Ecommerce Product Page Design Ideas That Increase Conversion

ecommerce product page design

During ecommerce product page design, a seemingly insignificant difference can lead to a significant alteration on your site’s conversion rate and overall profitability. Before you even think of ideas that need to get incorporated into product page design, you should first learn about the framework that you can use to undertake all conversion-related design testing.

This framework is commonly referred to as the L.I.F.T model. WiderFunnel is the brains behind this model. According to the model, you can increase the probability of visitors taking the desired actions once they land on your site in the following ways:

  • Augment your value proposition
  • Enhance the value proposition’s relevance to your target audience
  • Increase the value proposition’s clarity
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Minimise distractions
  • Add urgency

With these tips, it will be easy for you to improve your ecommerce product page design, thus increasing conversions. Here are other ideas that will come in handy.

Use Tabbed Navigation

Once customers land on your ecommerce product page, they will only buy if it’s easy for them to find what they are looking for. The use of tabbed navigation helps limit text, thus enabling shoppers to find their preferred products easily.

ecommerce product page design

Many e-commerce websites in Singapore blunder by displaying too much text on their product pages. Rather than swamping visitors with too much information, consider incorporating well-designed tabbed navigation boxes into your product pages. This will provide them with an intuitive way of finding what they are searching for.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

When undertaking ecommerce product page design, ensure that multiple payment plans are on display near your CTAs. This particularly works best for sites that sell high-ticket items. You can seek inspiration from Sofaworks, which offers shoppers three different payment plans.

Display Your Customer Reviews, Good or Bad

As e-retailer, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your customer reviews. Instead, display them prominently on your website without leaving out the negative ones.

A market survey by iPerceptions established that online shoppers tend to consider websites that display customer reviews. A separate study by eMarketer found that customer reviews are trusted twelve times more than manufacturers’ product descriptions.

By including customers’ reviews in ecommerce product page design, you will attract more long-tail SEO traffic as well as traffic from shoppers who search for product name ratings or “product name + reviews.”

Incorporate Customers Live Chats in Your Ecommerce Product Page Design

There is no better way of building trust among site visitors than offering live chats. This is a simple way of improving your website’s conversion rate. It provides a medium that you can use to address customers’ concerns. By using customer live chats, you will have a constant stream of ideas that you can use to enhance your product pages.

Display Multiple Images of Your Products

Colourful images should accompany products that you are selling on your e-commerce website. By using large images, you are likely to increase conversion rates. Rather than using two-dimensional back-and-front photos, consider using rotating 360-degree photos.

Product videos can also boost conversion significantly. An online experiment by established that visitors who watch product videos are 26.36% more likely to purchase those products. You should run tests to determine what works for you best.

ecommerce product page design

Ensure That Your Pages Load Fast

An experiment by Amazon established that whenever the retailer’s page loading speed increased by 100 milliseconds, there was 1% increment in revenue. The use of high-quality product images and videos, live chat plugins, and other components can significantly slow your page loading speeds. Even so, you should find a way of ensuring that your product pages load in less than 2 seconds.

Use Clear and Contrasting CTAs

CTAs play a crucial role in e-commerce websites. It’s worthwhile to ensure that your calls-to-action are not only bright and compelling, but they also contrast against other page components. A clear and bright CTA will go a long way in boosting conversion.

Use Urgency and Scarcity to Stir Action

Humans are irrational as far as loss aversion is concerned. Undoubtedly, you can’t stomach missing out on things. In this regard, you shouldn’t overlook urgency and scarcity when undertaking ecommerce product page design. The use of phrases such as “hurry before stock sells out” is likely to invoke a sense of urgency in your shoppers.

Cross-Sell Related or Popular Products

Whenever shoppers go through your product pages, there’s a high possibility that they have not decided on the product that they should buy. Therefore, you should display similar products as well as products that other customers purchased.

By doing so, you will be using previous customers’ data to help customers find products that may be a better fit for those that they are looking for. Amazon does a great job when it comes to recommending related products on its product pages.

Display the Estimated Shipment Time

You will build trust and credibility with your customers if you display on product pages the estimated time that it will take to ship those products to them. This should be the case you sell products that are popular on special occasions. Late shoppers will flock to your site since they will have the assurance that their orders will arrive early.

Use a Distraction-Free and Clean Layout

Including everything mentioned in this guide on your ecommerce website may make your product pages appear clunky. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you should seek the services of a web designer in Singapore to undertake the ecommerce product page design project on your behalf.

Your product pages can have lots of product information, comparisons, images, and related products but will appear clean. This will make the overall shopping experience relaxing. Likewise, customers will conveniently find what they want without being overwhelmed by too much content.


Undertaking ecommerce product page design isn’t easy. You need a website with product pages that are not only neat but can also convert. The aforementioned tips can help you create product pages that easily convert. Nonetheless, you should avoid implementing any of them without A/B testing it against your current benchmark. Our website design team can do all this and more for you at an affordable rate. Contact us today for more details about web design services in Singapore. 




February 26, 2019

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