SEO Self-Check: Implementing the Industry’s Best Practices


things to note before you try to DIY your SEO

The world of SEO is ever changing, hence it’s necessary to keep a close eye on how you’ve been implementing your strategies, especially when your business heavily relies on Online Marketing. Here’s at look a some best practices among SEO agencies:

The rise of mobile optimization

As you work with a top SEO service company, it is crucial for you to talk about where your website stands when it comes to being mobile-friendly. It takes a couple of months to make sure your online shop ranks highly on Google. This is why it’s just practical to ensure the ease of navigation among your visitors to lessen bounce rate. Otherwise, your efforts of building your authority via high quality referrals will be rendered futile.

Continuously produce unique and compelling content

Beyond being thoroughly informative, your chosen SEO service provider would most probably advise you to produce substantial pieces of content. By providing unique sets of content, your target customers would find it necessary to stick with your website to get their fill of information, products or services.As a result, you can have better chances of making your visitors stay longer as they go through the pages of your site.

Link Building is essential to increasing your site’s authority

During the early years of Search Engine Optimization in Singapore, there were practices which could be identified as Black Hat. This entailed sourcing out links from countless non-related and low authority sites, better known as Link Farms. However with the development and increasing sophistication of search’s methodologies, some sites which relied heavily on Link Farms were penalized and this resulted to being out of Google’s search results for good.

This is why it’s necessary for you to establish high-quality connections with highly known and well-attributed websites. You can share quality pieces of content with them and in return, you can gain link backs or site mentions, ultimately leading to an increase in Google’s ranks. You’ll eventually build on your site’s authority by carrying out this form of White Hat SEO via Link Building.

These main, best practices should get you started towards fully making yourself known in the world of search. See how they apply to your business and make the most of SEO as a tool today.

May 09, 2016

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