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Search engine optimization is currency help you improve your website’s rank in the web today. Content on web pages must conform to certain set standards if the said pages are to rank well in browser search results. Here are some technical SEO article formatting tips that will help you improve your website’s rank.

Maintaining a healthy website has a lot to do with the content therein. Fresh content on your web page or blog is an ideal way of attracting visitors and traffic. Before you appeal to your readers, it is important to first make peace with the search engine. Consider these details whenever you are planning and formatting your article so that its readable both by humans and search engine spiders.

In-Depth Keyword research


keyword analysis on your industry search terms is crucial

In depth keyword research is the key to success in the online platform. It helps you do content that are in sync with what your potential readers search online. Take time to figure out what keywords search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for in ranking web pages. An elaborate understanding of this should provide a webmaster good grasp of common phrases and keywords that are trending in the searches.

On the other hand, it is not enough to just know the various keywords and phrases. Good use of the same is critical. Distribute them as appropriate in your web page while taking caution not to fall victim of keyword stuffing. Let the phrases flow naturally in the entire content.

Let the keywords work for you


ensuring the right keyword density helps make your article readable and natural

Keyword density in the entire article should constitute between 3-4%. While writing, the keyword must appear in the title of your blog, the meta-description, body and the conclusion. This makes your article stand out in the eyes of users as well as search engine crawlers.

Web pages with proper keyword distribution often rank higher. Do your keyword research effectively and choose what is best for your target clients. There are various tools online to help you with the same.

Know what visitors often search

media seo firm helps you generate genuine web traffic

Make the information on your website invaluable so that it attracts more visitors. SEO article formatting basics require webmasters to keep track of onsite visitors. That should provide you enough insight on how to tailor your content to meet the needs of your target readers.

Your keywords and phrases should be seen to offer the very best for the readers. You can link relevant posts to your blog so that you tap on readers from other sites. Do the same with social media links so that you leverage larger networks to build on your own. Broaden your reach with quality web content.

Write lengthy and informative articles

Length and quality are critical in SEO article formatting. Search engines prefer lengthy and informative blog posts as compared to shorter ones. For instance, a 2,000 word blog would be ranked higher that a 300 word blog covering the same subject. This applies across all the major search engines.

Optimize your web content


There are a number of web blogging platforms to help you optimize your web pages. If you are doing it via WordPress, there are plenty plugins to help you with online PR. You can also blog on Yoast, Shareaholic and many more. Optimized contents are more appealing to search engines and readers alike.

Edit your content before posting


edit your content including meta data

Though this might sound basic, it is very important. SEO article formatting requires that you edit articles so that they appeal to your readers. Some tips on ensuring quality posts involve doing short paragraphs and short sentences. You can make use of the following tools to further improve your edits: Google Docs, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word.

After posting your content, you need to popularize it. This involves acting your own PR agency online. You can do this on social media, linking to similar sites and accepting backlinks.

The above mentioned are some SEO article formatting best practices used by the best SEO professionals in Singapore. Use quality content to attract massive traffic and conversions on your website.

August 09, 2016

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