Social Media Statistics in Singapore in 2022

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This report contains all the latest social media stats for Singapore (in 2022).


Singapore Population

Social Media Statistics in Singapore in 2022

Singapore has a population of 5.94 million as of 7th August 2022. 

Singapore’s population increased by 2.41% between January 2020 (5.80 million) and August 2022.

Data shows that the population of Singapore increased by 0.8% (47,000) between 2021 and 2022.

47.7% of Singapore’s population is female, while 52.3% is male. In other words, there are more males than females in Singapore.

100% of Singaporeans live in urban centres. 

Singapore’s Population by Age

The medium age of the people of Singapore is 43.2 years.

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Now, let’s try to break down the population by age group: 

  • 4.6% of the people of Singapore are between the ages of 0 and 4.
  • 6.1% are between the ages of 5 and 12.
  • 4.2% are between 13 and 17 years.
  • 7.7% are between the age of 18 and 24
  • 14.8% is between the age of 25 and 34
  • 15.5% is between the age of 35 and 44
  • 16.2% is between the age of 45 and 54
  • 15.7% is between the age of 55 and 64
  • 15.2% are over the age of 65

Note: if you add everything up, it may not sum to 100% because of the rounding. 

Internet Users in Singapore

In 2020, around 88.5% of the population in Singapore was using the internet. In 2022, internet users now account for nearly 91% of the population (90.83%, to be precise).

And if the current trend is anything to go by, this figure is projected to hit 93.49% by 2025.

The number of internet users in Singapore increased by 260,000 between 2020 and 2022.


Social Media Users in Singapore

Out of the total population of 5.94 million, Singapore now boasts about 5.3 million social media users.

That’s a 6.9% increase (about 340,000 people) from the past year. When writing this, the number of people using social media in Singapore now accounts for about 89.5% of the population. 

Why is the Number of Social Media Users in Singapore Growing this Fast?

That’s because social media platforms have become part of our daily lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s not all. Nearly two-thirds of children between the ages of seven and nine reportedly use smartphones daily.

Google conducted a stud on this in 2019, where they established that Singaporeans receive their first connected device at the age of eight – two years earlier than the global average.

Social media is the biggest beneficiary of this young digital native market.

The social media Habits of Singaporeans

An average Singaporean spends about 2.5 hours daily on social media, thanks to the high mobile penetration.

Singapore (at 88%) has a higher mobile penetration rate than the US (at 85%). With access to mobile internet, it makes sense that a considerable part of the population is active on social media.


What’s the Most Popular Social Media Platform in Singapore?

Social Media Statistics in Singapore in 2022

Facebook is the most dominant social media platform worldwide, with more than 2.91 billion monthly active users ( a 4% increase YoY). 

However, the most dominant social media platform in Singapore isn’t Facebook but YouTube, with most Singaporeans rating WhatsApp as their favourite social media platform.

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YouTube is the second most popular social media platform worldwide, after Facebook. The platform has more than 2 billion monthly active users, with an estimated 1 billion hours of video consumed daily.

5.08 million people in Singapore watch YouTube videos – a huge proportion of Singapore’s population when you think about it. Many Singaporean brands are using YouTube to host long-form content.

And unlike other social media platforms where users scroll indefinitely through newsfeeds, YouTube users intentionally search for the videos to watch.

Almost 9 of every 10 Singaporeans visit YouTube daily to watch a video (85.8%). Also, Singaporeans prefer YouTube videos over offline channels like TV for long-form video content.

In a recent YouTube report, more than 450 YouTube channels in Singapore have upwards of 100,000 subscribers (over a 35% YoY increase). 

In 2021, Singaporeans were more impressed with local content.

According to YouTube’s report of trending videos in Singapore, 6 out of 10 videos that trended in 2021 were created locally.

However, according to Google Singapore country director Ben King, more than 90% of the watch time on local channels was from outside the country. In other words, Singapore content on YouTube is watched chiefly by people from outside the country.

For online communications, 83.7% of the population prefer using WhatsApp, with rivalling messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat trailing closely with 79.4% and 66.3%, respectively.

Globally, people send more than 60 billion WhatsApp messages daily. 

Remember that it’s the world’s third most popular social media platform and the second most popular in Singapore (where it boasts about 4.32 million users).

Facebook is the third most popular social media platform in Singapore, next to YouTube and WhatsApp.

In 2021, Facebook had about 4.06 million registered users in Singapore and around 98.7 million total visits.

Instagram followed in the fourth position with 21.8 million total visits and about 3.2 million registered users. 

Coming in fifth was LinkedIn, with 1.87 million users.

TikTok held the sixth position most popular social media network. The short video social media app has soared in popularity in the last few years, hitting about 1 billion MAUs in 2021.

The platform’s exponential growth would generate 1.36 million active users in Singapore.

In contrast, Snapchat usage dramatically dropped in the country. 

In 2018, 18% of Singaporean social media users spent time on Snapchat regularly.

In 2021, the number had dropped to 15.7% — more than 50,000 users had fallen off just like that.


Singapore Social Media Users by Age

Users of Meta-owned social media products – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger – are predominantly people in the 25 to 44 age group.

35.8% of the meta-audience comprises people between the ages of 25 and 34.

23.3% comprises people between the ages 35 and 44.

Video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok have been found to attract the younger audience mostly. Speaking of which, nine out of ten people who watch YouTube videos are between the age of 16 and 34.

The same study also shows that most people within the age group prefer watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices. 

While there’s no definite figure on TikTok demographics in Singapore, we’d like to assume that it follows the same trajectory as the US, where 41% of the users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

Also favoured by younger audiences is Instagram. According to the study, 85% of Instagram users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

For WhatsApp, the platform is predominantly popular with baby boomers (100%) and less popular with Gen Xers (97%). 


7 Key Facts About Social Media Usage in Singapore in 2022

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Social Media is on a Sharp Rise in Singapore

It’s estimated that social media will have hit 5.6 million users in Singapore by 2025.

About 72.8% of social media users in Singapore solely access the platforms on their mobile devices.

Most Singaporean Use social media for Entertainment

Nine in every ten social media users in Singapore use YouTube regularly.

Portrait video formats have also grown in popularity, thanks to TikTok.

On the contrary, only 37.9% of Singaporean social media users use social media for business or work.

On Average, Singaporeans Spend About 2.5 Hours/Day on social media

Globally, people spend an average of 2 hours 27 minutes on social media. In Singapore, the number is even higher, with Singaporeans spending about 2 hours 31 minutes on social media.

Millennials Dominate social media in Singapore

Social media is dominated by millennials between the ages of 25 and 34.

That explains why most social media activities tend to target this age group.

Facebook Has More Male Users than Female, Instagram Has More Female Users than Male

51% of Facebooks users are men, while 49% are women. 

You also want to note that most Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

That’s about 1.53 million people in Singapore. Of this age group, 18% are men, while 16.45 are women.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram has more female users than male ones.

55.9% of Instagram users in Singapore are women, while 44.1% are men. 

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The number of female Instagram users in Singapore surpasses that of men across the different age groups.

Users between the ages of 25 and 34 account for 40.2% of Instagram users.

Videos and Photos Are the Most Dominant Social Media Content in Singapore

Videos and photos are the two most dominant types of content on social media. They drive a considerable engagement rate on social media.

The most popular messaging apps in Singapore are WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Messenger, and Skype. 

WhatsApp is the leading messaging in the country. It’s closely followed by Facebook messenger, WeChat, Skype, and line.

WhatsApp is Singapore’s second most popular social media app, after YouTube. It has over 4 million users.

It’s also worth mentioning that Singapore has four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

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72% of Singaporeans Internet Users use their Mobile devices to Play Video Games

7.9% of Singaporean Internet users use mobile phones to pay for game add-ons and downloadable content.

Some of the most popular games Singaporeans play include Mobile Legends, Pokémon Go, and MOBA. 

Bang Bang has one of the highest consumers spendings in Singapore. 

Ecommerce spending in Singapore rose by 12% in 2021. 

Digital Payment Transactions Singaporeans Make Via their Mobile Gadgets is $12.31 billion

Singaporeans make total digital transactions via digital devices amounting to 12.31 billion per annum.

That amounts to about $3016 per user annum. 

Local consumers have also used their mobile devices to purchase furniture and home appliances online. 


The Top Three Social Media Abuse in Singapore

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. With that comes the issue of social dilemmas.

Let’s look at the top three forms of social media abuse:


Psychologists say cyberbullying is on the rise among adolescents due to a lack of supervision of their online activity and increased access to electronic gadgets.

Cyberbullying occurs on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. On these platforms, cyberbullies make hurtful and emotionally scarring remarks anonymously. 

23% of Singaporeans divulge they have a pseudo or alternative social media profile that they use to mask their online identity. The number is even higher for people under 25, with 27% having at least one fake social media profile. 

Young people are most likely to be bullied on YouTube (79%), followed by Snapchat (at 69%), TikTok (at 64%), and Facebook (at 49%).

What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying in Singapore?

A study was conducted on teen victims of cyberbullying where two-thirds of them revealed that it negatively affected their self-image, while 13% said it took a toll on their physical health.

64% of the victims said it affected how safe they felt at school. It also affected their ability to learn, hurting their self-esteem in the process.

Worse, teens who suffer cyberbullying report having suicidal thoughts. Some of them even confess to wanting to do self-harm.

In order to mitigate the effect of cyberbullying, most digital platforms allow users to report abusive content. They also restrict certain types of communications on these platforms. 

Cyber Scams

An older cousin to cyberbullying is cyber scams.

Singapore Police released a report on this, revealing that victims of cyber scams lost about $633.3 million in 2021 to the scams.

In 2020, 2,919 cases of impersonation were reported. The number went down to 1614 in 2021. The largest amount one person lost through cyber scams was $1 million.

So, Why the Increase in the Number of Cyber Scams in 2020?

We can chalk it all up to the Covid-19 pandemic, where curfews forced many people to spend their time online.

Another form of cyber scam social media users still struggle with is the “love scam.” It is a form of con artistry where the perpetrator approaches the victim on social media, gains their trust, and, as time goes on, starts siphoning money from them in the name of love.

In 2020, 822 cases of love scams were reported. That’s a massive increase considering there were only 62 cases in 2011.

Social Media Rage

Social media rage is also a thing.

Research shows that the angrier people get on social media, the more likes and comments they get.

Expressing outrage garners the most likes and engagement.

It’s no wonder the people who use social media frequently experience more angst.

That also explains why there’s a growing trend of people seeking social justice. 

Social media only aggravates the situation and, as a result, has more people abusing each other.


The Devices Used by Singapore Social Media Users

IG: MPA Singapore focuses on social media safety - SAFETY4SEA

There are 8.7 million connected mobile devices in Singapore. That translates to more than one device per user, one of the world’s highest.

That explains why Singaporeans mostly use their mobile devices to access the internet.

In total, people in Singapore spent over $417 million on mobile apps from January to September 2021.

The Devices Used by Facebook Users in Singapore

98% of Singaporeans access Facebook on their mobile phones. 

What’s more?

72.1% only access it on their mobile phones.

And only 1.2% of users access it on their laptops and desktop computers.

Facebook Users in Singapore [in 2022]

Facebook is the third most popular social media network in Singapore.

At the time of writing this, there were 4.08 million registered Facebook users in Singapore.

Note that Facebook restricts its ads to people below the age of 13. That explains why their eligible audience is only 67.2% of the population.

In January 2022, its ad reach was only 65.2% of the local internet user base. 

At the beginning of the year, its ad audience consisted of 48.5% female and 51.5% male.
YouTube Users in Singapore [in 2022]

At the beginning of the year (2022), YouTube had about 5.08 million registered users in Singapore.

The study also showed that YouTube ads reached about 85.8% of Singapore’s population.

To put everything into perspective, we could say the ads reached about 93.3% of internet users in Singapore.

Of the ad audience, 47% were female, while 53% were male.

Instagram Users in Singapore (in 2022)

Instagram recorded about 3.05 million users at the beginning of the year (2022). 

It’s also revealed that Instagram ads reached about 51.5% of the population.

It only reaches 56% of internet users. 

That’s understandable, considering Instagram limits its use to people over 13 years old.

In January 2022, 54.2% of the Instagram ad audience was female, while the remaining 45.8% was male.

TikTok Users in Singapore (in 2022)

In January 2022, TikTok had about 1.83 million users.

Although ByteDance allows advertisers to target people above the age of 13, the ads will only show to people above 18.

At the time, the ad audience comprised 54.0% female and 46.0% male.

Facebook Messenger Users in Singapore (in 2022)

Facebook Messenger hit 2.05 million registered users in Singapore in January 2022.

However, revised audience figures show that Facebook messenger ads only reach 34.6% of Singapore’s population.

We can chalk this up to the fact that Facebook Messenger is limited to people aged 13 and above.

In a different context, Facebook Messenger ads reach 37.5% of local internet users.

As of January 2022, the Facebook Messenger Ad audience was 49.5% male and 50.5% female.

LinkedIn Users in Singapore (in 2022)

In January 2022, there were 3.20 million registered users on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s advertising suggests LinkedIn’s audience only reaches 54.1% of the population.

LinkedIn has restricted their platform to people above the age of 18. In a different context, we could say their audience is equivalent to 58.8% of the local internet user base.

In January 2022, their audience was 53.8% male and 46.2% female.

Snapchat Users in Singapore (in 2022)

Snapchat had about 995 thousand registered users in Singapore in January 2022. 

However, Snapchat ads only reach 16.8% of the local population.

Snapchat restricts the platform to people aged 13 and above –about 18.3% of local internet users.

In January 2022, 52% of its audience was male, while 46.6% was female.

Twitter Users in Singapore (in 2022)

Statistics show Twitter had about 2.85 million registered users in Singapore in January 2022.

Twitter ad reach in the country only covered 48.1% of the total population.

Like most social media platforms, Twitter restricts its use of the platform to people above the age of 13.

For additional context, Twitter ads can only reach 52.3% of the internet users in Singapore.

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Mobile Connection in Singapore (in 2022)

According to the GSMA intelligence report, there are over 8.70 million cellular connections in Singapore.

That is nothing new, considering many people worldwide use more than one mobile device to access the internet. 

For instance, a user might have one gadget for personal use and another for work or business. 

So, it’s not uncommon for the total number of mobile connections to exceed the total population.

The same report also shows that the number of mobile connections is 147% of the population in Singapore.

The number of mobile connections increased by 2.4% (204,000) between 2021 and 2022.


Top Influencers in Singapore in 2022

There are all kinds of social media influencers in Singapore.

While most focus on entertainment, marketing, and news, some specialise in lifestyle, business development, and other niches.

If you’re aiming to get your business off the ground, you want to begin by identifying the top social media influencers in your industry.

This is the first step to kickstarting your social media marketing campaign in Singapore.

Some of the top social media influencers in Singapore include:

Fashion and beauty influencers set fashion and beauty trends.

They are the voice of their generation when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Some of the top fashion and beauty influencers in Singapore include:

1. Mae Tan — Fashionista and Influencer

Instagram Followers: 132K Followers

Instagram Link:

Brand Ambassador for  @netflix @sushi_sakuta @mistermao_n_masterkillua

Kindly follow this link to learn more about Mae Tan and what she does. 

Mae Tan is known for a keen sense of style, uniquely her own.

She is a fashion trendsetter, highly sought-after by top fashion brands in Singapore.

She’s active on Instagram, with a following of over 423,000.

But despite all her success, Mae remains relatable and down to earth, with a relatively low market price for corporate sponsorships.

2. Naomi Neo — Beauty, Lifestyle and Fitness

NNCHANTED: Influencer Naomi Neo Launches New Multiway Accessories Line That Can Be Styled In Different Ways | GirlStyle Singapore

Instagram Followers: 671K Followers

Instagram Link:



With over 671K followers on Instagram, Naomi Neo is one of Singapore’s most popular social media influencers.

She first gained fame for her bubbly personality and enviable figure, which she achieved through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Now, she’s a full-time influencer, earning a six-figure yearly salary from product endorsements and other sponsorships.

3. Christabel Chua — Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion

Instagram Link:

Instagram Followers: 266K


Christabel is one of Singapore’s most followed social media influencers, with over 266K followers on Instagram.

She’s well-known for her bubbly personality, love of all things pink, and enviable fashion sense.

Christabel is also a successful businesswoman with her fashion and beauty product line.

4. Andrea Chong — Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer

Recreate Drea Chong's K-Inspired Looks With Goldheart Here — ABC KOREA

Instagram Followers: 300K

Instagram Link:



Andrea Chong, better known as Drea Chong, is a professional blogger and lifestyle influencer in Singapore.

She has over 300K followers on Instagram, where she promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Drea is also a successful businesswoman, with her own line of health supplements and workout gear.

She’s also the brand ambassador for H&M and Pandora Singapore.

In 2015, she won the Fashion Icon of the Year award.

5. Willabelle Ong — Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel Blogger

The Profile: Willabelle Ong – Rose Inc

Instagram Followers: 275K

Instagram Link:


Contact email:

TikTok: willabelleofficial (630K+)

Willabelle Ong is a famous fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Singapore.

She has over 2575K followers on Instagram, where she posts about the latest fashion trends, beauty products, and travel destinations.

She considers herself a storyteller, artist, and photographer, and her beautiful photos have earned her a loyal following among Instagram users.

She blogs about her travelling escapades at

These are some of Singapore’s top fashion and lifestyle social media influencers in 2022. 


Top 5 Fitness in Singapore (in 2022)

Are you looking to get fit in 2022?

If so, you’re not alone.

Fitness is a popular trend in Singapore, with more and more people looking to get in shape.

But with so many different fitness options available, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s where social media influencers come in.

Social media influencers are a great source of information and inspiration regarding fitness.

They can help you find the proper workout for your goals and motivate you to stick with your fitness plan.

Some of the top fitness influencers in Singapore include:

1. Jamie Pang — Female Fitness Influencer in Singapore

Instagram Link:

Instagram Followers: 157K

Email Contact:

Jamie Pang isn’t your typical social media influencer.

She’s a passionate fitness enthusiast with thousands of loyal followers. Her posts get thousands of likes and comments, and she frequently appears in the media to promote a healthy lifestyle.

She’s partnered with skincare brands and fitness companies. 

Jamie is one of Singapore’s most successful fitness influencers with a high engagement rate, content diversity, and account growth.

2. Andee Chua — Fitness Junkie and Model

Andee Chua: What it's like growing up gay in Singapore | Honeycombers

Instagram Followers: 141K

Instagram Link:



Andee Chua is a model, dancer, emcee and fitness junkie with over 141K followers on Instagram.

He’s been featured in magazines and online publications and worked with some of the biggest brands in Singapore.

Andee is also a popular YouTuber with over 20K subscribers.

He’s also the co-founder of kampungcollective. 

3. Joseph Schooling — The Lion City Olympic Athlete and Influencer

Joseph Schooling at SEA Games in Vietnam: Preview, schedule and how to watch Rio 2016 champ

Instagram Followers: 178K

Instagram Link:


Joseph Schooling is a Singaporean Olympic swimmer and social media influencer.

He has over 178K followers on Instagram, where he posts about his training, competitions, and life as a professional athlete.

Joseph is also a brand ambassador for several companies, including Hugo Boss and Tag Huer.

4. Riley — Singaporean Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer


Instagram Followers: 85.3K

Riley is a Singaporean fitness influencer with over 85.3K followers on Instagram.

She’s an inspiration for women of all ages, and she’s worked with some of the biggest brands in Singapore, including Fendi, Singapore Wake Park, Nandos, and Foodpanda. 

Her passion for fitness and healthy living is evident in her posts, which are often motivational and inspiring.

Not only that, she loves blogging about food as well.

Riley is also a decorated music artist, with over 78.1K subscribers on YouTube. 

5. Rathi Menon — Singapore-based Fitness Influencer

Ambitious Rathi ready to spread her wings in Milan, Latest Fashion News - The New Paper


Instagram Followers: 66.7K

Rathi Menon is a Singapore-based fitness influencer with over 67K followers on Instagram.

She’s a certified personal trainer, and she’s also the founder of the fitness program Fit Right.

Rathi loves blogging about her workout routines, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle tips.

These are some of the top fitness influencers in Singapore.

If you’re looking to get fit in 2022, follow one of these popular fitness influencers for inspiration and tips.


Top Singaporean Celebrity Influencers

Music is a popular topic on social media, and many Singaporean musicians use their platforms to promote the songs.

Some of the top music influencers in Singapore include:

1. Benjamin Kheng — Musician and Influencer


Instagram Followers: 241K

Instagram Link:

Benjamin Kheng is a musician and social media influencer with over 241K followers on Instagram.

He’s a member of the famous Singaporean band The Sam Willows and an actor and model.

Benjamin frequently posts about his music, acting, and modelling projects on his Instagram account.

2. Taufik Batisah — Singaporean Musician and Businessman

Watch Taufik Batisah sing Singapore's 2022 National Day song, 'Stronger Together'


Followers: 344K


Taufik Batisah is a 40-year-old Singaporean musician and businessman.

His fame stretched beyond the shores of Singapore as he is also popular in Malaysia and Indonesia.

He has over 344K followers on his Instagram account, where he posts about his music, family, and life.

The artist expanded to launch his food brand, Chix Hot Chicken. 

Not only that, he has his own property team.

He’s not an easy person to ignore.

3. Tabitha Nauser –Singaporean Celebrities

Five facts about Tabitha Nauser, Latest Music News - The New Paper


Instagram Followers: 76.3K


Tabitha Nauser is a Singaporean singer, model, and actress. 

With over 70K followers on Instagram, she’s one of the most popular celebrities in Singapore.

Tabitha frequently posts about her music, modelling, and acting projects on her Instagram account.

Her content is always unique and fresh.

If you’re looking for someone creative and talented to follow, Tabitha is the perfect influencer for you.

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