Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Social Media Marketing in Singapore 2019 and Beyond

Social media marketing trends keep on changing and business are bound to make social media marketing mistakes every occasionally. With over 4 million social media users in Singapore, you need to reduce the chances of making mistakes that could affect your reputation.

On average Singaporeans spend at least 2 hours on social media, but many Singaporean companies and businesses are not finding much success with social media marketing. There are dozens of social media and networking sites, but in this article, we will look at the social media marketing mistakes on the most popular platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Failing To Build Enough Trust

When it comes to the online space and commerce, trust is a crucial ingredient for success. Renowned e-commerce companies such as Taobao, Amazon, Alibaba, have spent hundreds of hours and resources in promoting their brands and investing in various security protocols to safeguard their online transactions.

Value is another way that you can build trust, and it is necessary that you keep delivering high-quality and relevant content to keep your followers checking your social media profiles. Unfortunately, most brands version of social media marketing revolves around speaking about their product and services and sales pitches. In the end, they end up failing to strike a chord with their followers, and their social marketing efforts surmount to nothing.

Lacking a Clear Objective

It is shocking how many brands do not have social media marketing goals. This one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes, and it would change your revenues if you set meaningful goals. This means that you need to know what you want to achieve with your social media strategy in a predetermined timeframe.

You will not get any success by posting random updates with the hope of getting new followers and sales. Today, social media networking platforms such as Facebook have made it more difficult to gain organic reach. This means that you must use paid ads to get your content visible to your target customers.

A proper social media strategy also allows you to track post engagements, and this makes it necessary that you set clear goals. This includes knowing what metrics will show if you are succeeding or failing. On this note, you also must connect your social media marketing actions to your overall digital marketing campaigns to increase the ROI.

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Failing To Enhance Their User Experience

Many businesses fail at social media marketing because they have an awful customer service and user experience. These Singaporean brands use their social media platforms to pitch their products and services with an aim to get more customers.

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However, they completely ignore their existing customers, and they end up getting bad reviews and worse still, they engage their customers in a social media brawl. On top of this, few of the brands consider the customers’ buying journey. This means that while they may have stunning social media accounts, their website is difficult to navigate , which makes for bad user experience.

Lack of Stamina

When reading the statistics of the number of social media users there are in Singapore, most brands see it as a quick and easy way to get new customers and make more sales. For this reason, they are upbeat, but they lose steam after a few days or months.

It is worth noting that social media marketing is not a sprint, but it is a marathon. It is a long game, which requires endurance, GRIT, and resilience to gain success. You must be dedicated to sourcing, and creating an endless supply of engaging and relevant content to keep your social media followers educated, and entertained.

Unfortunately, most brands use traditional marketing tactics for social media marketing tactics, which involve having occasional big ideas separated by long lapses of silence hoping that it will be enough to keep their followers interested and bring in more customers.

Failing To Listen To the Audience

On social media, customers always speak, but many brands do not listen, and this is one of the vilest social media marketing mistakes. This goes beyond the notifications you get on your dashboard, which is a fraction of your brand’s social dialogue.

Studies show that 96% of the people discussing brands on social media do not follow the brand, and this means you have to look beyond your notification feeds. This will go a long way to obtaining customer insights that will influence the overall social media marketing strategy.

While it is a hard task of monitoring the conversations manually, social media listening tools will identify the conversations that represent opportunities for your business. These tools come in handy in various ways including

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Utilising social media listening tools will help you star on the pulse of the conversations users are having about your brand and this enables you to interact with leads in real time. You only need to enter tour target keywords, and setting up alerts.

Failing To Optimise For Individual Social Networks

After evangelising on the need of using a social media strategy, brands have started drafting strategies that work. Unfortunately, most brands are replicating updates as well as sharing them on various platforms.

This is not only lazy, but different social media platforms have different audiences, and they expect curated and relevant content. This means that you should research and understand consumer insights on each social media platform.

Optimising your strategy will translate to improved ROI, and it will direct you on which platforms you should close because they are not yielding the expected results, or they are not in line with your expected results.

Another way of optimising your strategy is to decrease the number of updates and sticking to limited content that converts. The main take away point here is that you should utilise the correct platforms by using tools that automate the publishing of engaging and customised content.

With metrics from each platform, focus on updating valuable posts that work, and pay attention to where the platform is headed.

Stretching Yourself Too Thin

Another of the greatest social media marketing mistakes we have seen is from brands that are super active on social media that they comprise themselves by spreading themselves too thin. The problem is that you will spend a lot of energy and time, with little or no results to show for it.

The only way to avoid this mistake is to focus on the social channel that is bringing a reasonable ROI. A majority of the social media platforms has an analytics option that allows you to see the result of your efforts.

Instead of tracking the metrics from each channel separately, you can use social media analytics tools that collectively display data from all your social channels. They not only streamline your workflow, but they will ensure that your content reaches your target audiences on social media.

Failing To Offer Real Value

We have seen brands that are too busy pushing and selling their brands with dismal results. The problem is that they are not providing enough value to the followers and audience to convert. They believe that the best way to use social media is to promote brand awareness.

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However, users usually gravitate towards the brands to interact and engage with the brand, and not to buy. This means that you need to mix up your content offering to include information about your brand, and other engaging and entertaining content to provide value.

This means creating content such as infographics, videos, blog posts, podcasters, and more that will answer the user’s questions, as well as one that delivers relevant content to your audience. More so, the content needs to be humorous, and one that evokes emotion.

Another way to provide value is to reverse the roles and ask your followers questions that act as conversation starters. Depending on how you handle the ensuing conversation, you will undoubtedly offer value, improve brand image, and increase your chances of conversion.

Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags on social media are the equivalent of the red blood cells in the human body. They represent events and chats, which makes them a perfect opportunity to connect with your consumers and driving interest to your business pages on your various social media platforms.

Using Bots

When brands grow, and they have a huge social media platform, they have an even bigger responsibility of keeping the interaction channels flowing. One of the biggest social media marketing mistakes is to use bots to reply and interact with the customers.

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While it might seem like an ingenious plan, it can go wrong. Bots do not understand human language, and despite having being outfitted with AI and machine learning algorithms, they are still a far way off from replicating human emotion.

It is, therefore, necessary that you hire a social media manager who will handle all the interactions and posting of content on your social channels. However, you should only use bots to notify the user that you have received their message.


These are the most popular social media marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2019 and beyond. Social media marketing is not as easy as people make it be and if you do not get the right results, most brands will quit.

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