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KPI is a key indicator used to demonstrate how effective a firm is in achieving its key business objectives. My agency, as you would expect from any organization, made use of KPI at multiple levels to find out the best ways to reach our goals in a profitable way possible. Understanding the organization’s KPI allows firms, and departments within them are essential in formulating the goals and creating strategies aimed at achieving those goals. Marketing-wise, there is nothing unachievable under the sun; with a well formulated and disciplined approach, companies can benchmark and compare their KPIs across time.

How did I manage to scale up my marketing efforts? The secret lies in the robust digital marketing KPIs I put in place shortly after formulating an array of growth objectives. Here is how to monitor the progress KPI: 

Online tracking platforms

Web Page Rankings

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) ranks the pages of a site to show to show the value of good page optimisation and the extent of topic authority the website has earned. I found Google Search Console to be a great tool in assessing KPI because it could show the number of impressions generated by the site on certain keywords as well as the rank of the site’s pages on those keywords.

Organic Search Performance

Organic search results tend to be more specific. They’re those the listings on SERPs show up when users search for particular information and arrive at your page because the content is relevant – not because you paid for it. Beside Organic Search Results, I found Moz and SEMrush to be fantastic tools for monitoring the results.

Page loading speed

The speed at which the page loads can determine the overall performance of your website. Site speed has been a ranking factor on Google since 2010. A slow loading website would translate to a bad user experience and, hence, drop in page rankings. I could submit the URL of my page to Pingdom Speed Test and Google Pagespeed Insights to check all the URL’s speed factors in a click. Not only do these tools show the loading speed of your page but also give advice on how to improve it.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate describes the percentage of total visitors visiting one page of the website without visiting another page on the same website I.e. the visitors who just leave the website without exploring it any further. Here is how the bounce rate looks like: 

  • Content websites: 40 to 60 per cent
  • Conversion pages (or landing page): 70 to 90 per cent
  • Services websites: 10 to 30 per cent
  • E-commerce websites: 20 to 40 per cent
  • Blogs 10 to 30 per cent

Face to face meeting

The SEO team of the organization can come together and involve all the involved stakeholders in reviewing the performance periodically. As such, the combined efforts of the content creators, social media marketers, customer support and account managers, and the SEO manager are critical to the good performance of the company as far as KPI is concerned.

Periodical review of the SEO KPI performance

It’s prudent to analyze the performance of your KPI performance on a quarterly basis, that is, three times every year. That way, a detailed review would be necessary after every 3 months. At first, I could review the performance on a monthly on a monthly basis but that proved to be a little often because, sometimes, it takes longer to get the keywords right. It also takes some time to attract quality traffic after optimizing the website. Considering all that, a quarterly review is well spaced for satisfactory review.

The bounce rate tells the search engines how relevant the website is to the search queries searched by the user. However, bounce rate alone doesn’t tell much. To be of any value, the overall time spent by the visitor the page must be captured as well.

Whose job is to review SEO KPI performance?

The SEO team comprises of an array of experts each assigned with an area specialization. The SEO team needs a Data/Analytics Processing person responsible for crunching the figures and numbers required to drive a campaign – an essential aspect of KPI. S/he is the all “in the trenches” individual who works monitors web analytics to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the campaign and runs split tests in order to improve the site’s conversion rates. Besides, s/he’s responsible for carrying market and keyword research.

Who Data/Analysts processing person should work with to hit the KPI that is yet to be realised

Another key member of the SEO team who is expected to work closely with the Data/Analyst Processing person to meet the organizations KPI needs is the SEO Analyst. SEO is the lifeblood of the success behind any digital marketing. The good or bad performance of any campaign, therefore, is a result of result of functional or dysfunctional SEO.

Among others, the roles of the SEO Analysts are: 

  • Launching on-site split test to measure the site’s improvements in the conversion rates
  • Working closely with data/analytics person to manage and enhance the site’s traffic and improving the traffic if it is dwindling.
  • Making changes and improvements to the site’s overall structure (mainly as an issue on extensive site SEO)

For these reasons, the SEO expert is in a good position to work closely with the Data/Analyst performance to set KPIs for the organization.

If you’re looking for the best SEO agency firm in Singapore to set KPIs for your organization in Singapore, MediaOne would be the best option for you. The quality service offered by the company speaks for itself. Here client testimonies:

Fuji Xerox:

At the start, in 2016, Fuji Xerox had the some of the best products and top-notch services but their online visibility was wanting. Eventually, MediaOne helped the company the company establish its presence in the marketplace.


In mid-2016, Adrenaline approached MediaOne to examine its digital marketing strategy. The company was cracking on the weight of stiff competition from other companies in the event organising industry. In the end, MediaOne was able to turn the fortune for the firm by ranking its keywords in accordance with the industry.

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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