Six Ways to Create a Stronger Online Singapore Brand

Singapore business owners must work to make their Singapore brand stronger.

Most Singapore Brand business owners understand that if you want to perfect your brand you need to make sure that you have an excellent reputation. Not only should you pay attention to what others say about you and work to prevent crisis, you should also work to make your brand as strong as possible. You should see negative feedback as a way to improve and make things right with your customer. This inevitably proves to the customer that they can trust you and it builds loyalty. Let’s discuss 6 easy ways in which you can create a stronger brand.


1. Use monitoring tools



If you want to know what people are saying about you, then use Google Alerts. The moment the search engines show that you’ve been mentioned, you’ll receive an alert. And this allows you to address the comments quickly. The best part about it is, this is a free service and its easy to use and set it up.

Log in to your Google account and then visit your Google Alert page. Enter the keyword that you would like to be monitored. You can create various alerts for several keywords. You may also use an advanced and boolean operator which gives you the ability to use several queries for one alert. Figure out which results you would like, such as discussions, blogs, and news. Or, you could simply monitor everything. Next, choose how often you would like to get your alerts, whether once every day or per week.


This tool gives you the ability to monitor industry news, your competition, or even updates that are relevant to your business. If you would like to track whenever someone mentions your name, then use [My Name] as a search query. If you would like to track whenever someone mentions your company name, then use [My Company Name] as a search query. If you want to know when someone uses your domain name, then use [] as a search query.


While Google Alerts is among the most popular monitoring tools for online marketing, there are other tools that can be even more helpful. For instance, Brand Mentions can send you daily emails. Buzzsumo allows you to set up several alerts. Hooks is an app which allows you to monitor on the go.

2. Research keywords that are brand-sensitive

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The best way to find out what your customers are struggling with is to know what they are typing into Google while they’re trying to find answers. This is where brand sensitive keywords come in. You can use Serpstat to locate all of the different keyword variations that contain your brand name and then monitor rankings. Experiment with these keywords. Try sorting them into tabs, color coding them, and tagging them.


3. Monitor the competition


It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your competition if you would like to avoid their mistakes. There are a lot of tools that can help you with this. For instance, SE Ranking is great for monitoring the competition. This tool gives you the ability to find out how your competitors are doing at a simp glance. You will be able to notice important trends such as a sudden drop in their rankings or sudden increase in their PPC budget. If you notice that there are major changes taking place, then you need to dig deeper to find more information.

This tool will also give you more insight into your competitors’ unhappy customers. You will be able to identify what irritates and alienates their audience. And this is great for making improvements to your own brand.


4. Respond to negative comments with grace

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There are a lot of Singapore business owners who will sign up for a forum and pretend to be a customer who is satisfied with their product or service. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things that you can do. In most cases, the audience will be able to see right through this tactic. So instead of trying to trick your audience, make yourself useful to them.


Be upfront and honest. Show them respect. When they have a problem, do your best to help out with it. Most importantly, make sure that you are very careful about the way that you respond to negative feedback. Don’t attempt to get rid of the comments by blocking unhappy customers or deleting their feedback. Instead, try to handle it with humor if at all possible


5.  Create a consistent visual brand

One of the best ways to create a strong brand is to give your business a visual identity that is instantly recognisable. The most memorable visual identity is one that is consistent. This means that your logo, website, and messaging needs to be the exact same across all of your social media platforms, email messages, as well as other websites.

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So when you are planning your next Facebook or email campaign, pay close attention to your visual elements. There several branding mockups that you can get for free that can inspire the look of your brand. A great way to establish your brand identity is to use display advertising.

6. Secure your website


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Believe it or not, your reputation involves more than just your quality of service or the visual imagery that you provide. It also involves the user experience. This is especially the case when it comes to your website. You see, customers can easily become frustrated and irritated when a website seems to always be broken.


The reason why the look and functionality of your website is so important is because it can either inspire trust or it could make you lose credibility.  When a customer visits your website, they expect it to be fast, reliable, and secure. So when designing your website, you need to make your visitors’ safety your first priority. You need to be sure that they are taking steps to prevent online attacks when they purchase your products or services.




There is a good chance that you sell the exact same products or services as other businesses. In fact, you may offer the exact same quality. And your customer services may be similar as well. And this is why it’s so important that you take the time to invest in your brand.


When it comes to digital marketing, your brand is often one of the few things that can help set you apart from the rest of the competition. It helps you to build trust and inevitably customer loyalty. However, a great brand marketing is about more than creating the perfect visuals. It involves monitoring the competition and what others are saying about you. It means being extremely helpful and addressing negative comments with grace. It also means ensuring that your customers and visitors have an excellent user experience.

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