How to Use Schema Markup to Make My Website More Prominent On SERPs


When creating content for your website in Singapore or elsewhere, you should use Schema markup to enable search engines return informative results whenever users undertake a search. Google’s continuous algorithm updates are aligned to help small businesses attract customers.

When creating content for your website, you should not only think of people who will read it. You also have to consider the spiders. Admittedly, it may be hard for major search engines to crawl your web content and pinpoint the topics that you are trying to present.

With Schema markup, it’s easier to clarify your website content to the spiders. This tool includes markups for SERPs, which explains to site crawlers what your continent is all about. When combined with SEO strategies, you will effortlessly enhance your search engine results via a logical presentation of vital data.

How Does Schema Markup Work?

This tool resulted from a partnership between Yahoo!, Google, Yandex, and Microsoft. Content gets regularly posted with multiple layers. Generally, content posted on your website features many properties. Some of these properties are visible while others are not. Nonetheless, these properties ought to be added for your site to gain visibility.

Your website content includes titles, headers, sub-headers, the article body, and author name. Even within a single copy, several words may have different meanings. If you are talking about fish in a piece of content, for instance, your article may undoubtedly be referring to the gill-bearing animals that live in water.

Nonetheless, search engines can stumble while considering the different interpretations of that word. Schema markup will come into play in such a situation. It will provide a semantic description of the word in view of providing clarification to the search engines.

schema markup

Once this interpretation is provided, you can write about fish in your web content worrying that Google will falsely believe that your content is about the act of retrieving something from water or a hidden place.

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The clarification that is provided by Schema markup entails getting into your content’s HTML code before adding specific codes whose role is to interpret the meaning of your text. Contrary to what you may think, extensive code work isn’t required to maximise this. With Schema, you can make the most of content posted on your website without necessarily having advanced coding skills.

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How Effective is Schema Markup?

Apart from articles, Schema can be used to interpret and clarify events, people, recipes, products, videos, reviews, and local businesses to search engines. According to market analytics, websites that use Schema rank higher than those without markup.

There is no better way for you to tell search engines what your web content is all about. Even without Schema, your site will get indexed and returned in search engine results. With this tool, however, some of your content will get indexed and returned differently. This will in turn boost your digital marketing campaign in Singapore. 

The markup will tell search engines what your content means. This way, the search engines will provide results with better information for users who are searching for keywords that are related to your content.

Using Schema on Your Website

Every website owner in Singapore wishes to see his/her website rank better. Similarly, it’s everyone’s desire forfor their websites to perform better in SERPs. Schema markup is one of the most useful tools for realising these objectives.

To effectively use Schema to make your website feature prominently on SERPs, you must first choose the type of data that you want to markup. After that, paste in the URLs of pages or articles that you wish to markup before clicking on the “Start Tagging” icon.

The page will immediately load in the Schema markup tool besides providing you with the workspace required to undertake the next phase of markup, which is tagging items. Your web page will be displayed on the left pane while the data items will get displayed on the right pane.

The type of elements that you wish to mark up should then be highlighted and selected. If you are marking up an article, select its name so that you can add the “Name” markup. Once you are done highlighting, choose “Name” from the tool tip. You should continue adding items to markup by using the list of data items as your guide. Likewise, highlight other items in your article to include them on your markup list.

When adding markup items, you may not be able to tag each item on the list. You should add items that you can and leave out the rest. Once you finish adding markup items click on the “Create HTML” icon. The page that will load after that will display your page’s HTML containing the relevant micro-data inserted in spots that you chose.

After seeing the HTML of your page, you can add Schema to your web page. To do this, go to your source code of CMS and add the highlighted into the appropriate spots. Use the yellow markers found on the scrollbar to establish the Schema markup code.

The Structured Data Testing Tool will help you find out how your page looks like once the markup gets added. By clicking on preview, you will be able to see how your article will look like to users whenever they search keywords that are related to it.

How to Optimise Schema Markup

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To gain richer results when using Schema, you should only use Schemas that are popular. Find out which Schemas are best suited for your line of business. You can find this information from the Organization of Schemas website. There are dozens of markups that you can use to make your site rank prominently on SERPs. Nonetheless, you should only find and use those that you need.


Implementing Schema markup is surprisingly easy. Nonetheless, very few websites in Singapore have taken advantage of it. This SEO innovation is here to stay and offers you a straightforward way of using relevant micro-data to augment your search results. Implementing this tool will give your website a competitive advantage in Singapore and beyond. With our professional website design team in Singapore on your side, your website will always be ranked high. Contact us today for more details.



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