A Singapore Digital Marketer’s Guide To Boosting Conversion

Your online marketing campaign is beyond impressive this far. Visitors are flocking to your website in droves, and you seem to be getting lots of positive reviews about your brand in the comment section or even getting emailed at.


Impressive, right?


But let’s get one thing clear — what’s your revenue like? Despite the strong attention you’re getting, how many of those visitors end up as actual customers or clients? How many of those views lead to actual sales?


How many?


It could be that some of your visitors are backing up after they’re partially into finalising a purchase. Or are they just peeping through a page or two before leaving your site, and never to come back?


Whichever the case, if your marketing campaign doesn’t translate to a bump in profits or sales at the end, then there’s something important you’re missing — and that is, an apt conversion strategy.


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MediaOne has been helping brands all over Singapore increase their online engagement and to, as well, convert a portentous portion of their online traffic into actual sales.


But for today, the agency is here to dish out 9 tested and totally great ideas to carry out a successful lead conversion campaign.


Read on to stay miles ahead of your competition.



Conversion Rate Optimisation



Some of the conversion issues you’re facing are better off nipped in the bud. For all we know, the problem could be your website.


Does it load extremely slow? Or are users finding it hard to navigate to the checkout page?


Let someone have a look at your website and be able to advise accordingly. SEO and and the overall traffic you’re getting is important, but at the end of the day what really matters are the sales you make, the leads you generate, and the cash flowing in.


That’s where CRO first proves to come in handy.


It just has to ensure you have a better ROI, even with low traffic. You also get to understand your customer data and visitor flow.



Test Individual Elements


You want to find out which element works and which one is a complete waste of your online effort.


You test them one by one, and each at a time. Test them on rotation, starting with your landing page, and followed by the headline, image, call to action, click funnels, and the rest.


There are lots of lead generation tools to automate the testing process. You can use them to gather as much data as possible with regards to each one of the elements before making an informed decision on the way to go.


The point is to find out which element converts the best, so you can know where to direct much of your effort.



Which conversions lead to actual sales?


Not all conversions are the same.


Start by reviewing your landing pages to find out which one among the bunch you have generates more sales.


It’s also important that you check your customers’ buying cycles and evaluate them as you figure out the best way possible to improve the conversion rate. Your sales analytic is the best place to get started with this.


The data you gather should help you find out which type of content generates more sales. The difference could be with the web copy, the style of writing, the offer or the overall layout of the landing page.


Whatever reason you come up with, use it to improve your overall conversion rate and generate more sales.



Check the Strategies employed by your Competition


This is not about replicating what your competition is doing. But evaluating their strategies so you can use the information you get to re-calibrate accordingly.


You need to gain an edge over them, and, for all know, coping whatever they’re doing will only get you to their level, when you should actually be aiming for more.


Start by checking out your competition and find out what they’re offering in terms of incentives. Go ahead and one-up them by offering something even more enticing.


What are they doing to lure in subscribers? Do they have coupons for some of the products they are selling on their website?


If so, find a way to beat them up in that competition by offering your visitors an even more inviting freebie.


Built Your Social Media Trust


With so many cases of people using social media platforms to blatantly rip off innocent buyers or companies baiting online customers with a different product only to deliver a low-quality version, customers are having a hard time trusting online brands with their credit card and money.


Clients want to know that they can completely trust you for your word. To be on the safe side, it’s important that you establish yourself as a trustworthy brand by working on your social media proof.


You can start by linking your website to all your social media accounts, and doing regular checkups to make sure no one is running a fake version of any of your accounts.


It’s also important that you get a section of your customers to leave behind a review. You can politely ask them to via an email or direct them to a page that prompts them to every time they clear a transaction.


Also consider getting a trust seal and, more importantly, working on the number of social media followers to build some sort of online credibility. Also, if you can, give our guarantees, just in case a products turns out to be faulty or a client ends up dissatisfied upon receiving it.



Plaster Your CTA Everywhere


Your Call to Action is NOT limited to your home page, landing page or the contact-us page. You can plaster it virtually everywhere and you’d be surprised at how much that works for your conversion rate.


For instance, you could plaster it in the middle of every blog post you make and rest assured nothing can possibly go wrong.


After all every blogger has something they’re self-promoting, no matter how crafty they’re with hiding it. And as long as you’re NOT selling people smoke, there’s nothing wrong about throwing in a positive word for yourself and then directing your visitors to the product page where they can purchase it.


Just find a way to make the CTA box stand out. It should also feature an easy-to-click button conspicuous enough NOT to elude the eyes of your online visitors.


Make Your Value Unique


If you decide to pull out of your line of business, will your customers have a reason to miss you, or will they just move on to the next vendor and immediately forget that you existed?

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Your value may be connected to what you do or how you do it, but that’s NOT what it means in actuality.


By value, what’s meant instead is what makes you special as a brand. As you’re soon to find out, you answer may have nothing to do with the product you’re selling. But a combination of different factors like your customer relation services, your commitment to solving a given problem, or the team of loyal customers behind your back.


Keep in mind that your value grows the more you’re into business.



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Limit Your Options


You can only be able to progress when your focus and effort all converge at a single point. This is another way of warning you about distractions.



An easy approach would be to pick one page at a time and focus on it entirely. Or it could be about getting more subscribers for your email list. Whichever struggle you pick on, be sure to stick with it all the way to end before picking another.


It’s a Wrap


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Lead conversion isn’t a one-time job. If anything, you have to be constantly checking on what’s working and NOT working out for you. MediaOne has a lot of experience in this. Should you find your self stuck or lost on some of the ideas, don’t hesitate to contact them for more clarification, help, or outsourcing.


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