How to Set Up an E-Commerce Website for Singapore Businesses

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Digital online businesses are growing at an increased rate in Singapore. Small and large enterprises are investing in online marketing more and more. According to research conducted, the majority of the Singaporeans are using their devices to do online shopping and marketing. Today, it is of no surprise that bloggers, local retail shops and DIY craft makers are marketing their merchandise and services online. What enables your business to remain competitive among the other many firms of the similar strain in Singapore? Excellent website and a perfect strategy are all that brings success to your online business. Without a good website design and strategy, your eCommerce website will not be effective enough to impact your business positively. Creating an E-Commerce website is easy. This article will go through the steps you need to follow to set up an E-Commerce website for your Singapore business.

  1. Decide and Create Your Product

You must have that one product that you always want to start. To make an online storefront, you must decide on the products or services you are going to deal with. When deciding on the product to deal with, it is advisable that you do some research of its market viability and existing competition. Think of whether your product is unique from already existing products and its ability to compete on the pricing of similar products in the market. The idea is that an e-commerce store must have a product for it to operate.

  1. Set Your Pricing

One of the most significant aspects of a new business is pricing. If you put high pricing, you will lose customers to other cheap priced competitors. If you place very low pricing, you will end up losing money. You must hence carefully figure out the right pricing by looking into your business finances. This include taxes, shipping cost of product building materials, percentage cost of PayPal and credit cards, web hosting for your e-commerce site and additional advertising and marketing costs. By considering those factors, you will be able to come up with the right price that gives you an extra profit. It is essential that you inquire about the pricing of your competitors to make sure you are on the competitive edge.

  1. Research the Shipping Costs and Options

Physical products must be delivered to customers. It is essential that you consider your shipping and handling costs. According to research, approximately forty-four percent of customers have moved away from online shopping due to the shipping costs. Some alternative shipping methods could be perfect for you and your customers. These include offering free shipping, offering free shipping and placing your products price slightly higher to cover the cost, offering free shipping for orders of up to a particular size and providing a flat shipping fee.

  1. Choose Your E-commerce Web Hosting

You may choose to build your eCommerce website or use a marketplace that already exists such as Amazon or Etsy. Many of the web hosting firms are efficient in creating for you a unique brand for your business. They will offer you a compatible eCommerce website to work with similar to your website. By this, you will be able to direct people to your digital online store. Singapore has some of the best eCommerce software agency that makes your website convenient to you and your customers. Software such as Magento makes it easy for product listing, pricing and addition of shopping cart to your site.

  1. Pick A Domain Name and Brand

Your business needs an identity domain name. Where will your customers tell they bought a product from? Business domain name and branding are critical in building its popularity. In picking a domain name and brand, you should incorporate words and phrases that go in line with your products. However, you should ensure that you don’t use an already existing name that has been copyrighted by other business.

  1. Build Your E-commerce Website

Building a website from scratch is challenging rather than having a merchant site builder to work from. Merchant site builders can be provided by many digital agencies such as MediaOne. You must also work on a writing web copy to correctly describe your business ware to persuade website visitors to buy. Other important aspects that should be contained in your eCommerce website development include a brief description of your business dealings, a weekly deals and sale items home page, a customer service page and an update blog for industrial news. You may also consider setting your website theme, google analytics and plugin eCommerce options to create a great business online platform.

  1. Set Up A Merchant Account

You must have an efficient way to receive money from your customers in an online business. The often and most efficient mode of payment for online companies is credit card payments. Merchant accounts range from big familiar brand companies such as PayPal and Chase to small companies such as Pay Simple and Blue Pay. Though you will pay a small fee to the merchant company, the payment services are worth it.

  1. Get Your SSL Certificate

Customer privacy is vital in online businesses. Installing an SSL certificate on your website provides a green lock on the URLs when shopping online keeping your customer’s information safe. Encryption of the customer’s sensitive details keeps the hackers away from accessing the credit card information as the transactions are done online.

  1. Start Selling

Your e-commerce email is now ready to go. You need to launch your online business and start making cash. Start getting people into your website and market your business. Some of the marketing strategies you can engage in include social media marketing, content marketing, and paid promotions. You can as well utilise cheaper marketing methods like use of mouth and launching it in your town marketing events.

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Do you want to start selling online? Create an E-commerce website for your business today by following the detailed steps above. Don’t be left behind by your business competitors in Singapore, set up an e-commerce business today and join other entrepreneurs. The world can now access your products and services.

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