SEO Company should be 100% transparent

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Your SEO company has to be transparent in it’s SEO methods used.
In Singapore, indeed there are countless SEO companies, and more and more SEO companies are coming out. In today’s modern technology, new SEO companies are able outsource SEO work to 3rd world countries easily. However in many situation, these 3rd world countries uses “Black Hat” SEO methods such as link farming, link scraping which leaves adverse effect on your company website. Many SEO companies thinks that by using these methods, they could bring their client website quickly to Page 1. Indeed your website may reach Page 1 faster than a website using ethical, white hat methods, however when Google Panda update caught up with you, the website will be gone for good.

It is important to select a SEO company that reveals 100% of the methods used for their SEO blueprint. Many SEO customers often commented that their SEO company does not reveal the backlinks created for them, but instead, SEO companies sent them “monthly” traffic report from Google Analytic. Google Analytics is a free tool by Google, and it should be accessible by Customer anytime of the day, and not to act as a monthly report.

Our clients commented that their previous SEO company does not send them any report based on the links they have built which they felt very insecure, as they do not know the methods being used, and were worried of the link building methods used were “Black Hat”, unethical methods.

However in MediaOne Marketing, we only uses ethical and natural link building methods. We sent out bi-weekly reports to our clients with a list of high quality links we have built, which gained many satisfied customers.



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August 30, 2013

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