How to Set Up Drip Email Campaigns for SMEs in Singapore

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Starting up a business from scratch is one of the hardest things in marketing.  For your business to get known and receive the first customers, it takes a lot of awareness campaign. You don’t want people to hear about your business and then forget about it immediately. Worry no more, the email list is the perfect tool for your start up a small business. Having a mail list is one of the essential things one can do his or her company. Email marketing is more than capable in the action of converting site visitors to customers in comparison to the rest of online marketing tactics of social media. Internet user’s subscription to your mail listing displays their vigorous curiosity in your corporate. Drip email campaign plays a part as a tactic to maintain the customers who sign up to your mail listing. This article will exclusively go through all details about drip email campaigns for SMEs in Singapore.

An email drip campaign involves sending a series of automated emails at set intervals. The action of sending these computerized emails is triggered by the action of the online user signing up for an email list. Other triggers include making a purchase, signing up for a free trial and downloading a piece of content. Why should your Singapore have based small business use drip email campaign? One of the main reasons is that they are simple and straightforward. You only need to have a good email marketing software to make it easy for you to set up a drip campaign. You will write and design the emails in your business drip campaign once, and the automated email software will send them accordingly.

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Drip email campaigns help to build and strengthen your business relationship with your clients. Many people open their emails in a higher percentage in situations where they recognize the sender. Drip campaign sends plenty of emails to your new business subscriber in the first weeks hence creating a relationship with them. This has a more significant impact as they won’t forget your business as soon as they leave the site. This is affirmed by the increased ROI (return on investment) for business using this tool. Great of all, drip email campaigns are effective in increasing the sales-ready leads. Their strategy takes your business email subscribers from small interest to fully understanding of what your business is all about.

Today, Singapore is among the few countries with the highest digital marketing standards. Many Singaporeans are purchasing their goods through online business. How do you set up drip email campaigns for SMEs in Singapore to help your business rise despite the high competition? Below are some of the best steps to follow to get a successful drip campaign.

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  1. Clarification of Your Goals

Clear and specific goals are essential for the development of any business. You should first come up with the goals you want each email to achieve. You should then figure out how you will put your goals into the email. Although the primary goal for the emails is to make purchases, some non-purchase emails are useful in improving your relationship with your client. Non-purchase emails may be educational, a response with feedback or download of content. All these emails should comprehend each other to reach your top priority goal of getting customers.

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  1. Make Sure Your Email Provides Unique Value

The greatest tactic for getting clients is giving them their worth. You should offer them relevant and quality content that other internet users cannot be able to get. These can be things such as certain discounts or gifts for free of charge. Ensure that your followers get superior handling than other normal site visitors.

  1. Segment Your List

You don’t want to lose your customer once they have subscribed. If a visitor of your email signs up because of interest of a specific product them he or she receives email details about a different product; he will be more likely to unsubscribe. Segmenting your business list of mails avoids unsubscription due to irrelevant content.  It is possible for you to create different email lists using email marketing software like Constant Contact. The email listing will enable the visitors to select the topics they are interested in when signing up.

  1. Use of Consistent Design

Drip campaign emails need to be consistently connected as a series. The customers should be able to comprehend their connection to each other. Use a similar style, colour scheme, and logo for your email and website. This consistent design creates a visual brand of your business to your customers. 

  1. Inclusion of CTAs

 CTAs provides additional instructions for every email sent.  You should always explicitly ask the recipients to act according to the recommendation of the email.  Including a CTA in each email also helps the subscribers to know the next action they should take. However, each email should have one CTA.

  1. Make Sure Your Emails Look Good on Mobile

Technology has increased the frequency of how people use smartphones as compared to computers. Majority of people check their emails through mobile devices. Your drip campaign emails need to work on smartphones for it to be successful. Make sure your emails look good on mobiles, or you could be losing a lot of your subscribers.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Drip email campaign is automated with no need to keep creating again. However, analyzing the impact of the campaign on people interaction with time is of great significance. You will be able to know the number of clicks, opens, and unsubscription of your emails by use of email marketing software. This data helps in efforts of making your drip email campaign better. You can try out different tactics such as the use of different images, wording, and CTAs. 

In conclusion, it is essential for you to follow up on your business first followers. The best way to kick-start your small business is engaging your customers with email drip campaigns. Email drip campaign puts you a step ahead of other small businesses and helps to build your brand in Singapore. Top Marketing agencies in Singapore such MediaOne are convenient to consult about these marketing tools. Develop strong business relationship today with your first leads and convert them to customers through email drip campaigns.


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