6 Things Your Singapore Business Website Should Not Have

6 Things Your Singapore Business Website Should Not Have

Does your website design complement your digital marketing campaigns in Singapore? Singapore has one of the most vibrant e-commerce industries in the world. One of the surest ways of connecting with thousands of potential customers here is by investing in a professionally designed website. Such a site will have a significant impact on not only traffic but also ranking on search engines as well as conversion rate.

Luckily, there is an accredited Singapore website design agency that can create a custom template and theme for your business at an affordable rate.

Today, we will look at 6 things that your Singapore business website should not have in 2022.

  1. Horizontal Scrolling

Unknown to most Singapore business owners who have a website is that most internet users find horizontal scrolling annoying mainly because they are accustomed to vertical scrolling. Based on this fact, it is recommended to invest in a website design that allows users to view the content by scrolling vertically.

More often than, horizontal scrolling is only required when the content you want to post on a particular page does not fit on the screen properly. Make sure that your website design is responsive so that it adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes. This will eliminate the need for potential customers to scroll horizontally to view the pages.

It is also important to note that days when clients would be enticed to purchase by presenting something that is wildly different are gone. Singapore online customers prefer buying products or seeking service from a website whose design is functional and familiar to them. Concisely, strive to impress them with content, not unnecessary whistles and bells.

An expert in website design can create a responsive custom template and test it to ensure that its fully functional before the website is launched.

  1. Annoying or Hidden Links

Links are essential as they help users to find the content or pages they are looking for quickly and conveniently. If placed strategically, they can significantly help to improve navigation and enhance SEO. That said, it is of paramount importance to make sure that there are no hidden or annoying links in any section of the website.

Links that are misleading or not function properly when clicked on will turn off customers. Such a bad user experience will affect the credibility of your website as well as its conversion rate. Here are some basic link rules that you should adhere to always.

    • Internal links: These are links to other pages on the site. They should not open new panes or windows unless they are meant to direct the users to a landing page.
    • Different colors: Use color and contrast to make the links visible to web visitors. Background contrast will also help them to stand out.
    • External links: These are links to other websites. They should always open new windows on the browsers.
    • Links arrangement: The links should still be organized or arranged based on their relevance and importance. The most relevant should be placed at the top section of the website where every visitor can see them.
  1. Missing Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

One of the reasons why you invested in a Singapore business website is to enhance the visibility of your brand online and guide users to take a specific action such as read more content, purchase a product, contact the support team, or subscribe to a newsletter.

The only way to guide them to take that desired action is by incorporating call-to-actions at specific locations. A website that does not have properly optimised call to action does not serve its purpose. Give the website visitor a chance to subscribe, buy, register, follow, or download content when they visit by placing a call-to-action on the page.

On the same point, the CTA links or buttons should stand out from other elements or contents on the website. Otherwise, potential customers will not know what you want them to do. Note, the essence of a CTA is not to push the customer to purchase the product before they are ready – instead, it is meant to make sure that they do not feel unmotivated or lost when on your website.

If optimised and placed at the right locations, CTAs will greatly reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

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  1. Poorly Placed Search Box

As the name suggests, a search box is meant to make it easy for the users to find content or information that they are looking for quickly. Based on this fact, placing it at a location that is not visible will compromise your website design.

A majority of people who land on your website will need to use the search box to find information quickly unless they are already familiar with the navigation and layout of your site. Therefore, make sure that the search box is strategically placed – stands out from other elements like the CTA buttons and links.

Concisely, any website whose search box is not visible or placed below the fold is missing an excellent opportunity to convert website visitors into customers.

  1. Not Enough Negative Space

The first thing to note about website negative space is that whenever a customer clicks on something on your Singapore business site, they want to do so in the most convenient way possible. If the things that they are required to click on such as CTA buttons or links are placed too close to each other, it will be difficult for them to click on the right one.

Hence, make sure that you leave ample space between and around such icons to reduce bounce rate and provide the best user experience. It is also important to note that lack of enough white space can easily overwhelm the website visitors making them feel that it is not possible to navigate or find what they are looking for on your site.

  1. Too Many PDFs

PDF content will come in handy especially if the target audience is required to download some documents. However, too many PDF will hurt your website design. This is based on the fact that PDFs are images and so they do not add any SEO value to your site.

The search engine will perceive the PDF content as an image. It is also important to note that coercing your customers to download content to benefit from it or learn about your product or service may not go down well with some of your customers.

These are the six things that your website should not have if it is to succeed in converting visitors into customers. Get in touch with us for professional website design services in Singapore.


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