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Why Should SEO Writing Services Be According to Google’s Ranking Algorithm?

Why Should SEO Writing Services Be According to Googles Ranking Algorithm_

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means that anything that is SEO compliant means that it has been designed according to the rules and guidelines set up by search engines. But there are several search engines available today, like Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo, and Google. 

Nowadays, there are many new modes and avenues of marketing, including content marketing. Some of the most popular services associated with this are the pieces of content you create that are designed to rank above your competition on the first page of search results. And the most popular option to evaluate these ranks is the Google search engine.

But why is Google THE benchmark that marketers and businesses set for their web rankings? According to the Google ranking algorithm, let’s discover why it is so and why SEO writing services should always be.

Why Should SEO Writing Services Be According to Google's Ranking Algorithm 2

Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO?

Before we try to tackle the question of why Google is the SEO benchmark for rankings, let’s discuss the concept of SEO itself. 

When we type a search term into any search engine and press enter, we are presented with a list of options that relate to our search query. Those results, and the order they are listed in, is all a result of their search engine optimization.

Search engines will have dozens to hundreds of thousands of results that relate to your query for any given search term. But while there might be a considerable number of search terms available, people rarely search beyond the first ten or twenty in the list. 

That means that if we want people to view our content, we need to rank as high as possible in the search engine lists for that term. To put it into perspective, search results on page two of Google get less than 1% click-through rates. 

So if you want your efforts rewarded and generate traffic, you need as many of your web pages on the first page of a search engine’s search results as possible. Only through this process will you be able to reap the maximum benefits from your website. 

SEO Over the Years

In the early days of SEO, the algorithms used by the search engines were not that dynamic. They were pretty limited in terms of judging the quality and intent of web pages. That meant that you would often find that you could either make your content an engaging read or optimize it for better search engine rankings.

However, over the last decade, the algorithms used by these search engines have changed over time. They have become better at understanding what would speak to your audience and evaluates its rankings accordingly.

Foremost among them is the Google search engine. The company constantly comes up with new functionalities and features designed to make the SEO ranking process smarter. In short, SEO is a process of tweaking and structuring your content to make it easy for the various search engines to rank it higher than your competitors in the market.

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What Does SEO Writing Services Entail?

SEO writing services cover a broad range of writing services for the web, including web content, blog posts, articles, and more. An essential part of content marketing, SEO writing has proven itself a far better option to attract and engage consumers compared to classic sales engagement techniques.

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Web copywriting refers to the text that makes up a web page. The purpose of that content is to attract and educate the reader about the company and its offerings to influence them into buying said products. 

Blog posts and articles are meant to create and deliver content for the different phases of the sales funnel. The first two phases are educating the reader about your products or services, establishing your authority, and highlighting their issues that your company could solve. Finally, converting them into patronizing your business are all tasks accomplished through these types of copywriting. 

Google is an intelligent entity. It is pretty intuitive when it comes to evaluating the intent of a piece of content. Its search algorithms are adept at evaluating if the content is written well enough to appeal to its audience and factor this in the rankings. 

Topic-Based Content and Search Engines – Why do They Love Them So Much?

There was a time when SEO writing was all about stuffing the relevant keywords wherever you could in the content. That often resulted in written pieces that sounded far from natural to its readers. Today, however, Google wants content that is helpful and written well enough for a variety of users to understand it easily. 

Essentially, Google wants to give its users the style of content they want to peruse. 

For instance, a fitness website must need to have a content that can describe about the benefits of being healthy. It should include different types of fitness slogans defining some motivational stuff. This type of content is not only remarkable for people, but also very interesting for Google. It can help the AI of Google to understand the basics of content and why it should be ranked on search engines.

This change in Google’s algorithms has resulted in the rise of topic-based content, which covers specific topics in all its aspects. That is achieved in a couple of ways. Digital marketers can create long-form content that covers the subject in its entirety. Or they can break it down into a series of smaller articles, also called clusters, with each covering a specific sub-topic of the broader parent topic. 

This helps content creators and marketers cover their topics comprehensively without annoying or boring the readers. People today have a far shorter attention span compared to a few years ago. By breaking a topic into clusters, you can ensure that the reader isn’t bored and keeps returning to your website to view the following article.

 Google and Latent Semantic Indexing

Coming back to the context of Google and how search engines are becoming more intelligent to look for content their users want to see. The secret to that is the latent semantic indexing that is incorporated within the algorithms, which helps these search engines understand the topic’s essence. 

It captures and studies the keyword and its synonyms, alternates, as well as how it connects to topics of a similar nature. As defined by its name, these algorithms understand the latent or hidden meaning between the words of the content and use that to discover the gist of the content. 

That has resulted in the search engine ignoring content explicitly created to rank high using keyword stuffing and instead prefers to rank those that actually provide value to their readers. Quality content, intuitive use of the keyword and related latent semantic indexing, and proper interlinking to valuable resources that offer something new on the topic. 

All of these help your SEO-optimized copy rank higher than your competition. 


Copywriting Vs. SEO Copywriting: What is the Difference?

Copywriting is the creation of content that attracts and engages readers towards performing a specific action. It is most commonly used to market something and is only considered successful when it converts someone. 

We can even say that copywriting is quite similar to being a salesman, and copywriters often produce a variety of content for flyers and pamphlets, ads, promotions, and customized content for a marketing team.

SEO copywriting is an offshoot of the original copywriting job. The only difference is that the SEO copywriter writes specifically for online platforms and manages its content according to the search engine guidelines. 


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SEO Writing: Writing for the Audience, Optimized for the Search Engine

SEO writing has evolved in the past few years, ever since Google launched its new AI algorithm and its updates. This new analytics tool dives deep into the context of the content and tries to understand what it is actually about. 

It doesn’t just take the frequency and presence of its primary keyword as a guarantee of the topic’s quality. Instead, it focuses on the latent semantics and related keywords to effectively understand the topic’s gist. 

SEO writing services are all about helping you create helpful, exciting content and offer value to the readers in the form of information or a solution to their problem. Highlighting relevant keywords and phrases allows people to determine if the topic is something they might be interested in.

If readers think your content is good and also relevant to their needs, then they might even promote it on their social media handles. That raises the authority of your copy and helps boost its rank on Google. 

Essentially, SEO writing services target specific reader demographics and try to solve the problems they are facing using high-quality content


Why Google?

While there are many search engines available today, Google is the one that people factor in when they want to browse the internet. As the most popular search engine today, Google is also quite popular with marketers.

Other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and others have issues that stop them from reaching the level of fame that Google enjoys. Google also comes as the default search engine for the popular Chrome browser with a clean and intuitive UI.

From a marketing perspective, people prefer Google because of the research and development the company has done in a drive to understand better the type of content their users want. The AI-driven algorithms designed to perform specific SEO-related tasks are pretty effective at weeding out low-quality content and helping great content rise in the ranking and reach the users looking for them. 

Moreover, Google has been driving towards an integrated mobile-and-pc environment, aided by their Chrome OS and the Android mobile platform. It has helped the company understand user behaviors better and allowed them to improve their algorithms. 

The Five Elements That Identify the Quality of SEO Writing Services

Certain elements and factors characterize valuable and well-written content. These include the likes of visual appeal and timelessness in terms of their content. If you follow specific rules of search engine optimization, your SEO writing services will have an easier time reaching the top 10 search rankings. 

Why Should SEO Writing Services Be According to Google's Ranking Algorithm 1


  1. Speed of Your Webpages

The loading speeds of your websites have been an important ranking metric for the past decade or so. As the internet evolved and got more common, with better bandwidth and speeds, consumers wanted the pages they visited to load quicker. 

Today, in areas with well-developed network infrastructure, the average load time is 2-seconds per page. If your site takes longer than that to load, then you need to evaluate how this factor can be improved. 

If it takes too long to load your content, then the chances are that your visitors will abandon your site for another. And despite having better content to offer those consumers, you will lose them to your competition due to longer load times and bad user experience. 

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According to a report by Akamai, 40% of web visitors will tend to abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website loads within that timeframe.

  1. The Title or Headline

The first thing that a viewer sees of your content is its heading or title. If your copy is top-notch and offers unique perspectives and information, it doesn’t matter if your title does not attract interest. 

Titles or headlines are like call-to-actions. Their entire purpose is to attract the reader into viewing your content. Moreover, they pique the reader’s interest in case they skim over the content before deciding to read it. 

So, if your headlines are mediocre, then your site’s click-through rate will be pretty low. And even well-written copies will find it almost impossible to rank with a low CTR. According to famed British marketer David Ogilvy, nearly five times as many people read your headlines than your content. 

That means that to create a solid SEO copy, your headlines need to be as good as your content. Without it, you will have no chance of attracting traffic towards your content or your website.

  1. The Quality of Your Content

Obviously, the content itself is an essential aspect of SEO writing services. The internet search game runs on the consumers’ drive to look for quality content. Whenever someone uses a search engine, their intent is to look for relevant content that will help solve their issue.

However, these pieces of content are quick to become outdated, and their age is an important SEO metric. That is why you constantly need to add and update your content accordingly.

Your quality is highly dependent on the intent behind it, as well as proper use of the keywords, especially long-tail keywords, which have the ability to bring in traffic. However, make sure that your copy isn’t over-optimized and you are using popular vital phrases properly. 

Google’s Panda algorithm is designed to evaluate and weed out thin content in order to ensure that only well-written and unique content ranks on the search engine. That helps to rank content from brands who actually care about developing informative and attractive content.

  1. Meta Descriptions

The meta description is a short blurb about the content you’ve created. It is displayed in the search engine results below the relevant URL. Its purpose is to help readers gauge the topic and the content covered in your article or page and decide if you are worth their reading.

Creating interesting meta descriptions helps improve your traffic by influencing a more significant number of readers into viewing your content. Web pages with no or boring meta descriptions result in readers going for other, better-perceived web pages. 

General SEO guidelines require that a meta description be around 150 characters on average, but no more than 160 characters. That prevents overflow of the text when viewed in Google’s search results.

  1. The Page Links

Page links tell that you know your topic and have expanded on your write-up with other relevant resources. That allows Google to see that you are connected with the industry and learn how to fulfill the needs of your users. 

Linking relevant sites and content to your own helps create a chain of resources that can help a user solve their issues, which is something that is quite dear to search engines like Google. The general rule of thumb is to link relevant resources within and outside your own site, which helps create a smooth chain of information for the reader.

What Does It Mean When Your Content “Ranks” on Google?

Ranking on Google means that your content appears in the search results when someone looks for the relevant search term on the internet. Now, the higher you rank, the greater the chances of receiving more traffic. 

The top ten ranked content are the ones that appear on the first page of Google’s search results. And these are the ones that receive the most traffic. That is because it is extremely rare that a consumer goes looking beyond the first page of Google’s searches, and even if they do so, then they go no more than page 2.

To Conclude

SEO writing services are in high demand today, as more and more businesses are realizing the potential of content marketing. And with Google the topmost used search engine, it’s essential for companies to optimize their content according to Google’s SEO requirements.



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