Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click

Why are there an increase in demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Singapore?
Search Engine Optimization has been a up-going trend in Singapore. Today in Singapore, more and more companies are looking into the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring in more traffic to their website. Many companies had been using Google Adwords (PPC) for their online marketing campaign, but the increasing cost of using Google Adwords are getting higher as more and more competitors joins in. Your CPC is basically calculated by the number of competitors, quality scores, competitor’s max CPC, etcs. As such, PPC are getting as high as $5 – $8 per click for top spots for competitive keywords like car rental, movers, loans, etc

SEO is a taxing process and it does not happens immediately like pay-per-click.
However it’s a fact that PPC gives immediate results, unlike SEO. Search Engine Optimization requires alot of work such as on-page optimization & link building. Not to forget, with today’s Google ever changing algorithm, it’s getting even harder to rank your website in Page 1. MediaOne Marketing has been keeping itself updated to the latest algorithm in Google, as such, we have successfully ranked many clients website to Page 1 even for super competitive keywords in Singapore. You can download our SEO reports here, to view our latest clients who have achieved such ranking.

With the increasing cost of pay-per-click, it seems that engaging a SEO company would be a good choice, given the huge difference in monthly fees, which our SEO prices ranging from only S$288 onwards.

So should I choose SEO or pay-per-click?
It really depends on your business plan. If you want immediate results as your company needs sales badly, pay-per-click may be a better solution for you as we mentioned, search engine optimizing your website takes time. However if your company is looking for a long term solution to improve sales organically from Google search, SEO will be a much more cost effective way as compared to pay-per-click. The amount of traffic a website receive by ranking in Google Page 1, can cost up to ten of thousands of Singapore dollars to achieve in a pay-per-click campaign.

How much traffic can we get if we get ranked in Google Page #1?
Our client, Dream Car Rental, is currently Top 3 in Google for keywords like “Car Rental, Cheap Car Rental, Rent Car, etcs” They are receiving about 300-400+ unique visitors per day to their website, based on Google Analytics, a software by Google to track traffic to your website. It all adds up to about 9000 – 12,0000 unique visitors per month. Currently each click for car rental industry can easily cost up to $4-$6 dollars a click to be rank in Top 3 spot in Google ads. To achieve such traffic in Google Adwords, pay-per-click, it can easily cost up to S$36,000 – S$72,000 per month. Of course no SME in Singapore will spend that type of money on pay-per-click. (we were just giving an analogy)

So in conclusion, Search Engine Optimization is a powerful long term investment as compared to pay-per-click, given the low monthly cost. Check out are seo rates now!



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August 30, 2013

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