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What is a Scheduled Post? All You Need to Know

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You may not want to post your blog every day. There can be times when you miss out on the social media posts. Why not make things easier for you?


If you are looking to post your comment on Facebook or a blog later on, you can – all you need to do is to scheduled post at a later date or time. There are many platforms that include this feature built in. For instance, Facebook allows you to post your statuses at a later time from your Facebook page. WordPress allows you to schedule your blog posts at a later point in time too.


Scheduling allows you to post the content you want when you want which is essential for your digital marketing campaigns. So, you don’t have to worry about that party you need to attend or the place you need to go to. You can even make your work easier by scheduling a couple of posts for the day (or the week), so that you can work around your schedule easily. You can thus interact with your audience and reach out to your audience when they are the most likely to listen to you. For instance, if it’s a news item, you may want to schedule it early in the morning as a blog post – and even as a social media status.


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However, if you are looking to schedule a post later across different services from Facebook to Twitter, you may want to use a software like Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule all your posts across different platforms.


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