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SEO Experts Reveal How to Make Sure Your Site Conforms to Google Possum Update


Google Possum update was incorporated into the core ranking algorithm in September 2016. One of the primary objectives of this update is to deliver better and diverse results by considering the business address and location of the searcher. The closer you are to a particular company or business, the more likely you will see the site in the search engine results page. A close variation of the search query also now produces different search engine results.

The update has given companies that are located outside the major cities a higher cutting edge by ensuring that their sites are displayed on SERPs alongside other businesses offering the same services or products but are physically in the city.

Here are SEO tips on how to make sure that your site conforms to Google Possum update.

Carry Out Geo-Specific Rank Tracking

The specific locations from which you are checking your site ranking have a direct impact on the results that you get. It is imperative to do geo-specific rank tracking to get the most accurate results. Otherwise, you might end up making decisions using the wrong data. Check if your preferred SEO tools have a rank tracking feature and use it to know how your site ranks in various locations across the globe.

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Use Diverse Local Keywords

As mentioned earlier, variations in the search query now result in different results. Therefore, it is imperative to expand your list of local keywords to improve your site ranking and visibility online. Keep track of the performance of your site after using certain keywords to identify the ideal ones. Google Keyword Planner can help you find variations of primary local keywords.

Concisely, you cannot afford to ignore Possum update as it has a direct impact on your site’s ranking and visibility online. Improve your website conversion and organic traffic by making sure that you conform to this critical Google algorithm update.




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