Courtesy as a User Engagement Strategy in Singapore

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To learn and master the ideal Singapore user engagement strategy for your brand,  start from the basics. You cannot deny the fact that with simple courtesy, you can achieve a lot and attract many clients in Singapore. Courtesy is one of the best Singapore user engagement strategy since it is a skill that we all learn in the primary stages of our lives. It begins when you first contact a potential client whether offline or online.

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Ideal Singapore User Engagement Strategy

Let us go straight to some of the things that you need to keep in mind when engaging potential customer in Singapore.

Answer User’s Questions in a Polite Manner

How you respond to questions speaks volumes  about how you handle your company’s transactions. Answer every question politely no matter how you feel about the issue. If the question is by text, do not use slang or chat language to respond even though the client does so. 

Use complete grammatically correct sentences. Avoid using all capital letters. This may be presumed as screaming at the client. Use courteous words such as please, thank you, and kindly.

Singapore user engagement

Pay Attention to the Words You Use on Phone

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Mind the words you use when talking to a client or potential customer on the phone in Singapore. Do not talk too fast as it may be mistaken for being impatient. Talk slowly and be clear. Start every call with a greeting and introduce yourself.

In your voice, one should be able to tell that you are sincere, eager to help, attentive and responsible.  Ensure that your answers are relevant to what the client is inquiring about.

Another thing to add to this Singapore user engagement strategy is that once you have answered all the questions, try to provide additional information that is related to the questions asked.  For example, you can recommend a product or service that solves the client’s need better. 

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Keep Your Cool to Master Singapore User Engagement Strategy

There are users in Singapore who will call to complain because of a transaction that did not go as expected or for some expectations that were not met. This might test your patience, especially if you are not to blame for the issue. 

In order to keep a good reputation on your customer service, be the one to take the higher road. First of all, remain calm then try your best to assure the customer that you are going to look into the matter. Take the shortest time to solve the issue and if it takes longer, let the customer know as soon as possible.

Make the customer feel that they can still trust you and that you are very sorry about the problem they have faced.

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Let Your Support Hours be Clear on the Website of Your Company

When you cannot offer a 24/7 helpline in Singapore, indicate the operating hours on your website. This will ensure that you do not annoy your potential clients or buyers by being unable to answer their calls. Let your number have a tonal message that has information on call hours.

This message should be crafted beautifully. You can also advise the caller to leave a message so that you can reach out once you are back.

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Call Back a Prospect

It is highly advisable to have both inbound and outbound calls within your customer care structure as part of your Singapore user engagement strategy.

Never wait for a prospect to call back especially if the voice message they left seemed urgent. You are the seller, so you should be the one doing the reaching out and the follow-ups. Also, avoid putting a caller in Singapore on hold for more than five minutes or so, otherwise, they might get frustrated and hang up.

If what they are calling to inquire about will take more than 30 seconds to get the necessary information, let them know and give them the exact amount of time that it will take you to call them back.

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Always Send a Thank You Message after a Successful Transaction

A fundamental Singapore user engagement strategy is to use the ‘Thank you’ word. Every time a buyer purchases something from you, make sure you call to thank them. Sometimes calling all the buyers may take a lot of time. In such cases, send out a personalised message to each of them. An auto-generated message makes your buyer feel unappreciated. 

As much as many mailing software claims to have the ability to send personalised messages, it is very easy for a person to differentiate a personalised message from an auto-generated one. Some of these auto-generated messages that answer FAQs still do not satisfy prospect needs. 

Always Respond to Questions that Come Through Emails

Employ Singapore user engagement strategy by responding to all emails with queries. Ignoring such emails has the potential to ruin your reputation in the market and chase away customers to your competitors. In case something happens and you fail to fulfil a promise to a client, own your mistake and apologise. 

Avoid making excuses as this will appear as a lack of professionalism in your company’s transactions. Aim to meet clients needs amicably and let your apologies seem truthful. Better still, work on your efficiency so that you do not have to give too many apologies.


Courtesy is a Singapore user engagement strategy that will never fail your brand. Statistics show that over 75% of people who do not return to complete a transaction on a website complain about staff rudeness. As much as your main goal as  Singapore business owner is  to make profits, you need to know how to keep buyers coming back.

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