Sending, Scheduling An Email In An Email Marketing Application

Sending, Scheduling An Email In An Email Marketing Application 1

There are times when you may want to send a message for your subscribers but you may find out that you have a meeting.In such a situation you have an alternative to schedule your message whereby you set it to be sent at a given say and at a particular time. Email Marketing is very important in SEO in this regard. This will save the worries of not sending the message depending on how urgent the message was. 

The following are the steps you can follow when composing and sending messages:

Check your recipients.The recipients pane appears on the right side next to compose new email.This shows the contacts you will have selected.You can also add a name or email address on the add email recipient box and select the ones that match.

In case you have more than one email account that is connected to insightly ,ensure you select the required address in the from list.

Through this article you can be able to send and schedule messages at the required time without getting worried on what to do.You can give it a try and see whether it can help you.

This is important in your digital marketing campaigns when it is necessary to maximize your email click-throughs.

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