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In Singapore, the amount an SEO company charges depends on the tier category of the company. There are three tiers of SEO companies which organize campaigns and achieve site optimisation through different techniques.

Tier 1 Companies

Tier 1 Companies use intricate file organization to achieve optimisation. They usually charge between $900 to $5,000 every month for worldwide campaigns or $600 to $1,000 monthly for local campaigns. For basic search engine optimisation, they can charge between $1,200 and $4,000 per one-time project. File organization is applied in optimisation by employing lateral linking (the process of linking from one mini folder from another) or simply linking through the actual navigation to a group of tier 2 pages which represents the client’s content silo.

They usually ensure that there is one tier 1 landing page for every 3 pages created (flat style architecture). Large websites almost never use three tiers. Instead, they settle on tier 2 and tier 1 keyword-stuffed landing pages. However, one advantage that comes with services from tier 3 companies is the fact that they can build a huge number of pages in the root

Tier 2 Companies

They complete optimisation in such a way that a range of pages acts as a single springboard for many other pages located on the site. The type of theme, conversion items or services determines which themed/alternative links appear in the set navigation schema for all the involved pages or which links in the context prevail as preferred outbound links in the body text. As a result, you can assess the link structure from footer links, contextual links, navigation blocks or alt attributes and linked images within each page. The designing company decides on which type of links to use (to the page or from any page on the website). To know the appropriateness of each link, they assess the amount of content present in the website, competing sites or other factors which challenge your efforts to climb to top ten results for the wanted keywords. Organizing Tier 2 pages is a little more sophisticated compared to Tier 1 pages and that’s why Tier 2 companies charges fees that are a little higher compared to that in Tier 1 companies.

Tier 2 companies charges between $200 and $500 for basic search engine optimisation.

Tier 3 companies

Companies in this group often concentrate in creating tier 3 pages which act like solitary pages that equally function as their own mini-site. Tier 3 pages can be supported externally from any page possessing a higher ranking factor (such as group or contextual links and inbound links from unrelated pages). However, the rankings and buoyancy of tier 3 pages are made to depend on the three factors:

  1. The competitiveness of the keyword variations
  2. Amount of content present on the page to reinforce its relevance
  3. The amount of authority acquired from off page or on page optimisation

Tier 3 companies a monthly fee of $250 per keyword but can go all the way to $280.

Here Are Some Sample Singapore Based SEO Packages & Quotes

Each agency quotes its SEO package in Singaporean dollars.


 Package Specifics 







Dedicated SEO ConsultationYESYESYES
Constant monitoringYESYESYES
Guaranteed Top 5 ResultsYESYESYES
Constant MonitoringYESYESYES




Package SpecificsStarter PlanBusiness PlanPremium SEO Plan
Maximum Keywords255075
Directory Submissions50100200
Link Requests200300400
Pricing InformationStarter PlanBusiness PlanPremium SEO Plan
Minimum Contract6 Month6 Month6 Month
Setup FeeNilNilNil
Starting Monthly Fee$250$350$500
Discount if Paid in Advance10%10%10%



 Package SpecificsStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Total Cost In 6 MonthsSGD $6120SGD $12480SGD $186600
Rate Per monthSGD $1020SGD $2080SGD $3100




Keyword Targeting4812




Manual Link Requests40110180
One Way Links Creation from Directory Submission50100150
One Way Links Creation from4009001800



 Package Specifics

Deluxe SEO

SGD $900 Per Month

Advanced SEO

SGD $1,200 Per Month

Premium SEO

SGD $2,000 Per Month

Target Keyword2040Unlimited
Minimum Guaranteed Keywords510Between 10 to 50
Industry NicheMedium CompetitiveCompetitiveVery Competitive
OptimisationBasic On-Page optimisationAdvanced On-Page optimisationAdvanced On-Page optimisation
Monthly Ranking ReportYesYesYes



Why you should consider hiring Tier 1 companies instead of Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies

Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies are not the best options for you. There are various reasons why you should consider hiring the service of Tier 1 Company instead. For instance, Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies tend to employ software which automates some of the optimisation processes. In most cases, however, such companies use the black-hat technique in site optimisation.

The black-hat technique involves identifying and exploiting weaknesses in the algorithm of a search engine to improve the overall ranking of the website on the search results. The technique works tremendously well and fast.

However, it is important to know that black hat techniques are contrary to Google’s strict code of guidelines that oversee the SEO practices relating to its search results. If a website is discovered to have achieved rankings through such practice, Google tends to sanction it thus leading to a cascade of operational problems.

Another reason why you should avoid hiring the services of lower-tier companies is their tendency to do a shoddy job. Please, imagine having your valued business website getting flagged by Google for flaunting ranking regulations. Think of cost incurred in missed deals and other related setbacks. Even after correcting the issues, you may have your reputation badly damaged already, a think you don’t want to happen.

Your website is more likely to malfunction if you procure the services of Tier 2 and Tier 3 SEO companies. Tons of clients have come to us (MediaOne) complaining of dysfunctional back-links, website operation problems due to black-hat optimisation among other mess left behind by Tier 2 and Tier 3 SEO companies. We have fixed it all and brought their websites to life again. Our practice is clean and reliable so don’t expect any inconveniences.

In a nutshell, we recommend hiring the services of experienced and reliable Tier 1 SEO companies. Talk to a consultant or any relevant expert and get advised on which Tier 1 firm to hire. You will be shocked at the great amount of money you will save.

Factors Affecting SEO Services Pricing in Singapore

As outlined above, different companies have various pricing points. However, you need to look into different companies and get the best one affordable Singapore SEO service pricing. Here are the factors that will affect the cost of SEO in Singapore:

Services and Benefits

Singapore SEO service pricing largely depends on the services offered by the company or agency. The top SEO companies offer inbound marketing techniques that include content creation, improving organic presence, content distribution, visual content, video tutorials, and more.

However, not all companies offer these services and it is up to you to decide on the best Singapore SEO service packages depending on your budget. Preferably, you ought to start with the basic services such as on-page optimisation, link building, and content creation, to name a few. You can then move to more complex services if your marketing budget allows.

The Company’s Experience

It is obvious that experienced companies in Singapore charge more than inexperienced or start-up companies. Besides, they have better Singapore SEO service packages. The bottom line is that you will virtually find hundreds of companies purporting to be experts in SEO, to the point of providing instant search results ranking.

They might be more expensive, but you will get better results compared to the inexperienced companies. A proper SEO company will first do a free site audit, suggest the changes and improvements needed, and then issue a quote on their cost of SEO in Singapore. They will then suggest several services that will help you improve the reputation and SERP ranking of your website.

Time to Results

Ideally, it takes between six months and a year for a website to rank on the first page on Google. However, it might take longer if you do not have an authority website. However, an SEO company in Singapore will carry out several services that will help you get better rankings over time.

However, some companies will promise results in half the time. As good as that might sound, they could be dealing with black-hat SEO. While these practices might get you ranked higher, they will get your website penalised or blacklisted.

Guaranteed Results

Unfortunately, there is nothing like ‘guaranteed rankings’ in SEO, and any company suggesting so is lying. This is irrespective of the quality of their Singapore SEO service packages. Instead of falling for false promises, look for the agency that has a realistic approach.

Ideally, any SEO agency or expert in Singapore will strive to rank 20-30% of your top website keywords on the first page within 6 months.

Custom SEO Pricing

Some companies will offer you custom Singapore SEO service pricing plans based on your desired results. With that said, SERP rankings are all about increasing visibility and ultimately, increase sales and revenue for your online store.

You could negotiate a plan with an SEO agency where you will only pay for the services when your keywords start ranking on the first page. You could also agree to pay for the services when you start seeing an increase in the number of leads and sales.

Unfortunately, you will have to do much research since not all companies have this option. Some are very expensive and they will lock a customer in a contract for several years. However, you could suggest the services you want and agree on a price. This could include keyword research, on- and off-page SEO, website design, and more.

Why is SEO Charged Monthly?

Most of the agencies you will find have monthly pricing plans for their Singapore SEO service packages. SEO is an on-going process and if your competitors start doing better than you, then you will be pushed down and off the first page.

Moreover, Google keeps on making changes to its search engine algorithms. This brings about the need to prioritise a variety of factors to rank as well as negating the effect of others.

The main reason is that the SEO agency or expert will charge monthly because they have constant pressure to strengthen page authority. However, you can always negotiate with the agency or expert on the best pricing model for the SEO services in Singapore.

Alternative SEO Services Pricing in Singapore

SEO in Singapore can run very high and this has made it virtually impossible for SMEs and start-ups to take up professional SEO services. These are the alternative SEO pricing models you can discuss with an agency or expert:

Pay by Commission

This is a payment plan that SEO agencies use when they determine that the pay out from the results will be high. Typically, they charge a percentage of the generated revenue from the entire SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

Most brands will quickly jump on this option, but there is a disadvantage associated with it. For example, it can be really difficult to determine the attribution of every sale made. You might also get locked in a contract spanning two years or more.

For this reason, agree to the pay by commission model only if you are certain that the agency will be committed to the success of your SEO strategy and campaign.

Pay When You Rank

This is a common Singapore SEO service pricing model that SEO agencies and experts use to lower the risks on their client’s end, especially of the SEO activities that do not work as expected. In this model, you will not pay if the website fails to rank at all.

It is also known as a performance-based and it can be costlier to the traditional SEO pricing models. You should only use this model if it is certain that the revenue can offset the cost when you rank for your desired keywords.

You should audit the authenticity of the ranking reports and traffic to your website brought about by the keywords. Typically, the pay-out will be significantly higher for each keyword that you are ranking for in a certain period and the following months and years.

What to Consider

Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will give precedence to companies that offer relevant, valuable and high-quality content. If you can churn out interesting and valuable content, then you can carry out your PR outreach and rank organically without the help of off-site SEO services.

This will call for you to take into consideration the concept of customer lifetime value. The take away points from all this include:

  • Do not compromise your SERP ranking by opting for the cheapest SEO option you can find. However, expensive SEO services do not always result in good results
  • Always choose value over price
  • Learn the basics of SEO to ask the relevant questions when interviewing potential SEO agencies for your campaigns
  • Get quotes from multiple agencies
  • Ask for referrals from brands in your industry

The cost of SEO in Singapore is varied and with the factors outlined above, you will be able to choose the best company that will offer you value for your budget. However, you must carry out proper research to find the agency or expert with the best pricing model that fits your budget.

Contact us for professional SEO services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to provide you with a free and non-obligatory quote.


October 10, 2017

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