posts on social media, and adhering to the SEO practices recommended by Google to enhance site ranking in SERPs.

The 6 Alexa Ballparks

Alexa groups websites into six different categories based on the amount of traffic they receive. Below is an overview of the six ballparks.

  1. Outstanding – 1 to 100,000
  2. Excellent – 100,001 to 1,000,000
  3. Pretty good – 1,000,001 to 2,500,000
  4. Medium – 2,500,001 to 5,000,000
  5. Poor – 5,000,001 to 20,000,000
  6. Invisible – Not enough traffic data
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Based on research, few websites run by solopreneurs get ranked in the top ballpark of 1 to 100,000. More than 90% of sites ranked in this ballpark are large and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, a majority of the solopreneurs are categorized in the Invisible ballpark.

As mentioned earlier, not enough traffic data means that the Alexa extensions, toolbars, and pixels installed in thousands of third-party platforms have received 0 data from your website in the recent past. That’s why it’s ranked as “invisible” since there is no data to determine the amount of traffic that it receives.

It’s best to consider the Alexa ballparks as snapshots of your website performance and not the final judgment. Don’t fret – consider the following three factors when evaluating the ranking generated by Alexa.

  • If you just uploaded a new landing page or homepage on a new website, getting the “Invisible” rank is typical and expected since the page has no traffic and is probably not yet indexed.
  • If you recently launched the website and it’s growing, a ranking of 10,000,000 suits you, but you need to start working towards improving it.
  • If your website is established, has more than 30 pages, and a high-dollar monetisation model such as flipping homes, a rank of 5,000,000 is excellent.

Consider using other tools alongside Alexa for more granular and certainty, especially if the rank seems off. 

Alexa Ranking is Perfect for Affiliate marketing

When doing affiliate marketing, one of the factors that you should consider is engagement levels. Engagement is often directly related to the affiliate’s social power, the ability to convince the target customers to convert.

For example, an old website with an outdated page design but its content still generates a substantial amount of traffic. Then, you check the site on Alexa and find out that it’s ranked 30,465 – that is outstanding, and as indicated above, very few solopreneur websites get ranked in this ballpark. So, you are sure that the site is a worthy candidate for affiliate marketing. 

Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites 1

However, it would help if you were sure about the numbers because you will be nurturing a relationship with the website visitors. Use SEMrush to determine which portions of the traffic are paid or organic. 

If SEMrush report shows the site gets 200K traffic, that confirms it’s a medium-sized company that enjoys massive traffic compared to other websites in the same category. The findings match the Alexa rank report, and so it’s safe to proceed to the next step, which is to use SimilarWeb to re-confirm the data from Alexa.

Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites 3

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SimilarWeb gives the website a global rank of 52,502 and 5,726 in India. Note that you can change the country to get an accurate rank for the specific country you intend to sell your product. 

Sure-Fire Tips to Get a Solid Alexa Ranking For Singapore Websites 2

With the outstanding reports from three trusted tools, you can go ahead and start using the site for affiliate marketing by;

  • Advertising your brand and products on the website using banners
  • Create an official affiliate relationship
  • Post guest posts with links to your websites on its blog

Monitor the results garnered to know which form of content and affiliate program resonates with visitors. 

Concisely, Alexa traffic ranking is ideal for locating potential collaborators who can help scale your business. The ranking will also help you know whether a particular opportunity is worth investing your money, effort, and time in.

Top Myths About Alexa Traffic Ranking

As with any other tool that generates reports that reflect website performance, there are countless myths about Alexa traffic ranking. Below is an overview of the top myths you should ignore in your quest to establish a successful online business.

  1.  Alexa relies only on traffic from users who have installed the Alexa toolbar

That used to be the case when Alexa was launched, but today the data is collected from a massive set of browser plugins and extensions. Alexa toolbar is just one of the browser extensions used to collect the data. Alexa measures all traffic to websites with Alexa Certify code regardless of whether the users have installed the browser extension or not.

  1.  Alexa focuses on webmasters and internet marketers

Wrong! Even though webmasters and internet marketers are widely using the tool, its reports are based on millions of internet users from across the globe. The data is collected using more than 25,000 browser extensions that target a broad audience.

  1.  Site ranking is affected by “claiming your site” feature

Claiming your site or requesting a site analysis has no impact on its ranking. It’s a free service by Alexa that gives you a clearer perspective of your website. Ensuring that your site contact information and site description are updated will ensure you don’t miss potential business opportunities from thousands of people who frequent Alexa every month.

    1. Site ranking with improving if on a particular day its traffic increases

That’s not always the case. Alexa Rank of a website is updated on a daily based. It’s calculated based on the number of visitors to your site in the last 3 months or so. Therefore, the increase in traffic in one day is just 1/90th of the total traffic used to rank your site. 

Remember, site rank is relative to other websites also been monitored. Therefore, traffic changes in other websites also affect your Alexa rank. 

  1.  I will get a better rank if I pay for Alexa’s Marketing Stack

Alexa Marketing Stack is meant to help you identify ways of increasing your site’s organic traffic. Implementing the recommendations can result in a better rank. 

website design banner

More so, if you install Alexa Certify Code on your site, Alexa will directly monitor the traffic instead of estimating it. 

However, direct measuring of traffic will result in an accurate Alexa rank, but it does not necessarily mean that your site rank will improve. 

  1.  Installing Alexa widgets will improve my site rank

No, the Alexa rank widgets are only meant to enable you to promote the site rank to your visitors. They are not for measuring site traffic.

In Conclusion

While most people will only take the time to consider Google when thinking about their ranking, it’s important that you consider several search engines. And Alexa is definitely one of them. Luckily, improving your ranking is not very difficult with this search engine. It simply requires that you know what will interest your audience. And this means you need to take time to create a profile that accurately describes their needs and wants. The key is to get people interested and engaged. And you can easily do this with the help of thoughtful discussions, curated content, influencer interviews, and competitions.

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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