SEM Services Singapore: How to Find the Right Agency

SEM services Singapore

Are you looking for an SEM services Singapore agency to help you brand get to the next level of success? Indeed, a digital marketing agency Singapore team can help your brand generate more leads and get ROI from your marketing campaigns. One of the most effective strategies businesses use to generate more sales and organic traffic is SEM (Search engine marketing).

What is Search Engine Marketing?

This is a form of online marketing that entails promoting websites on search engines through paid advertising in search engines. The website ad is displayed at the top of the conventional search results thereby increasing the chances of users clicking on them to visit the site.

Professional SEO agency or a PPC company in Singapore can help you come up with the ideal SEM campaign for your business. The campaign has to be meticulously planned for and executed to be successful. One fact that you should keep in mind when looking for SEM services Singapore provider is that the cost charged by Google is dependent on the number of clicks on the ads.

Now that you understand what search engine marketing is, let us shift gears and look at how to find a credible SEO company that offers SEM services in Singapore.

Number 1: Pricing Model

A majority of the PPC agencies in Singapore charge clients on a per-spend basis. That is, the total cost of the SEM service rendered is dependent on how much you spend on PPC search engine marketing. One of the challenges of this model is that the service charge increases if you adjust your paid search budget upwards.

Don’t worry though, there are SEM agencies that have a performance-based, hourly, or flat pricing model. Request for information about the pricing model to know if the agency suits your brand and budget.

Number 2: Transparency

There are some SEM agencies that create a mystery around the type of work that they do for brands. They do not disclose how they achieve results. In some instances, they might silo your data off so you or your in-house digital marketing team cannot access it without going through them. The worst-case scenario is if they manipulate the reports to give you the wrong impression about the performance of the SEM campaign.

Such theatrics are meant to make the agency look indispensable to your business. Steer clear of any SEM services Singapore team that is known to use such tactics to generate more revenue from clients.

Transparency will ensure that your Singapore SEM campaign delivers the expected results. Ask each of the prospective SEM agencies if they will give you direct access to the reports, campaigns, and keywords. Go an extra mile to request a sample of client report, and to explain the process.

Number 3: Does it Add Substantial Value to your Business

As you debate with your team on whether spending money on an SEM services Singapore Company, ask yourself if the agency will be doing more than you are actually doing independently. Find out the additional processes and tasks that they do apart from relaying reports back to you.

The bottom line is that, an SEM agency is only worth hiring if they can guarantee results that exceed what you are actually able to accomplish on your own.

Number 4: Check Recent Projects Related to Yours

It is of paramount importance to check recent projects that the SEM agency has done that are related to yours. Look at the results that they achieved and ask them to explain how they did it. Contact the referees (companies that hired the agency to do SEM for them) to get a clearer understand of how they operate before signing the contract documents.

At this phase of the evaluation process, do not shy away from asking as many questions as possible about the project to understand the agency’s processes and work ethic. The reports and everything they tell you should match what the referees tell you about the project and results they achieved.

Number 5: Does it Rank in Google

One of the main reasons why you are considering hiring a Singapore SEM agency is to get more visibility on search engines by ranking for target keywords. If the agency does not rank well in Google, how are they going to help your site be listed in the first page of Google?

Number 6: Does it Focus Solely on SEM

Nowadays, there is a plethora of individual digital marketers and agencies that claim to specialize on everything related to digital marketing from PPC to SEO and SEM. Carry out an extensive background research to know if the agency specialise only on SEM or offers additional services such as content marketing and SEO.

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The best choice for your Singapore brand is a company that offers SEM services and other extra services to complement the campaign such as SEO (search engine optimisation). Nonetheless, it should have an expertise and emphasis on SEM.

Number 7: How Does it Measure Success

Professional SEM services Singapore provider usually have one or more tools for tracking SEM campaigns and monitoring results achieved by each of them. Ideally, a successful SEM campaign is determined not only by the number of clicks an ad gets but also increase in conversion rate, traffic, and quality leads.

Make sure you understand the tools that the SEM agency uses to measure the success of a campaign before you make your final decision. More importantly, ask yourself if their notion of success resonates with your own. Think about the goals that you set when you started looking for an SEM agency in Singapore.

For example, if their idea of a successful SEM campaign in Singapore is improved Google rank and yours is ROI, you might not get the results that you were targeting.

Number 8: How Often DO They Generate and Send Reports to Clients

Does the agency offer real time reporting? Get to know how often they generate and send reports to clients to understand its reporting process. Graphs and numbers are not enough to understand the performance of the campaign. Select a company whose personnel will take time to explain the figures and metrics listed in the report.

It is also important to note that the amount of time it will take to see results vary depending on the medium used. Unlike other campaigns such as SEO, SEM delivers results faster. Desist from hiring an SEM agency that tells you will start seeing results after 2-3 months.

Closing Remarks

The best SEM services Singapore team will help your website rank better and generate more sales. Be sure to monitor the results independently to know if you are getting value for money. Save time and money by hiring our team to create custom SEM campaigns for your business. We will leave no stone unturned in the quest to ensure each goal is achieved. Contact us today for more details about how to do SEM and digital marketing in Singapore.

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Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

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