Skyrocket Conversion Rate by Using Product Videos

Statistics about the positive impact of video marketing on the success of Singapore businesses is staggering. If you are not already using this strategy, you risk being overtaken by your competitors not only in sales figures but also ranking on search engine result pages.

Here are three facts on how product videos can help to increase conversion rates.

Build Consumer Confidence and Trust

Research done by Animoto showed that 58% of online shoppers consider companies that use product videos more trustworthy than those who use plain text product reviews. This statistics is based on the fact that it is usually easy to believe someone who proves something works than merely describing how it works without providing any form of validation.

Increase Product Reach ad Brand Awareness

According to a study by Searchmetrics, videos usually appear in 14% search engine results pages. This means that your target customers are more likely to learn about your products and brand if you post videos online. Concisely, if your brand is not in the 14%, you are missing out on a big chunk of customers are willing and ready to purchase your products.

Another study by MarketingSherpa revealed that videos result in 3 times more monthly website visitors than other forms of content. Hence, creating informative and engaging videos and posting them on your site and social media platforms will increase organic traffic and sales.

Improves On-site SEO

It’s no longer a secret that Google love sites that use videos to convey the intended message to the target customers. According to Matt Aunger, a lead author at Buffer, video content can increase organic traffic by 157%. Another report by Forrester Research states that it is 50 times easier for a site to get a page 1 rank on Google by using a video than plain text.

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Finally, videos will spur user engagement by encouraging the viewers to actually place an order or contact you for more details if some of the sections of the video are unclear. Get in touch with a professional web development firm in Singapore for insights on where to place the videos on your site to get the most results.

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