What Is the Role of an SEO Specialist in Singapore

SEO Specialist in Singapore

An SEO specialist in Singapore integrates keywords and keyword topics to improve a website’s user experience and meet the search engine ranking guidelines.

Since it is a relatively new field, most SEO specialists in Singapore find it challenging to explain what they do. Moreover, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and so SEO specialists must keep up which means that they have changing roles.

With that said there is a misconception that SEO is a one and done task where the specialists clean up and optimize websites, then focus their efforts elsewhere. There is much more to what SEO specialists do every day. In this article, we look at what SEO specialists do all day.

For starters, SEO specialists in Singapore work either in companies as in-house specialists or consultants, or they join SEO agencies. They offer a wide range of services including doing website audits to identify the problem areas that are contributing to their low SERP ranking, among other duties such as:

Keyword Research and Analysis

SEO specialists carry out keyword discovery through extensive research as well as prioritizing keyword targeting strategies for the main keyword verticals and long-tail keyword phrases. They are also involved with the identification of potentially low competition keyword targets that also have high profitability that will result in a higher commercial value. They will also research alternative search terms.

Website Page Optimisation

One of the major roles of an SEO consultant in Singapore is to execute on-page SEO mechanical elements which include text formatting and integrating the necessary structure, addition of H-tags, Meta tags, as well as images by utilising their skills of organising website content.

They also integrate short- and long-tail keywords, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords, keyword synonyms, keyword prominence, and stem keywords.

Keyword Mapping

SEO Specialist in Singapore

Employees responsible for SEO in Singapore also assign, map or match keyword phrases to individual webpages to ensure that they have an organised on-site structure. By undertaking keyword planning and implementation, they help in curbing keyword cannibalisation problems and to strength content silos.

Attain Higher SERP Ranking Visibility

Since Google is the most popular search engine, a majority of SEO specialists focus their efforts on attaining higher ranking visibility on Google. Basically, they try to achieve at least the top 10 ranking positions on the first page for the money keywords in the content.

SEO specialist in Singapore also generate new keyword ranking momentum from obscurity to the top of Google’s page one by focusing on improving the results in the knowledge graph card, the click-through rate, or on YouTube video carousel results.

With that said, there is also considerable traffic gained from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The focus on Google is because it generates over 90% of the traffic to websites.

Local SEO and Schema Mark-up

The specialists are also involved in conducting local SEO marketing campaigns that include 100% complete and verified Google My Business profile, local city pages, Google Maps and a consistent name, address, and phone (NAP) profile.

They also do online reputation management, acquiring local business reviews. The SEO specialists also work on applying local schema mark-up, micro data structure, as well as getting local business connections.

Complete Online Competitive Analysis

SEO consultants are also involved in reverse engineering the competitor websites to determine their strengths and weaknesses and audience share. They also compare backlink profiles using tools such as semrush.com.

Improving the UX for Better Conversions

The specialists also optimise existing web pages to improve the website’s visitor experience, increase page views, click-through rates on SERPs and visitor time on the site, as well as, minimise page abandonment. They also engage in discussions about the benefits of rich media and content.

Diagnosing and Resolving Technical SEO Problems

This includes identifying the technical SEO issues with the website such as 404 errors, crawl errors, server errors, canonicalization, duplicate content, slow website speed, pagination, Robot.txt files, broken links, incorrect site maps, missing alt attributes, slow website speed, poor URL structure and more.

Comprehensive Website Audit

They examine, test, and diagnose any visibility issues the website might have. After identifying the issues, the SEO specialists then document the benchmarks and the baselines. They will also check the Google indexing status, the website’s content inventory, traffic statistics, Moz’s domain authority factors, the efficiency of the HTML code, and slow website speed.

Copywriting Content

SEO specialist in Singapore are responsible for the content right from creation to marketing. This means that they must know how to write effective headings, Meta tags, and paragraph headings. On top of this, they must also be able to write or compose compelling and unique Meta descriptions, title tags, and heading tags that will result in high SERP ranking and induce clicks.

The specialist must also be able to write in a natural language using a conversational tone that is used by searchers in especially on voice search queries. To achieve SEO success using content, you need to know your audience, write longer content consistently.

The paragraphs should be short and precise with the incorporation of text formatting such as italics, bold, lists, and images. With that said, they should only stick to white hat SEO tactics since black or grey hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing and more are penalised by search engines.

Coming Up With New Content Ideas for Content Development

Other than being responsible for copywriting blog and on-site content, SEO specialists are also responsible for training and coaching people under them to write relevant, original, valuable and unique content.

They ought to identify content gaps and suggest the best ways that they can fill it up. This will require research to know what the target audience wants and deliver it as soon as possible. They should also discuss Google’s quality guidelines and quality algorithm that will yield authority, expertise, and trustworthiness.

Web Development and Re-Design

Since the SEO specialist work revolves around the website, it is an added advantage if they have the skills and expertise to carry out minimal web re-designs and development. This means that they need to possess basic HTML coding skills, be privy to the terminology used by webmasters, and understand CSS, as well as the graphic design elements and the web page layout.

This is because they might have to make timely changes to the website when the IT personnel are not available or when it is absolutely necessary. For example, when Google updated the ranking factors SEO specialists had to act fast and make sure that the websites adhered to the new rules.

E-commerce Systems

An SEO specialist in Singapore ought to understand the key aspects of e-commerce websites such as shopping carts, photo galleries, online payment and processing services, storefront solutions, tax regulations to comply with the set laws, and shipping options. This will work for the SEO specialists who work in the e-commerce industry.

Analyse KPIs

The specialist must not only agree on key performance indicators (KPIs) criteria for website performance but also for evaluating the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. This could include traffic sources, ROI and profits, the keywords ranking between position 1 and 3 on search engines, as well as the audience share.

Creating URL Maps

URL maps are the blueprints and road map documents for information architecture that portray the hierarchy of content on a website. This includes making comparisons between the newly proposed website URLs and old website URL when doing a website redesign. The URL maps ought to include a 301 redirect record.

Preparing Monthly SEO Reports

This includes preparing reports for the company or on-going SEO clients for project progress purposes. For example, tracking the highest traffic landing pages, changes in keyword ranking, acquired inbound links, linking domains, and traffic sources. With the reports ready, they can then compare with the reports of their competitors.

Digital Marketing Team Support

SEO experts have the responsibility of collaborating with the digital and local marketing team. The digital marketing team especially for SMEs, the social media team, freelancer or in house content copywriter, social media team, and more.

Improve Existing Website Content

They should also be proficient with editing website content to improve readability. More so, they should also write valuable and evergreen content, content consolidation, update the content structure to make it easily scan-able by human and search engine crawlers using subheadings.

They also improve the content by leaving enough space, use of proper attribution, statistics or facts, elimination of grammatical errors, bulleted lists. Essentially, the content should add value to the readers by staying on topic, purposeful, and relevant.


An SEO specialist in Singapore has a lot of work to undertake and the above roles are only the tip of the iceberg. You can either higher an in-house specialist or an agency to offer consultancy or contractual services.

Either way, they are a necessary part of business success today as businesses in virtually all sectors are moving their operations to the internet.

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