Social Media Marketing: What Are the Basics for Singapore Marketers

social media marketing in Singapore

Social media marketing in Singapore is both exciting and rewarding. Social media channels provide one of the most exceptional opportunities a business owner can utilize to create awareness. If you implement the strategy effectively, you could soon be enjoying increased traffic flows to your web page. With it comes an increase in revenue.

Changing Human Interactions Trends

Humans are naturally social. For you to enjoy life, you must interact and communicate with others. A few decades ago, if you needed to get in touch with a friend, you had to make a long-distance telephone call. All that has changed and people in Singapore are now spending endless hours on the internet. You will find them chatting, sharing videos, memes and photos.

Businesses in Singapore can only thrive if there are people who follow and buy from them. Customers who interact and fall in love with your brand help strengthen it. Internet marketing through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram will help your brand to gain traction by getting people to like your ideal and share them with others.

Segment your Audience Reach

Marketing whether through the internet or otherwise strives to know who your customers are and understanding them.  Every effort at social media marketing in Singapore must begin with identifying the target audience. You do not stop there; you must get down to the specifics. For instance, if you are a beauty products retailer in Singapore, merely saying that you target females is not enough. You must narrow-down to the persona, and this includes:

  • Age, teens, youth, middle age, over 50 years etc.
  • Whether in employment or not
  • Location, living in urban or peri-urban areas
  • Marital status, single, engaged, married, divorced, widow, widower
  • Social media networks commonly used

Objective or Mission Statement

When you set out on a journey, you cannot have ‘anywhere’ as the destination. A goal or an objective act as the driving force. Through a mission statement, you can create a roadmap that states how your presence in social media will promote your brand. Posting content at random with no clear objective is wasteful. Your prospects must see you as an expert in your field.

Measurement of Success or Failure

To determine whether your social media marketing in Singapore efforts are bearing fruits or not, you must identify the metrics that need measuring. You could be gaining hordes of follower on your social media pages but generating a little revenue. Some of the parameters you could measure are:

  • Reach
  • Number of shares made
  • The rate of conversion from prospect to buyer
  • Awareness levels

Content Creation

By the time you decide to start creating content and curating it, you already know your ideal customer. Perhaps it is the youngster studying in one of the universities in Singapore or the stay-at-home mum who attends to the needs of her family.

social media marketing in Singapore

Content does not only refer to the written word. You can use images, videos or infographics. To succeed at social media marketing in Singapore, you must have quality content that lures and hooks prospects to your website. Use a content creation calendar as a guide on when to post, topics and the targeted social media sites.

Keep Track of Every Activity

Without tracking your results, you may never know whether you are succeeding or not. Social media marketing has a trial and error aspect. For each event, you must gather data, analyze it and tweak the areas that need improvement. From your data, you could deduce that Twitter has more conversions than say, Facebook. What does that tell you? That you need to give more attention to Twitter.

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A Few Hard Truths

Despite the buzz around social media marketing, some realities can help keep your initiatives on track.

  • Expect no magical solutions

Social media marketing strategies take time to plan and execute. Do not expect to get your results overnight. Most of your efforts aim at building relationships, and these take time to blossom. Therefore, have patience especially if you have just rolled out the first ever campaign in Singapore. When they see you for the first time, people will treat your brand with skepticism. However, a few months down the line, they will begin to trust and follow you.

  • There’s more than just relying on the top social media sites

Twitter and Facebook have got the most substantial following in Singapore. Twitter has a reach of 0.6 million users compared to Facebook’s 2.2 million. There is no doubt that with the vast audiences that use these sites, you will make inroads through increased awareness and conversions. Over reliance on these two may yield the desired results, but diversification would do much more. Consider other tasks like lead generation, blogger outreach, the creation of viral videos and back channel communications.

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  • Numbers can be misleading

Social media influencers help raise the stakes in online marketing. There is nothing wrong with having a few of the top ones on board, and it is easy to see why. Influencers have got crowds that follow them on sites like Facebook and Twitter. An in-depth look at their numbers can provide some useful insights. Take for instance an influencer with 10,000 friends and an equal number of followers. If you investigate keenly, you might find that either the person reciprocates requests from friends or goes out to find followers. To avoid spending money and not getting the desired returns, research and question their credibility.


Social media marketing in Singapore works on the premise that the more the followers, the quicker the prospects learn about your company. Identifying the target audience helps in narrowing-down your point of focus. At the same time, you must define what you desire to achieve right from the beginning. Also, you need to keep a tab on whether you are succeeding or not.

Concisely, success in social media marketing is not automatic. You must be ready to invest your time, money and people. Get it right by using our social media and digital marketing services in Singapore. We will create and run results-oriented campaigns on all social media platforms on your behalf until the set goals are achieved. Get in touch with us for more details. 




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