Social Media Marketing Etiquette for Every Business

Social Media Marketing Etiquette for Every Business

In the increasingly connected society, it is imperative for every digital marketer in Singapore to adhere to social media marketing etiquettes. With so many social media platforms at our disposal, it is important to make sure that all marketing activities are in line with the societal expectations and norms.

Here are four social media marketing etiquettes that you should follow to get the best results from your online marketing campaigns.

Watch what you Share

The customers will judge you based on the content that you share, updates, and ideologies on events. It is important to be cautious about what you share to avoid painting a negative image of your company to the world. Read the content and evaluate its relevance to your followers before hitting the share button even if the content is from a trusted source. The last thing that you want to do is direct your large following to a spam page that contains misleading and inaccurate information.

Post More Often but don’t go overboard

One of the best ways of continuously engaging with your followers is by posting regularly. This simple tactic is the secret recipe to online networking success. The target audience is already under assault from thousands of other companies who use the same platform to market their products and services. Therefore, do not go overboard – they will not hesitate to block or remove a company that bombards them with new content and updates every hour.

Keep in Mind the Interest of the Target Audience

Before you post anything on social media or share a video, it is importance to consider the interest of your target audience. Their interests should be among the primary factors that you consider when creating an internet marketing campaign. You will position yourself for online marketing failure if you do ignore the interest of the customers when creating content. Ideally, the posts need to be focused on something that the audience cares about.

Finally, over sharing will do your business more harm than good. The most success social media marketing gurus have a principle that posting frequency should neither be too little or too much, but just right. Excessive posting and sharing can result in a high un-subscription rate.



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January 23, 2017

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