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What Are the Social Media Algorithms You Need to Know as A Singapore Marketer

What Are the Social Media Algorithms You Need to Know as A Singapore Marketer

Social media marketing has gained great popularity over the past few years. This trend is growing each new day, especially in Singapore. As a Singapore marketer, you cannot hence afford to miss out on social media marketing. Some of these popular social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Each of these platforms uses its unique algorithms made of specific intricate logic, technical elements, and analytics to provide content to its online users. A team of professionals including software engineers, content strategists, and data scientists manages these algorithms hence nothing on the platforms happens as an accident.

You need to be aware of the priorities and criteria used by social media platforms to deliver content, news feed updates and search results for the users. This article goes through the social media algorithms that you need to know as a Singapore marketer.

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is the most famous social media network in Singapore and worldwide. Since 2018, its algorithm ranks the contents according to how it brings in meaningful interactions. Facebook content with the most interactions regarding shares, comments, and reactions will be ranked the highest on the news feed. More so, Facebook maintains the record of your interactions with different Facebook pages and friends’ posts.

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This way, they can perfectly predict what you are interested in and would want to see. They hence aim at providing you with relevant posts from these same pages and people. What are meaningful interactions according to Facebook? They are based on interactive posts that people feel they want to share and comment activity that prompts user’s discussion. Engagement and interaction should hence be your focus as a Singapore marketer on Facebook. Measure your posts comments, shares and reactions using Facebook interactive metrics.

Generate content that triggers interactions as the more the page followers interact with your content, the more you continue to feature on their news feed and that one of their friends. Live video has been called out as one of the highest triggers of engagement with six times more interactions as compared to normal video. Facebook search uses real-time prediction of your complete search query and includes publicly shared conversations and those from your friend’s accounts.

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Instagram Algorithm

In 2016, Instagram algorithm prioritized the posts that you are more interested in to appear at the top of your news feed. However, in 2018, Instagram returned to timeliness-based strategy. Why did it revert to the time algorithm? Instagram said that the change was as a result of user’s feedback wanting them to make the feeds feel more recent and fresher.

Instagram users are hence interested in new content other than personalized news feed featuring posts that they may be interested in according to their engagement history. The recent time-based algorithm means that you need to post your contents at the ideal time for it to appear in your follower’s news feed.

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While there is no stated perfect posting time, you need to research on the peak times when most of your followers are online to engage them. The search algorithm on Instagram is grounded in your activity. Who you follow and the posts you like determines your newsfeed mix of video, photo, and stories.

LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn algorithm as from 2018 focus more on understanding your interests and preferences to give updates according to this relevancy. The platform uses lots of signals in an attempt to provide post updates according to individual relevance. These signals can be grouped into three groups. The first group is the personal identity including your skills, connections, and workplace according to your LinkedIn profile.

The second group is the content engagement regarding recent posts, total likes, views, mentioned companies, and people and language. The last category is personal behavior such as engagement frequency, shares and likes, and time spent on your feed. By analyzing these signal varieties, LinkedIn can evaluate your interests. The primary aim of this platform is to promote the success and productivity of its users. Such signals include the user’s experience, the amount of time spent on content and LinkedIn social graph insights.


The likes, comments and time spent on your content will hence determine how successful you will be as a Singapore marketer. The search result bar of LinkedIn gives search suggestion for companies, people or groups as you type. When specifically searching for people, LinkedIn algorithm delivers results according to the search history, searchers activity and other LinkedIn users who have done such searches.

Twitter Algorithm

The most current twitter algorithm was released in 2016. The algorithm ranks the tweets according to how relevant they are based on your engagement history with your followed accounts. The most relevant tweets appear on the top of your feeds. These tweets appear in reverse chronological order. In simpler terms, the more recent tweets come first while the rest follow according to their posting time.

You can alter your twitter settings to choose between recommended tweets and timely tweets. Timely tweets are presented according to the post times while recommended tweets are presented based on your twitter personal engagement history.

It is difficult for marketers to try and engage followers who use and don’t use recommended tweets. The best strategy is optimizing your content for maximum interaction and upload it at optimal times. However, it is noteworthy to know that twitter search results are based on relevance other than posting time.


This article has exclusively gone through all the relevant details you need to know about social media algorithms as a Singapore marketer. Without considering the custom user settings, we can summarize the primary criteria of each social media platform algorithms. This include relevance for Facebook, timeliness for Instagram, relevance for twitter and relevance for LinkedIn.

Engagement metrics should hence be the driving force of your social media tactics as relevance is the dominant factor. Though Instagram is more of timeliness, your posts will be more likely to be on the Instagram search if they receive many comments and likes.

The present algorithm for social media is in this state, but you never know when the next optimisation will come and change it. You hence need to be alert by following the social media platform engineering blogs and news.

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