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Dos and Don`ts When Doing SMS Marketing In Singapore

Dos and Don`ts When Doing SMS Marketing In Singapore

SMS marketing is a new kid in the block. It is still evolving but oddly enough, the channel is a powerful marketing tool. No other marketing medium has the traction of reaching customers like text messages.

However, it is not foolproof. It is easy to make a mistake when message marketing. Some practices will work and others that won’t. Some of the don’ts contain fatal flaws. The best thing to do as a marketer is to dig your feet a little deeper into it and check if you are on the right track.

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Dos in SMS Marketing

  1. Understand the rules

In the SMS marketing world, there are rules too. Majorly, they regulate how you obtain the contacts in your messaging list and privacy. It is important to understand the laws behind SMS marketing before you start to avoid legal tussles.

  1. Perfect-Time Text Delivery

You already know that almost every SMS gets opened. What you should not rely on is a late opening. People read most of the texts minutes after arrival. When you do the wrong timing, you could send them an offer to buy something when they don’t have any interest in purchasing it.

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For instance, the reason why restaurants always send buying offers three times a day is to reach their customers when people are thinking about something to eat.

  1. Always, Make Call-to-Action be a Web Link or a Mobile Number

Every marketing material has a call to action. SMS marketing is no different. However, you have far a few options to dispose of in the text. There is no anchor links or buttons you can take advantage of. Everything depends on your word usage.

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More importantly, when a person joins an SMS service, he wants to know where to go next. A general line about that great product will mean nothing if he is not sent directly to that product or website. Include a shortened URL or your contacts so that they can send response dedicated to that line.

  1. Make your Shortcode Known to the Public

Integrate SMS marketing in every of your marketing channel. Like any other success, it is a game of numbers, and you are likely to be more successful when you reach out to a multitude of people.

To expand your reach, promote your SMS code across all other marketing channels. Use your email campaign, social media campaigns and include it on physical marketing of materials you send out. Like a gate, your SMS code is the entry to the SMS marketing campaign.

  1. Get Permission Before Texting

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Its annoying to receive a promotional text from a company that you did not subscribe to their messaging list. Besides, there are rules governing SMS marketing. And the most severe offence of these rules is sending messages to potential customers without first getting their consent.

  1. Follow up, but not too much

It is clear that SMS has an incredibly high open rate. However, it pays in spades to send a follow-up message to keep the campaign top in mind. Moreover, it is essential you clarify to your subscriber on how frequent you will contact them. Plan a follow-up without maxing out your promised message count.

Message Marketing Don’ts

  1. Don`t exceed 160 Characters

In the SMS marketing world, 160 is an essential number. It redesigns the language of your message, quite literally. Nearly all mobile networks break SMS into a multiple of 160 characters. Meaning, if you exceed this limit, your ad could be slashed right down the middle.

What’s more, other networks refuse to carry long texts, and the slashing is inconsistent. The remaining safest option is not to go beyond the 160 characters.

  1. Do not Spam the Subscribers Inbox

It is okay to send messages to your subscribers frequently. But customers quickly become annoyed if you start spamming their inbox. They begin to feel like you’re compromising their trust. The next thing they will do start ignoring your campaign. In extreme extent, they may unsubscribe from your message list or finally block you.

Sending the same message over and over again can be spamming too. The key is to come out clear on how frequent you will contact your subscriber and let them know

  1. Do not Create Generalize Campaigns

No one wants to be interrupted by his phone by a message that has no use to him. It is tempting to create a fit-all messaging campaign and send it all to your customer and client which rarely works. An effective campaign should be specific, that is, targeting a precise group.

For instance, if you`re promoting different products, you can segment your message list to send specific information or offer to customers of particular interest. General messaging never give more punch to SMS marketing.

  1. Don’t Make it Difficult to Opt-Out

Regardless of the current performance of your marketing, you must make it easy for subscribers to get off your message list if they wish too. It is not only a good practice, but it shows your level of confidence in your customers.

Understand that your subscribers have a right to opt out of your campaign whenever they wish.

The easiest thing is to remind customers that they can text “STOP” to unsubscribe. If people want to leave your list, let them go and focus on those who want to stay. Consider that annoying people is not a good way to build trust and win sales.


People are becoming comfortable accepting and responding to SMS from preferred dealers and service provider. So, SMS marketing should play a role in any marketing campaign you have. However, like any other marketing channel, there are rules that you need to follow to keep your business a notch higher above your competitors.

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