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SEO for blogs and articles to improve ranking on google

In the current digital market, SEO is an aspect in the mind of every small business owner for Yoast optimisation in Singapore. This is because most of the users of various brands use search engines like Google to look for the services, products and brands that they require. But how do you enhance the SEO outcomes?


Here is a guide that can help you to get started with enhancing your online influence:


How much time do you need to increase your ranking on Google?


The real answer to this question is that various factors determine the period. Below are some of the aspects that can affect the period it takes to improve your rank on Google.


  • State of the website:What is the current condition of your site? The extra the tasks you need to undertake to enhance the various aspects of your website, the longer it might take for you to witness changes in your site’s ranking on Google.


  • Competition:If your business niche is highly competitive, it might take longer for you to realise improvement in your search engine results.


  • Budget:The more the budget you allocate, the quicker it is for you to increase your Google Ranking.


  • Skill:Your SEO skills play a significant role in how fast you can enhance your ranking.


Regardless of your current SEO situation, witnessing a change in the SERP rankings takes time. It is not something that can happen in a single day. Studies show that the top 6% of pages in Singapore reached the top ten positions within 2 to 6 months.


However, you can take various steps to enhance your SEO results right away. Let’s have a look.


9 Techniques to Improve Your SEO Results


As we said earlier, there are some strategies that you can use to increase the chances of your website getting a higher rank on the SERPs, and below are some of them.


  1. Kick off with an SEO site audit


You need to start with auditing your website for SEO if you need to find the most excellent methods of increasing your search engine optimisation for your content. Auditing will assist you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your site. An SEO website audit includes analysing the structure of your website, its architecture, and its existing web content.


The reason for auditing is to determine the parts that require attention so that you can come up with an approach to improve. Although the auditing process itself will not assist you to enhance SEO, it is a crucial step in developing your SEO determinations.


Technical auditing for SEO needs you to utilise some tools to assist you in determining how various areas of your website contribute to SEO. The average business owners in Singapore have no access to the multiple tools or the expertise to track them and translate the results. Thus, most businesses choose to outsource for an experienced SEO firm to undertake an excellent SEO audit and give pieces of advice depending on what they discover.


  1. Improve the navigation of your website


Search engines aim at providing the best user experience (UX) to their visitors. Therefore, they reward websites that offer a positive UX with a higher rank. Ensuring that your site is simple to navigate is one way of providing a positive UX. If the visitors cannot locate what they are searching for, most likely they will leave your website.


This has a significant impact on the time users stay on your site, your bounce rate, and the number of pages they look at – all of which impact your ranking on search engines.


Coming up with a clear structure for navigation in your website is a crucial step for assisting your visitors to get what they are searching for on your site. The basic rule for navigation is that you should never make any page on the web to be more than three steps away. Additionally, your menu for navigation should be labelled clearly in a manner that makes sense to the visitors. This will increase your rate of conversions.


  1. Manage Duplicate Content


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Duplicate web content has a negative impact on your SERPs ranking. Search engines reward the websites that offer the audience with unique content. So, sites with duplicate content get penalised. Therefore, it is good to monitor your website for duplicate web content and fix the issues. Otherwise, they will reduce your SEO results.


The most famous issue with duplicate content emerges as a result of having many versions of the same page. For example, you can have and These are recognised as two different pages having the same content by Google.


You need a working strategy for redirecting your pages to resolve this issue. You can look for assistance from professional web designers in Singapore if you do not understand how to redirect your duplicate pages.


Having sections of your content that are too similar to that on other websites is another duplicate content issue. It can be as a result of the failure of the writer to come up with unique content or your business being in a niche where very conventional phrasing is used, and you have utilised the same wording as other sites on a single topic.


You can use online tools like Copyscape to determine the duplicate content on your website. Once you identify the matching content, ensure that it is fixed before it starts impacting your SEO negatively. You need to check for duplicate content every time you add new content to your website.


  1. Enhance your site for mobile


From 2015, Google has been ranking websites based on mobile-first indexing. Thus, optimising mobile websites is not an option for any business.


Studies show that more than 75% of internet users in Singapore use their phones to search for services and products. So, if you want your content to reach your target audience when they are looking for it, optimising your site for mobile devices is a must.


If you are developing a new website, ensure that it is created with mobile audiences in mind. You can use the WordPress tool to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. For existing websites, you can consult a professional web designer to check if it is optimised for mobile. If not, apply the necessary steps to make sure that the website is responsive to mobile platforms before you lose more traffic from mobile devices.


  1. Improve the speed of your site


Website speed is another factor that Google considers when giving a rank to your website on the SERPs. A page that takes long to load causes your visitors to leave your site and visit that of your competitor.


Studies conducted in Singapore show that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, your business could be missing about 50% of its visitors. You need to ensure that your site loads fast to get a high rank on the SERPs.


Here are some aspects that can affect the speed of your website:


  • Size of image files– Large image files reduce the loading speed of your pages. So, optimise and compress your image files to ensure they don’t slow down your site.


  • Browser Caches– When a browser connects to your page, it loads various properties. Browser Caches keeps these properties on the user’s browser so that there will be no need to load them again – causing fast loading speeds.


  • Handling Scripts– CSS and JS files can reduce the speed of your website. So, ensure that they are necessary to enhance your website before utilising them.


Improving your website’s speed not only improves the user experience, but it also boosts your rate of conversions.


  1. Develop high-quality content


High-quality content that is consistent plays a critical role in enhancing the SEO results of your business. Regardless of how good the structure of your site is, it cannot substitute the need for quality content. Your content should be well written, relevant, and useful to the target audience. You cannot enhance your SEO if your content does not have value to the users.


The best way to improve your content is by creating a business blog where you will be posting new content on topics that are valuable to the customers and the industry in general. Thinking about the challenges and questions that your audience may have is a great way to determine the potential topics. Addressing these issues will assist you to attract your audience’s attention while ensuring that your content is valuable.

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Keyword research is the first step to ensuring that you provide quality content. Keywords help you determine what users search for when looking for brands like yours. When creating the content, you need to insert the keywords naturally for your content to become relevant. If you are not an expert content writer, you can hire a digital marketing firm that offers content writing services to assist you as your workers do other tasks.


  1. Add and enhance your metadata


You need to make it easier for Google to determine what your page entails if you want a higher rank on the SERPs. Ensuring that you insert metadata or improve the current metadata on your website is a sure way of enhancing your SEO.


You should consider these elements when improving your metadata:


  • Alt Tags– Alt texts are utilised to offer a description of any visual media, videos, or images contained in your pages. They assist Google to determine what the visuals are about and also when to show the pictures on their image results pages.


  • Description– A description is crucial since it appears on the SERP and gives the user an insight of what is included in the page. So, create a description that is clear and accurate while still stressing on the selected keywords.


  • Title –You should include your keywords in your title since it is the one that displays as the headline in SERP and at the top of the window of your browser.


If Google can accurately determine what is contained on your website, it will be able to deliver your content to the right audience at the right moment.


  1. Incorporate inbound and outbound hyperlinks


Another great way to enhance your SEO is quality linking. The best method of increasing the number of outbound links that connect back to your content is creating valuable content. In addition to external linking, you can also link your pages internally.


Ensure that you use every opportunity you get to link a relevant page on your website. This will not only help you to get a higher ranking on the SERPs but also engage your visitors to other content that they may discover useful.


  1. Ensure that your content can be read easily


We have mentioned the importance of developing high-quality content regularly. However, this content is of no value to the users if it is not simple to read.


Ensure that your content has a format that is easy to read and navigate is a crucial aspect for keeping visitors longer on your website. Using headings and subheadings is one of the ways you can use to format your content to make it easier to read and navigate. The headings will assist in splitting your content into various topics, making it easier for users to determine the information included in each section, especially for lengthy articles.


The other tip for formatting is utilising numbered and bulleted lists to split more complex subjects. This will make your content simpler to read and also easier to understand. Thus it will engage more users


You can also use italicised and bolded texts to emphasise on particular aspects of your content or ensure that certain elements poke out to the user.




If you need to enhance your SEO, you need to monitor all the aspects that affect your SEO. SEO is a continuous process that requires careful consideration and endless efforts to be ranked among the top results in the SERPs. All the above tactics can help you improve your SEO while effectively enhancing user experience. If you do not have time or expertise to handle your SEO enhancement strategies, you can hire Experts in the field of digital marketing to do it for you.

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