How to Create A Brand Guide for Your Social Media Marketing

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Social media offers a reliable platform for online marketing. Availability of several social media outlets signifies that a marketing campaign launched is capable of reaching a significant number of people which would make it a great success.

Several skilled personnel should be involved to facilitate the success of a marketing campaign. While involving several people in the brand marketing campaigns, its success might be doubtful due to lack of acuity. For that reason, you are compelled to create a framework that connects workforces involved. This framework is what we refer to as a brand guide for your social media marketing campaigns.

So, what is the importance of a brand guide? Usually, it helps maintain the quality of the content you upload in a bid to reduce divergence that might result from the involvement of these several people. Besides, if you decide to add up on the number of people aboard, they will easily adapt to the obligations.

Here are some tips to guide you through generating a brand guide for your social media.

1. Create social media profiles

Once you have decided that your online marketing will take the course of social media, you need first to establish your preferred social media outlets. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a number of them, choosing a platform that you wish will help you come up with the most suitable strategies to make your campaign successful.

On the other hand, the total number of platforms you select should correspond to the number of personnel involved. Going for several outlets while you have few people to work with might cause inconveniences and reduced content quality.

The next thing you do is creating profiles on the platforms you have selected. Your profiles should heed to all parameters defined by each platform, such as biodata, profile name, and profile picture.

This information should conform to uniformity all across selected platforms to maintain the brand’s personality.How do you create an exceptional social media profile? First of all, you come up with an appropriate name for your profile, which should be similar in all the platforms.

A call-to-action is also essential to enhance convenience and easy access. You need to update your profile with a description of your products or services. The description should entail a declaration on your objective as well as a review on the brand.

Different platforms provide for different limits to the size of the content to upload. Nonetheless, the essential thing is noting down this information for consistent reference, which should help achieve the goals you have set.

Data in your profile is subject to modifications which might be as a result of various external aspects. Changing market factors and improvements in the design of your product are some of the factors that would necessitate a regular update of the information.

2. Keep a record on chosen communication approach

One of the main reasons for maintaining uniformity while creating profiles on social media is to enhance quality delivery. Moreover, the approach you select on the delivery of information in your campaigns should also be consistent.

Failure to which may lead to customers’ loss of trust with your product. You can start by jotting down some of your products’ qualities then determine how you can compose a smooth set of descriptive information.

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After you have identified a particular mode of approach, go ahead and put it in records for reference purposes. Documenting this vital information will ensure consistency and more clients will be willing always to come back and purchase from your firm.

It only takes an insignificant alteration of the information you upload to cause disinterest in your existing visitors to your pages and social media profiles. Communication approach usually determines the tone of the composed information set; therefore, the way to document the chosen strategy is through stating the tone you prefer.

There are several communication approaches for you to decide on the one that suits you. Some of them include energetic, comical, political, technical, friendly, religious, among many others. Depending on the style you have chosen, you must present the traits of the product in an elaborate manner describing both the possessed ones and the absent ones.

3. Recommend information posting practices

You have now composed a nicely structured set of information in text form. What you want to ensure is that the way people interact with it when you upload is pleasing. You do not want to have a campaign that users are not interested to know more about. For instance, if you set the videos to auto play when reached, it will have a distinct impact as compared to when one has to press the play button.

You can establish some recommendations on the way to handle various practices while creating and posting information. How you introduce your stories and relate them with their customers should form a basis of the recommendations. You can also include details on the format of your posts, whether to only advertise your product or include other educative information, and whether to share your information by the title or introduce the rest of the content.

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4. Recommend images posting practices

To facilitate the success of the campaign, upload pictures as well. Images help create a more precise definition of the quality of the product. You should hence generate a list of recommendations on the mode of posting images alongside the information content. Set the size limitations of the images to upload among other parameters such as colors and position in the content.

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Tough to access images might result in creating an erroneous impression on prospective customers. The quality of the image is also essential since a high-quality image will attract a high number of visitors. The image should be relevant to your brand; for example, an image intended for a food-based company might show a picture of a chef in a kitchen.

5. Guidelines on use of hashtags

Hashtags are an essential aspect in determining the growth of a marketing campaign on social media platforms. Whether to use a similar or a different hashtag across different social media platforms, after deciding on which suits your campaign, go ahead and include the details in the brand guide.

A hashtag might be significantly beneficial if they are aptly employed; they lead to a higher level of interaction with users. You might consider avoiding the use of a lot of such hashtags in a single campaign. Come up with a few imaginatively structured hashtags and their influence will surpass several poorly designed ones.

6. Establish customer handling guidelines

Grounding your promotional campaigns on social means spending more time on these platforms. That is because you have to continually interact with your customers in regards to responding to their queries, listening to their grievances as well as watching out for rabble-rousers whose aim is to bring down your campaigns. The way you, together with your team handle these clients determines the likelihood of them purchasing your products once again.

Set up instructions on how to respond to both new and existing customers. Guidelines on the tone to use during your responses as well as the response period. Delaying your response might annoy the client, and you may end up losing them.


Product branding is a crucial contributor to the success of a particular product. Correspondingly, social media has helped facilitate the success of the practice. It means that a properly contemplated approach to branding exercise might result in success in great magnitude.

Therefore, ensure you go through the guidelines we have provided, and you will scale the heights of social media campaigns as you implement these tips.

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How to Create A Brand Guide for Your Social Media