Should I Pay More For The Best SEO Agencies in Singapore?

Should I Pay More For The Best SEO Agencies In Singapore_

Good SEO isn’t cheap — and there’s justifiable reasons for that.

The world of SEO is swamped with all sorts of low-balling, self-proclaimed SEO experts, selling the idea that it’s possible to get quality SEO with as little as $100 per month.

While this may sound like a really great idea to the penny pinching web owners who want to retain much of their marketing allocations or keep it at the bare minimum, but the effect of this could prove detrimental to the overall well-being of your business, besides hampering growth and whittling your profit margins.

Affordable SEO

As luring as it sounds, affordable SEO will do your business more harm than good. And needless to say, that’s the last thing you wish to happen to your business.

That’s NOT to say you should skip the SEO aspect of marketing your business when you’re operating on a somewhat tight budget. What’s meant instead is that settling for the cheapest option you can find doesn’t do your business much good at its best and could even wreck havoc into its overall well-being at its worst.

Affordable SEO in Singapore

Affordable SEO could be interpreted to mean different things to different people. While a great majority of the population would interpret it as the cheapest option available, affordable could still apply where the service fee isn’t exactly cheap.

For instance, assuming you’re running a business that’s generating you millions in revenue after every financial year, spending $5, 000 every month to market the business is affordable to you.

However, if your company isn’t generating a six figure income stream, spending $5, 000 per month on marketing would be ludicrously insane.

So yes, the definition of affordable has so many layers to it, each of it renders it subjective .

Dangers of cheap SEO

SEO can be affordable but it certainly can’t be cheap, especially where quality is concerned.

Don’t get it twisted — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding a good SEO deal. The challenge is on ensuring you’re getting something of real value from the investment you’re making. And this is where most businesses incur difficulties.

First, the SEO market in Singapore is swamped with all sorts of self-proclaimed marketing experts and gurus who would be quick to toss around the industry lingo to clueless prospects in a desperate bid to prove their expertise.

They’re the bunch that will be painting a rosy picture of what you’re likely to gain by investing in SEO. Their charges will be on the extreme low, but their idea of return will be blown to unbelievable heights.

If it all appears to be too good to be true, that’s where you know you’re about to be disappointed the most.

How, you ask?

Poor Content

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Good SEO is for the most part dependant on great content. This is what fuels any SEO strategy out there.

When the quality of the content is great, then your site will register a much higher conversion rate. And when it’s poor, the bulk of the visitors you attract will be bouncing off and that’s where you lose as a marketer.

Great content is also good for building your reputation. It’s what you need to earn links, increase your number of index pages, and establish your authority within the industry you’re in.

Not every self-proclaimed content developer in Singapore has the experience and expertise to deliver killer content. And the few that have a knack for it will be charging exorbitantly for their services, which further makes SEO an expensive undertaking.

Good writing requires high amounts of research and repeated editing and polishes. For instance, if you pay, say, $200 for one article, you can be sure the article will be written by an experienced content developer that will be delivering a Forbes-like quality article. But should you skimp on the amount and pay $10 to a writer, then you can be sure the writer you attract will be doing nothing more than whipping up hastily written garbage of an article for you.

So Google penalizes you for generating subpar articles. Your reputation gets maligned, and none of the SEO effort you apply pays off in the long run. You however win because you didn’t spend much on the service after all.

Blackhat Techniques

SEO is taxing. But there’s a shortcut to it. Where you should be spending sleepless night analyzing your keywords, spying on your competitors, and drafting high quality content, you have the option to trick search engines into ranking you favourably.

The only problem is that, while a small section of the population has some strange reasons to believe this still works, the truth is that search engines wised up to every single one of these ploys long time ago and they’re sternly punishing any site that’s pulling a fast one on them.

In other words, you have a hundred and one SEO stuff to do to improve your ranking in the SERPs — and none of them is easy.

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Blackhat techniques offer you an easy way out of all this. Instead of focusing on writing high-quality content, you have link spamming and keyword stuffing to turn to. However, doing all this deliberately flies against the standard policies set by Google and other search engine, and must you be reminded that harsh penalties follow it everywhere.

You might get a short boost from performing all this, but it’s just a matter of time before Google and other search engines gets a wind of it and slaps you with a ban.


Your business is meant to grow, NOT stagnate in its tracks.

Cheap agencies are only cheap because they lack the resources and technical expertise to afford great minds. So they’ll mainly be working with a team of low-wage, inexperienced staff that don’t really understand the finer details of what great SEO really is.

Their options are fewer, and it’s just a matter of time before their SEO effort hits a plateau.

A competent SEO agency, on the other hand, doesn’t haphazardly pick a team of recruits. Rather, they go for some of the greatest minds the industry has to offer.

So where there’s no forward momentum in your business, they’ll have the brain power to analyse everything and figure out how to break out and keep your business moving.

Their services are also NOT limited by the kind of tools they can afford. If there’s any tool they’re sure will come in handy during their operations, then rest assured the agency uses it.


Cheap SEO doesn’t come with great assets. By that we’re referring to quality content and backlinks, the two most crucial assets that will continue bringing you business value many years to come.

However the same can’t be said about affordable SEO services. That’s because these agencies are so focused on scraping the cheapest options they can find while completely ignoring what your business really needs. Meaning they have no tangible assets to offer.

Their capital also doesn’t allow them to hire the most qualified of the candidates they can find. So they settle for anything random.

Even worse, their general status as a business doesn’t enable them to make the right connection or acquire the right assets that will be seeing to it that they acquire quality link placements.

Experience is Priceless

All the SEO agencies you know started out cheap. Then they learned the ropes and hanged in longer enough to understand their value. Also, in an effort to ensure that they offer the best SEO services , they had to invest in great minds and resources, while working on constantly improving their skills and expanding their horizons. And suffice it to say that nothing about this came cheaply.

The point is, experience is never cheap. Sacrifices have to be made. Money has to be used. And the gravest of all, you have to pay for some of the mistakes newbies make while learning the ropes and calibrate accordingly.

In other words, if the SEO company you’re about to hire has been in the business long enough to understand the undercurrents and mechanization of great SEO, then they certainly wouldn’t be charging cheap.

That’s NOT to say that SEO agencies should be charging extortionately for their services. But where you’re equipped to help a business boost up it sales to the extent of making millions, then there’s nothing illegal about charging a few ten thousands for your services.

And where affordable agencies has to settle for cheap labour, seasoned agencies go for legitimately proven experts. These are the people who have invested a great deal of their money and resources sharpening their skills and abilities, and they know their value and place to undercharge themselves. So don’t expect them to work for an entry-level pay.

How to Spot an Agency that’s employed Inexperienced workers

Besides being cheap, how else can you tell if an agency is operating with a team of inexperienced SEO workers?

Simple, look for any agency that brags about employing a super-large staff and there goes an agency that works with a team of unqualified marketers. The next thing you know they’ll be low-balling everyone in the industry and over-promising on the results to expect.

A great mind has the experience to run circles around a team of a hundred SEO workers that don’t really understand what it is that they’re doing.

What experience does is that, it equips you with the much-needed skill and technical expertise to come up with tested SEO strategies and system that you can use to generate great SEO results. This has nothing to do with how big your staff is, and more to do with how competent your workforce really is.

So what’s Your Solution if You’re Operating on a Somewhat limited Budget?

SEO isn’t cheap. But that’s NOT to say you should forget about it if you’re operating on a somewhat limited budget.

It’s okay.

You can still take advantage of SEO even when your budget isn’t good enough to afford a good SEO agency.

Here are a few solutions to look into:

Do it Yourself

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money finding a cheaper SEO solution, pull up your sleeves and get the job done yourself.

For all we know, this solution is way safer than relying on the services of a cheaper SEO agency.

This option is also recommended because it gives you total control over all your marketing operations, which goes a long way to make you the person responsible for your business success.

You also get to enjoy the added benefit of learning more about SEO.

Come to think of it, your business is like your baby. Your interests lie in doing what’s best for him or her. So you’d want to use the safest and most effective of the strategies you can come up with, where a cheaper agency will be settling for what’s affordable or cheaper.

With the right guidance, it’s even possible to observe the results of your SEO efforts so you can know where to adjust and direct the bulk of your marketing effort.

Focus on Hiring the Right Components, Instead Delegating it Holistically

This trick applies if you have a basic understanding of the structure surrounding an effective SEO strategy. Instead of handing over all of your SEO assignment to someone else, why NOT structure it into different component and assign each one of them to the most qualifies brain you can find.

For instance, instead of writing your own content, why NOT find a talented copywriter or content developer to help you out with the task?

Give it a Rest

In whatever you do, it’s important that you avoid making a rash decision. This is particularly the case when you’re looking for the right SEO agency to hire, but your budget is a huge obstacle in this.

Instead of hiring the first affordable SEO agency you stumble across, focus on building your funds instead as you contemplate on hiring the most qualified agency somewhere down the road.

In the meantime, keep doing some of the SEO stuff on your own as you learn and organically grow your search traffic.

The Takeaway

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make for your business is hiring the right SEO agency. This is NOT a light matter, considering a single mistake on your part could land you in a place that will take you years to recover from.

In whatever you do, the point is to avoid falling for any of these affordable SEO traps laid all over the overcrowded SEO space.

As one of the agencies who understands SEO to the bone, we’re self-promoting ourselves today by mentioning that we’re among the few SEO agencies in Singapore that never overcharge nor undercharge their clients. So if you have any question concerning the topic at hand or any of the services we offer, please hit our message or chat box and let’s hear about it.


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