SEO Strategies For Singapore Websites In Hard Niches

Hard niches don’t have to be a problem if you use the proper SEO strategies

When it comes to finding SEO marketing tips or SEO Strategies there is no shortage of advice. However, many Singapore business owners are still skeptical about how easy it is to see results from popular tips and strategies. It’s not that these strategies are overly complicated, it’s that they don’t know if they can achieve such success in their niches.


This is especially the case when it comes to “hard niches.” Hard niches are those that have small audiences, a ton of competition, are difficult to secure links, or are “boring.” The good news is SEO can even help with these types of niches. Let’s discuss 5 ways you can increase your SEO traffic in a hard niche.


1.Use Long-tail Keywords


One of the easiest things in the world is to rank for a keyword that has little to no competition. But what happens when you try to rank for a term on Google that has a lot of competition. What if you’re competing against the top 10 companies in your industry–all of whom are hungry for traffic? This often happens in the case of insurance and loan niches.


Well, the truth is, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to compete against these businesses. So instead of trying to rank for the top keywords in your industry, try ranking for terms and phrases that the others are not targeting. There’s always a keyword that a company will think is not worth their time and you can take advantage of this.


This strategy works incredibly well with long-tail keywords. The longer, more descriptive words tend to have lower search volumes but the leads they bring in are more valuable. No, you won’t get as many searches, but even long-tail keywords that get between 50-100 search per month can have high commercial intent.


Finding Long-tail Keywords


There are more long-tail keywords available than shorter ones. And this means that they are more easy to find. The Google Keyword Planner can be helpful, but you have to remember that there are a lot of business owners who use it which means a lot of competition.


You can cut down on the competition by searching for broad keywords. Reddit is a great resource for this. Type a keyword into the search field and then search for phrases. Once you find phrases, plug them into the Keyword Planner. Even if the search volume is low, you can rank it as well as others like it.

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2. Market to audiences that Are Related to Yours


When it comes to getting backlinks, there are some niches that are more giving than others. This is especially the case in the recipe, marketing, and entertainment niches. However, in some industries, getting people in your field to link to you can be next to impossible. So it’s going to take a little creativity to find out which sites you can offer your knowledge to.


The best approach is one that is linear. You need to think of other niches that can benefit from your expertise. For instance, if you offer plumbing services in Singapore, then you may reach out to home decor and improvement blogs. This means creating guest posts and commenting on forums. So create a list of as many niches as you can and think of ways in which you can add value to them.


3. Approach Your Topic From A Different Angle


While it is suggested that your content be compelling and engaging, that doesn’t always seem possible. And if you’re in a “boring” niche, then you probably feel that your audience isn’t interested in reading a piece of content about your industry. However, it all comes to how creative you are.


Instead of droning on and on about facts from your industry, you could always approach your industry from a surprise angle. For instance, if your work in pest control, you may create an infographic about the lives of termites or how termites can be helpful to society. Not only is this interesting but it ultimately gets people’s attention because they have never looked at pests in this way.


You could also talk about these termites in terms of pop culture. “How Many Termites Would it Take to Destroy a [Popular Celebrity’s] Mansion,” would be an attention-grabbing headline. Instead of focusing on the uninteresting, technical parts of your industry, let them act as simple elements of your story.


4. Use the Link Authority of Review Aggregators


If you’re just starting out in your hard niche, then you should prepare for your SEO strategies to take some time. However, if you run a local Singapore business, then you could always give your website an SEO boost by using the authority of other sites. In many cases, what shows up first in the search engines for certain local keywords are review websites, Sites like Yelp allow customers to share their opinion of a business that they have interacted.

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The great thing about signing up for websites like these is that any business can do it, whether old or new. And this will automatically give the business more search authority. More specifically, you can gain authority from sites like Yelp because they are already trusted sites.


They have countless amounts of backlinks. So ask your customers to provide their reviews for these sites. If you offer quality products and services, this should be extremely easy.  



5. Find Out Where Your Competition is Getting Their Links


If you’re still not sure about where to get your links and feel that it is a lost cause, then you need to think about where your competitors are getting theirs. And this means that you need to take the time to monitor so that you can approach these sites. Luckily, finding out where they get their backlinks if a pretty straightforward process.


Step 1: Make a list of your competitors


One of the first steps to finding out where your competition is getting their backlinks from is to find out who your competitors are. Make a list of every brand that is similar to yours. Go to Google and enter the top keywords for your niche and make a note of which companies show up on the first page.


Step 2: Get their backlinks


You should then use a tool like Majestic or Ahrefs to figure out which websites are linking to them. Input their URL into the search field. Then, visit the backlinks panel for a complete list.


Step 3: Find out how easy it will be to secure these links


Not only should you know where the links are coming from, but also if it will be possible to get a link from these sites. Visit each site. If you notice that the link was from a guest post, then pitch a blog post idea to the website owner. It’s a good idea to do all of your outreach at once, as well as record the websites on a spreadsheet.




As you can see, not every niche is the same. And when it comes to SEO, some can be more challenging than others. But that doesn’t mean that getting traffic to a hard niche website is impossible. The key to success is thinking outside of the box. You have to be willing to take unconventional approaches. You have to be very creative.


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