Search Engine Optimization Report is replaced with Search Console Report on Google Analytics

Google Analytics has made changes to its platform by replacing the search engine optimization report with search console report under the Acquisitions tab. The data will now be sourced from Google Search Console and you will be able to see the Google Search Console and Google Analytics data metrics in parallel.

One of the positive impacts of this update is that SEO companies in Singapore will not just receive accurate acquisition data such as ad clicks, CTR, average position, and impressions, but also other crucial data such as conversion and behavioural metrics. Other addition metrics that will be provided in the Search Console Report include bounce rate, e-commerce data, and page session.

According to a statement by Google, the new report will help you to know the performance of your organic search traffic more accurately. The team also stated that some of Google Analytics features such as segmentation will not be available in the new report.

Singapore online marketers are advised to familiarize themselves with this new report to get a clear perspective of the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that this update will redefine how performance metrics are compiled and displayed on Google analytics.

April 26, 2017

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