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How To Set Up Your Social Media Profile

tips on how to improve your social media profile

You’ve been following every single one of the social marketing strategies we dish out and those of others in the sphere. But you’ve hit a problem which no one seems to care about, and which is the reason your business is stunted – namely, “how do I improve my social media profile?”

The irony in this is that people spend an inordinate amount of time browsing through their timelines, yet they can’t spare a few minutes of their time to work on their social media profiles.

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It’s understandable, in a way– considering we all have busy schedules. But there’s a whole lot you could do to your social media profile in a just a few minutes of the time you have in day.  

This article walks you through 13 different things you could do to spice up the content on your social media profile.  


Optimize the Size of Your Images

The photos you post should fall with the dimensions required by each social media network. Cropping is among the few tricks you could use to adjust the sizes to the recommended standards. And unless the images are in vector format, don’t make the mistake of enlarging them for the fear of getting them pixilated.

One common mistake people make all the time is assuming social media networks are designed to make necessary adjustments to the sizes of the images you post. There’s also a fair chance that someone may decide to re-use your photos elsewhere. So assuming they’re enlarged or compressed further, will they still retain the quality?

The sizes recommended by social networks are the most ideal because they allow the photos to be adjusted to a broad range of sizes without losing much of their quality. It’s therefore important that you try to adjust your photos sizes to that exact size before uploading them on social media.


Here’s a tabled rundown of the dimensions to adopt for the different social media networks:


Social Network 

Recommended Profile Picture size 

Recommended Cover Photo Size   


170 x 170 Pixels 

828 x 465 Pixels   


400 x 400 Pixels 

1500 x 500 Pixels   

Google + 

250 x 250 Pixels 

1080 x 608 Pixels   


400 x 400 Pixels 

1484 x 396 Pixels   


800 x 800 Pixels 

2560 x 1440 Pixels   


150 x 150 Pixels 



110 x 110 Pixels 



The Photo You Post Must be Consistent or Uniform on Every Single One of Your Channels

This is important in branding your business. You want your followers to have an easy telling if a particular social media page or channel belongs to you from a casual glance based on what they know about your business.

This also saves you the trouble of having to filter through the images you like and those you don’t like. By using the same photo all across the different platforms, you just have to work on coming up with a favourite photo and thereafter work on using it on every single one of the social media channels you manage.  

As people scroll through their feeds, they should be able to recognize your business on first glimpse. And the only way to achieve this is by working on uniformity across all social networks.

Start by working on the same colour scheme, especially if you’re planning to use your logo. Make sure the sizes are well-adjusted to display the same thing across all social networks and you’re good to go.  


Disable Unnecessary Tags and Delete all Inappropriate Posts You’re Tagged in  


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Go through your profile and perform all the necessary cleanings. Start with all the inappropriate photos you were tagged in or your past posts you suspect weren’t professional enough for your business.  

The point is to make your social media profile as professional as you possibly can.  

Start by checking your tagging setting and make sure they reflect the social media policy you’ve set for yourself. Check on the group of people with whom you have no trouble allowing them to tag your brand in their posts. Also, remember to adjust the settings such that every tagged photo will have to be first approved by you before they can finally show up on your timeline.

. – With Facebook, you’re allowed to review the posts you’re tagged in and approve them before they can show on your timeline or profile.  

. – The same goes for instagram photos. Every single one of the photos you’re tagged in has to be first approved before they can appear on your profile.

. – For twitter, you have the option to restrict who tags you in a twitter post or even remove any of the tags you don’t approve of.  

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Even with all these, it’s still important that you develop a culture of reviewing all the posts you’re tagged in on a regular basis to catch on any inappropriate posts and bad photos before they end up showing on your profile and ruin all the fun.  

Worth remembering is that you still have the option to shut off tagging completely. But there’s the risk of losing all the benefits that comes with allowing some of your followers to tag you in their posts and photos – especially where business is concerned.  


One being, some of your customers may decide to tag you in some of your products or services, and when they do, the photos will appear in the photo section of your profile. That means you could still use the photos to provide more information about your product or service or they could still serve as a valuable piece of addition information to the prospects that check you out on social media.  

So it’s important that you don’t completely shut off this valuable source of information. Instead, make a habit of reviewing everything you’re tagged in to filter out what’s important and what’s NOT.  


Be Consistent with the Handles You Use

As with your profile photos, it’s important that you be consistent with the handles you use across the various social media platforms.  

For profile pictures, consistency is all about making your brand easily recognizable. But for the handles you use, consistency is all about how easy can you be found on any social network.  

In simpler terms, the username potential visitors use to trace your profile should be consistent across the networks.  

Take twitter for instance. Whenever someone happens to be searching for your brand, all they have to do is pick your name and throw in the (@) symbol and bingo! There you are.  

It’s however frustrating when interested parties find out that you no longer use the same company name for a given social network. They instead have to sift through a mishmash of possible names in a desperate bid to find you.  

A simple trick would be to go for your company name without further complicating it. This will increase your chances of getting found and even mentioned in the random posts people make, which can go a long way into increasing your brand visibility.  


Optimize Your Site for SEO

How do you wish to brand your business? Are you a web developer based in Singapore or a renowned dentist looking to secure a top slot whenever someone searches for a dentist near you?

Well, here’s your chance to optimize your profile for SEO and get to gain some online visibility.  

A few tips on how to go about it:

. – Start by identifying all the search terms your prospects use to look for a professional service provider or product vendor within your line of specialization. With search tools such as Google keyword planner and SEMrush, this shouldn’t be too much of a difficult undertaking provided you know how to use the tools.  

. – Next, use the keywords you come up with to optimize your social media profile for ranking considerations in the SERPs. For instance, you could make the keywords appear on your LinkedIn job description, title and skills. Or be creative with how you use the keywords in bio copy or integrate it with your profile photo names.  

Also, remember to naturally use the keywords to describe your interest, experience and just about anything that requires a description from you. Even more importantly, try to be more specific with how you use the keywords by getting to the juicy details of it. For instance, you could specify your location and the exact area of specialization about it instead of taking a more generic approach.

In whatever you do, let the keywords flow natural instead of haphazardly forcing them to fit in. If the keywords don’t make any professional sense, then you’re better off NOT using them.  


Fill in Every Single Field you’re requested to (Including the Optional Ones)

Filling all the fields gives you the opportunity to use all the keywords you have. You just have to be creative with how you do it and you’re good to go.  

Plus, some of your professional followers may interpret you as lazy when they found out that you skipped some of the optional fields you were asked to fill in.  

The point is NOT to randomly write anything, but to be super creative and concise with how you structure your profile content. Start by explaining what your business does and what exactly it offers before getting to the juicy details of what else it’s involved with.  

The copy you make has to be both detailed and interesting. Make it such that your reader will always be encouraged to read it to the end without losing interest somewhere in the middle.  

If you can find a way to strike a balance between a playful tone and a professional one, then you’re on way to creating an exciting profile content your visitors will enjoy reading.  


Link the Profiles  

You want your Facebook followers to also consider following you on twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Then why NOT include the links to your other social media profiles?

The same goes for your website. Make sure you’ve included a link to your website. Now go ahead and do the same from your website. Make sure you’ve all the links directing to your social media profiles included on your website, in a place where everyone can see on first glance.  

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Don’t take a lazy approach by automating the posts you make. This is all about displaying the links to your various social media accounts on each of the profiles you make.

With Facebook, you have the option to include multiple links to your website field. Make sure every single one of your social media profile is listed here.  

There are several other apps that you could also use to display your YouTube and Instagram account on your Facebook tabs. Make good use of them while you still can.

For LinkedIn, you’re allowed to include your Twitter handle to your profile, while Pinterest allows you to integrate both Twitter and Facebook.  


Ask the People You Know to Review, Endorse and Recommend You

People trust the reviews they receive from their family and friends than any form of advert you put online. They’d rather trust the reviews they read from your past clients and take them at face value that hear you belabor on the quality of your products or services.

So it’s important that you begin by soliciting as many reviews as you possibly can from the people you know. This is necessary in gaining trust from prospective customers, which in turn helps you increase your chances of converting the first few visitors you get into active customers and followers.  

You only need a few minutes of your time to come up with a nice piece of writing to send to your friends, family and a few of your friendly clients asking them to review your services or products and even consider endorsing it where possible.


Here are a few approaches to take:  

. – Make good use of LinkedIn’s Endorsement

LinkedIn allows your follower to endorse you for the skills you post on your profile. They’re even allowed to write a detailed review of how they came to know about it, thus increasing your chances of winning possible clients.  


. – Leverage the Visitors Posts Section on Your Facebook Page

Your visitors are allowed to write to your Facebook page, either to request for something or to comment on the quality of a product or service they bought from you. Use this section to line up the reviews you receive from them for all to see.  

. – Pin the Positive Reviews You Receive on Twitter

You can always pick one of the positive reviews you receive on twitter and pin it on top of your twitter stream. That way, the people visiting your twitter page will get to read it and may be have a change of mind on whether your business can be trusted. Works even better when the tweet is from a renowned figure in the industry, as this can be interpreted as an endorsement.  

Another approach would be to take a screenshot of the tweet and post it on Instagram or Pinterest. Or consider embedding it on your site or on any other social media account that allows you to.

Whichever approach you decide to take, you can always reach out to a few of your friends and ask them for their feedback or review. You’d be surprised by the sheer number of people willing to step out of their way to do it for you, gratis.


It’s a Wrap

By improving your profile, you’ll be using available platforms to tell your customers a little bit more about your business, in addition to solidifying yourself as a reliable business entity. Your customers want to trust you and are willing to use every resource at disposal to make sure they actually do. Don’t deny them the chance by skimping on the information you provide.

For information on how best you can optimize your profile, you’re invited to contact MediaOne today for a free consultation and further clarification on any of the points made.    


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