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Should Singapore Businesses Use Customer Relationship Management Systems?

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‘Customer is king’ is a popular saying from many businesses. This is meant to bring the impression that customers are the core foundation of any business. Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to all strategies, activities and technologies employed by companies in managing their potential and current customers engagement and interactions. It promotes good customer relationship hence building customer loyalty and retention. This fact leads to more business profits as both retention and loyalty are major aspects that influence business revenue. Digital marketing in Singapore has become highly competitive. To gain an edge in the competition, you should give special considerations on how you manage your customers. This article discusses whether Singapore businesses should use customer relationship management systems.

CRM systems provide an easy interface for businesses to collect data and promote a scalable way of communicating with customers. One of the rare descriptions of a CRM by bloggers is a beyond contact info touch points and aspects that include phone calls, emails, in-person meetings and voicemails. Certain CRMs offer whys and wherefores for closed-won and closed-lost deals and the power to monitor deal stages. According to research statistics, the total CRM software hit about twenty-six point three billion US dollars in 2015 a figure that is predicted to rise enormously through the years.

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Fundamentally, customer relationship management is easy. Nevertheless, it can be performed in a wide range of ways such as social media, chat, telephone calls, websites, various marketing materials and email. This CRM diversity makes it useful to both small and larger businesses. The root of a marketing system and scalable sales is effective use and maintenance of the CRM tool. Keeping records of marketing materials, purchases and conversations that are related to customers and leads are beneficial to any business.

Before your business clients number makes it unquestionably compulsory to have a CRM platform, you should incorporate it into your business from the beginning. Both freelancers and small businesses can as well as benefit from customer relationship management systems. There is no one who does not want to increase customer retention and profits on their businesses. Customer relationship management achieves these goals in several ways. Some of these include;

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  • Learning. For you to understand your customer’s needs, you need to learn details about them. With CRM, you can learn about who your customers are, the customer purchasing history trend as well as reasons why they buy your products. By learning about your customers, you will be able to take care of their needs more effectively and hence achieve customer satisfaction. Moreover, customer relationship management enables businesses to choose the right target people for offering new products and giving promotions through the provision of strategic lead.
  • Organisation. This is one of the significant advantages of using CRM. It helps you achieve efficiency in your business by automating and organising various features of your company. These include streamlining of digital marketing campaigns, sales processes customer data and business analytics. Businesses are hence able to convert these processes into easy and straightforward to understand data. If you need entire organisation in your Singapore business, make sure you start using CRM.
  • Optimisation. Lastly, customer relationship management system ensures optimisation of your customer engagement and interactions. It optimises customer interactions by rationalising and abridging the more complicated customer engagement processes. The aim of optimising these processes is to enhance customer satisfaction.

Categories of Customer Relationship Management

There are a lot of diverse CRM types. However, the major categories that most CRM software essentially emphases on include;

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  • Analytical. Monitoring and analysing the customer’s data is the primary purpose of analytical CRM. The business management uses these analytical CRM data to have a better understanding of the needs and wants of their customers as well as the current market trends. The main focus here is improving customer satisfaction. Analytical CRM data is obtained through pattern recognition and data mining. However, this type of customer relationship management works best for businesses in higher competition market. Nevertheless, analytical CRM is still useful for other kinds of business companies in helping them to be a step ahead of their competitors in the same marketing strain.
  • Operational. This type of CRM involves one of the following operations; sales, marketing and service. Operational CRM is essential as it works with earlier marketing and advertising campaigns, customer service satisfaction and purchases. This CRM software intends to build an improved business and customer experience by automation of these processes. Operational CRM is suitable for companies with high repeat sales and short sales cycle such as e-commerce and retail consumer verticals businesses. This is as a result of its massive attentiveness on marketing efficiency. If you want to streamline your business operations, go for none other CRM other than operational.
  • Collaborative. As the name suggests, collaborative CRM involves businesses coming together for a common goal. Companies share their customer’s data and information with other companies. This way, a company or business can obtain a customer data that they would otherwise not have accessed. Business is hence able to use shared data to enhance their customers’ experience. Collaborative customer relationship management is very crucial for business success especially in the development of new products and innovative market businesses. This shared customer information and data gives a good impression of what consumers are interested in. This way, your company will adjust to their interests and offer what they correctly respond to.


Customer relationship management systems help businesses increase profits and efficiency as a result of customer satisfaction. CRM can be useful for any type of business. This is because it contains lots of applications and strategies that can be modified to fit your business. It is hence better for Singapore businesses to incorporate customer relationship management before it becomes an obligation. In choosing the perfect customer relationship management system for your business, ensure that you put your sales process and operations into consideration. These include the number of contacts made before a customer buys, the relevant customer information and the significance of repeat business to your corporate. Singapore businesses should use customer relationship management systems as ignoring it could be a massive loss for their businesses.

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