Seriously Get An SEO Expert Instead Of Tinkering

Seriously Get An SEO Expert Instead Of Tinkering


Many Singapore small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make the mistake of attempting to DIY SEO and SEM. They figure: what can be so difficult? You just write a bunch of topical articles revolving around my industry, highlight the keywords to optimise the website. And for SEM thats a piece of cake: I can set up a campaign in 20 minutes.

There Is This Thing Called: Opportunity Cost

Yes that is all true but the problem is that you are going up against your competitors who have paid for a professional SEO agency to do the job. Who knows the thousand and one things that gives a slight competitive advantage here and there: multiply that by a thousand, and its easy to see why some websites are ranking significantly higher than others – even more established competitors.

In Business Every Single Advantage Spells Boom Or Doom

That’s the same for running any company isn’t it? The fact that you, the business owner has a thriving business while hundreds of competitors are lying the dust, is because you know the trade better, employed better staff, have better marketing, sales or distributors or principals. In highly competitive industries, a tiny bit of advantage here, a tiny bit of advantage here may mean the difference between you standing tall and your next competitor vanquished forever.

Invest In Proper SEO

Thats the same for SEO. By paying for a SEO agency Singapore you will get likely get far more sales and leads than attempting to do it yourself.

Just imagine: in the 6 months that you are fumbling around getting things wrong and making small progresses, that $3,000 (say) you may have saved – may have cost you $30,000 (say) in lost opportunities while your competition sweeps the top spots and grabs the most lucrative deals.

Its the same principle: if your car is not working well, go to the auto-mechanic. A break down on the highway can leave you frustrated and poorer when you find that your MacGyver-inspired fixing had damaged your entire engine costing $8,000 to fix.

October 08, 2016

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