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product in Singapore is best known for having one of the most vibrant and lucrative e-commerce industries in the world. With more than 80% of the total population accessing the internet on a daily basis, brands that have stellar websites and digital marketing campaigns can make huge profits. The government is also keen to encourage entrepreneurship by providing grants and other incentives that are meant to help people to start their businesses.

However, your Singapore business will not thrive if you do not put in place the right marketing strategies. The chances are that several companies are offering similar products. You need to be upbeat on the latest market trends and marketing strategies to win.

Here are tips on how to Sell your Product in Singapore both online and offline. The most successful businesses in the country use these tips to continue generating profits.

Include a Chatbot in your Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media marketing powerhouse. Research shows that the platform has 2 billion active users per month. There are more than 3 million Facebook users in Singapore, and this makes it one of the most popular social media platforms in the country.

A Facebook page that is dedicated to connecting with potential customers who are interested in sell your product will work magic on your brand. It will boost your brand’s visibility on this platform. Posting regularly and making sure that you respond to comments from your followers will keep it lively and interactive.

Consider installing a chatbot to help you respond to messages from your followers while you are not online or logged into the account. Last year, Facebook revealed that there are more than 100,000 monthly active chatbots on Messenger.  The chatbot will ensure that your followers do not have to wait for days to get feedback. This will, in turn, paint a positive image of your business and encourage the target audience to purchase your product.

You can also use the chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions about your products such as how it works. The responses will help the customers get more value from the product and even recommend it to other clients online and offline.

Give LinkedIn another Chance

Since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, the platform has undergone significant changes that are tailored to give its users better networking opportunities. Some of the notable improvements include an updated user interface and newsfeed.

A recent report shows that more than 500 million people from the Asia Pacific region are active on LinkedIn. Therefore, updating your profile and sharing fresh information about the products you are selling will give your business the much-needed online exposure.

One of the highlights of this platform is that there is not much competition since most brands already forgot about it and rarely used it for marketing. Just like the Facebook page, make sure that you respond to messages and comments from other users in a timely manner to get the expected results.

Potent Power of Personalization

Despite advancement in technology and the introduction of new digital marketing strategies; product personalisation still reigns supreme both online and offline. You can increase sales by giving your target customers unique shopping experiences.

56% of customers in Singapore prefer buying products from a brand or professional who recognise them by name. The report also shows that 58% of customers go for brands that offer relevant recommendations that are based on their past purchases.

Concisely, personalisation works well for both online and offline business in Singapore. Make sure that your product and message personalisation is genuine to get a positive response.

Storytelling Works Offline and Online

The first thing to note is that clients purchase products from you for a reason. It could be your price point, work ethic, connection, or quality. Regardless of the reason, let them know you by telling your story through properly structured marketing strategies and branding.

 Tell your story in all your digital and offline marketing materials such as social media posts, ads, blogs, posts, banners, billboards and many more. The story should be consistent and genuine to avoid confusing of misleading the audience.

Plan to Maximise Dark Social

Simply put, dark social refers to the conversations that potential clients are having in private with other people. Most of these conversations happen on platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

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This is an entirely new world that most Singapore businesses are yet to reach and exploit fully. Facebook knows the power of dark social and has started introducing Messenger Ads. Strive to be part of the conversations that take place in the dark social platforms by leveraging these ads. These platforms will help you connect with the target audience at a deeper level.

Mobile Text Messages for Marketing

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world. This is one of the main reasons why SMS marketing is so prevalent in the country. It gives the brand an opportunity to connect with a large group of target customers without spending thousands of dollars.

You should also note that 98% of text messages sent out are read within the two minutes. In some developed markets such as the United States, 1 in every 10 SMs is with businesses. Here in Singapore, not all companies are using this form of marketing to boost their product sales.

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Step out of your comfort zone and start marketing your products through mobile SMS. Some companies offer these services. They already have a database of phone numbers; all you have to do is craft an engaging and compelling text message that will be sent to the audience.

Leverage Facebook Groups

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Segment the target audience is not easy due to the many factors and data have to be considered. Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking sites in Singapore. Create a Facebook group through your existing page and promote it using sponsored ads to get as many followers as possible.

For example, you can create a group to offer insider perks to the audience or hold a general discussion about the products and industry that your business operates in to spur engagement. Studies show that engagement level in Facebook groups is higher than on Facebook pages. However, the groups require more attention and moderation so consider assigning one of your staff members who is conversant with Facebook marketing to monitor it full time.

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Survey your Clients

Do not leave anything to chance, check in with your clients to see if there are certain aspects of your product that need to be improved or enhanced. Their feedback will also provide ideas of features that can be added on the product to make it more efficient. Encourage them to share this information with you by offering a reward such as a discount on their next purchase.

If you intend to use Facebook for this purpose, make sure that you read the Updated Engagement Rules to avoid your post been pulled down.

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Go Live

Clients respond better to videos than blocks of text. Thanks to advancement in technology, you can now go live on virtually all social media platforms including YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform. Host a Question and Answer session on Facebook or Instagram to help your customers profit from your products entirely.

 You can also upload explainer videos on your brand’s YouTube channel then schedule a live session to discuss the fine details of the products. Be sure to inform the audience that you will be holding a live video session at a particular day and time to connect with as many customers as possible. No need to worry though, those who miss the live session can still watch it later and get in touch with your customer care team if they have any queries.

Form Strategic Alliances with Other Brands

The businesses that you form strategic alliances with should be in one way or another related to your business and the products that you offer. Do your research to identify companies that are already connected to your target customers then look for ways you can work together to expand your clientele base. The alliance should offer mutual benefits for it to work.

For instance, you can agree to market each other products’ or team up to work on clients projects jointly. Good alliances will not only help you connect with more customers but also firm up your bottom line.

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Create Different Flyers, Pitches, and Ads for Different Market Segments

Distributing flyers at a trade fair or conference will give your Singapore business an upper. However, this strategy will not work if the information contained in the flyer does not resonate with the audience you are aiming to engage with at the event. The same case applies to online ads and pitches.

Therefore, adapt your ads, flyers, pitches and any other materials that you intend to use to market your products for different market segments. For example, if you sell your products through seminars that are attended mostly by women, make sure that the flyers that you distribute to the audience have images of women. More importantly, the information printed on the flyers should highlight your products unique selling points.

The point is; make sure that the marketing materials that you use whether online or offline resonate with the market segment or the target audience.

Strive to Expand your Territory

Selling your products in new markets is one of the guaranteed ways of giving your business a firm footing in Singapore. If you have a bakery in Clementi, do not just focus on selling cakes and other baked products to catering companies and local restaurants. You can sell them to direct consumers who work for companies located in this town.

If you supply office equipment to local businesses, consider expanding your market to bigger businesses, local government agencies and non-governmental organisations. Such a proactive action will extend your reach and promote the sustainability of your business.

Be Different

As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance that another business is offering a similar product already. You need to stand out from the crowd if you are to succeed in growing your business. Find something that sets you apart from the competitors and use it to promote your business.

The difference/highlight could be how your product works, slogan, or even a perceived difference. Rest assured the target customers will notice and use the difference to distinguish your business from the rest.

Request Referrals from Existing Customers

Referrals and recommendations will help you get new customers and expand your client base. This is because they impart a high level of trust in your brand thereby making it easy to transform a prospect into a customer. Go ahead and ask your existing customers to refer your product to their colleagues, friends, and family members.

Write Honest Product Reviews and Post them Online

Singaporeans use the internet to learn more about products and make comparisons based on reviews posted online. Write or hire a professional copywriter to write a product review and post it online. You can publish it on your website or distribute it to other sites that accept guest posts. Include a link in the review that the target audience can click on to visit your website.

The product review should be packed with valuable information about your product. It should also be genuine, and the writing style should be professional to avoid sounding too “salesy” and fake. More importantly, it should be search engine optimised so that it is indexed by search engines and ranked well.

Carry out extensive keyword research to know important words and phrases that customers are using to look for information about the product. Such words should be included in the review to enhance its visibility online. You can also share the URL link on your social media platforms. Note the review does not have to be text only; you can use a video to review the product as well.


These tips on how to sell your product in Singapore will help grow your business and guarantee its profitability. Take baby steps and experiment with new marketing strategies to continue being relevant in the market. Also, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to market the product for you the right way. Investing in professional digital marketing services in Singapore could be the secret sauce that will help your business compete effectively with your competitors and win more clients.

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