Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore In Singapore

Social Media Trends You Cant Afford To Ignore In Singapore

Social media is constantly evolving around the world. In Singapore, social media has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. As a marketer, keeping up with social media trends is crucial and necessary for survival. You need to gain knowledge on how to leverage these social media platforms to your advantage. However, that alone will not make you successful. You need to keep up with the latest social media trends and incorporate them into your business. Here is an exclusive look at the social media trends you cannot afford to ignore in Singapore.

  1. Live Streaming

Video Live streaming has become a top trend, especially in Singapore. It is being promoted by different social media marketing platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Periscope, Tumblr, Twitter, and According to research, more online users are interested in watching engaging live videos as compared to text only posts. As a marketer in Singapore, you can make use of os some marketing tips such as:

  • Live streaming the product launch
  • Live streaming your marketing events
  • Live streaming the company news
  • Live streaming the manufacture of a product
  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing trends in Singapore. Other marketing channels such as paid search, email, display advertising, organic search, and affiliate marketing follow. Singaporeans marketers who have used influencer marketing are contented with the results. It has a ten times higher conversion rate compared to the other marketing channels. You can keep up with this trend by:

  • Looking for the right influencers
  • Personalising your approach
  • Making it easy for influencers to take part by being transparent
  • Keeping right track on your ROI
  1. Ephemeral Content

You might have never heard of ephemeral content, but that does not mean you are not acquainted with it. Ephemeral content is visual content that lasts for twenty-four hours then disappears forever. These are short-lived posts and videos most popular in Instagram stories and snapchat. Ephemeral content started with Snapchat before being implemented by Instagram as well. Most people feel that these contents are more authentic than traditional sponsored advertisements. Online users add ephemeral content to their social media profiles daily, and you need to take advantage of this as a marketer. You can leverage this trend by:

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  • Making your videos engaging and unique by experimenting
  • Maintain your authenticity and personality as much as possible
  • Keep your viewers curious about more content by entertaining, telling a story, and solving a problem for them.
  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality alters something real by use of technology. Social media marketing is taking augmented reality to a whole new level. They are applying augmented reality on their platforms. One of the most trending augmented reality on social media in Singapore is Snapchat’s face filters. Facebook is also in the augmented reality bandwagon with the camera effects platform. Marketers have a tremendous opportunity to use augmented reality to boosts their sales. A perfect example is augmented reality apps created by L’Oréal that enables users to test hairstyles and makeups before buying anything. Some of the tips that can help you make good use of augmented reality include:

  • Enticing online users about your products using augmented reality
  • Use of impulse buying to increase your sales
  • Encouraging social media sharing through AR apps
  1. Videos

Videos are among the most popular social media trends in Singapore. According to a recent study, more than ninety percent of brand executives say that videos are a crucial part of their marketing strategy. In fact, the current statistics show that about eighty percent of the entire global internet traffic will result from videos in 2020. More so, the majority of social media users affirm that ninety-five percent of video messages get retained in their minds. In Singapore, approximately seventy percent of marketing companies that use videos in their marketing strategies are getting positive results to their ROI. To take advantage of videos trend in your marketing campaigns, you need to:

  • Make short and precise videos
  • Ensure that you engage your audience within the first seven seconds of the video
  • Come up with unique videos
  • Create mobile friendly videos
  • Create different videos with different contents
  1. Generation Z

Generation Z refers to individuals that were born between 1995 up to 2012. These include people of the age bracket ranging below twenty-five years. They are being referred to as ‘true digital natives. The social media platforms they are using most include Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Tumblr Pinterest and others. Your marketing campaigns in Singapore should hence focus on reaching generation Z as they are the most prominent in social media. Ensure that you:

  • Know what they need
  • Make use of Generation Z influencers
  • Use real people
  1. Mobile -Friendly Content

The number of Singaporeans using mobile phones is growing every year. As a marketer, you cannot hence afford to ignore the use of mobile-ready content. Marketers need to optimise their marketing content to suit the mobile users properly. The most loved social media platforms by mobile users include Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. In Singapore, you can leverage the trend of mobile-friendly content by:

  • Choosing scrolling rather than pagination
  • Leveraging for mobile applications
  • Cropping images ideal for smaller mobile screens
  • Creating high-quality content
  • Keeping your content headlines short and precise
  • Making use of a content management system
  1. Brand Participation

More than ever, business brands in Singapore involve themselves in messaging platforms. Businesses are investing more money and time trying to reach their consumers on messaging platforms by use of voice assistants, AI, and chatbots. The top social media messaging platforms include messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and QQ. Ensure you message your customers effectively by:

  • Anticipating their needs
  • Integrating personalised customer experiences
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You need to keep up to date with the recent trends to efficiently reach your target audience as a marketer. The above social media trends give you an exciting opportunity to be a successful marketer in Singapore. You can use them as a guide and reference to plan on your marketing strategy. You will need to keep observing these trends in the coming years to stay ahead of your competitors.


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