SEO 101- On Page and Off Page Optimization

SEO 101- On Page and Off Page Optimization

A good online marketing strategy is comprised of on page and off page efforts. You cannot rely solely on page optimization to do the trick. Understanding what to do for both methods will do wonders for your business. Before working on your on page and off page strategies, it is important to understand what these two are.

On page SEO involves content strategies. It refers to how you treat your content – what people see on your blog, website or any other online page. On page SEO previously meant what you have to do at the backend of your website. These covers components like links, Meta descriptions and title tags. However, Google decided to change the game including the algorithm. When working on your on page SEO take these factors into consideration:

• Content of the page – your content should be relevant bearing important keywords. However, it should not be a spam content or created just for the sake of the keyword. You have to make sure you release content useful to people.
• The title tag – this helps understand at first glance what your page is about
• The URL – search engines find it easier to look for pages if they have clear URLs. Likewise, people can figure out what the page is about with a glance with your URL.
• The image alt text

If on page is what you do to your site, off page means what you do outside your page. This involves how you interact with the web community. Examples of off page strategies include: guest posts on other blogs, link bait, internal linking, link to other sources and content. You have to be interactive with the rest of the web community to build a network. Once you are part of a good network, people can find your page easily.

October 23, 2014

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