Role of Sponsored Posts on Social Media

Role of Sponsored Posts on Social Media

Also referred as promoted posts, sponsored posts are community-driven-notification-oriented websites solely sponsored as advertisement platforms by different companies aimed to draw popularity through online promotions and advertisements. Due to its popularity, the model has been taken as a replacement to traditional pay-per click systems; text, rich media, and web banners. Modern day services that use this style are; Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

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Important knowledge to marketers

Social media has always acted as a unique ground attracting million of customers who spend countless hours reading blogs, downloading and uploading instagram photos, and watching You Tube videos. Collaborating with social media influencers so as to create sponsored it has now been taken as one of the ways companies to attract attention to its customers. Knowing difference in contents on various websites and guidelines towards creating an effective blogs ensures that companies maintain its goals while maintaining good standing relationships with both the consumers and their protection agencies.

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Charges for sponsored posts

Upon successful creation of a sponsored post, the next move will be to determine charges. Factors that will determine amount to charge on a post will be; traffic, link popularity, Google Pagerank, keyword strength or relevance of the ad to the link. Since social network reach will never play big role on the service, should you have a strong Twitter network that can attract attention kindly include it on the post. Companies should also try to build trust by commanding domain authority and recognition by reputable firms like SEOMoz.

Tips for creating successful sponsored posts

  • Create a term limit
  • Include image on the posts
  • Limit your posts to two links
  • For paid links, include legitimate links
  • Update articles to maintain relevance
  • Respect guest posts
  • Negotiate for discounts to repeated sponsored posts
  • Disclosure

In accordance to the FTC, it’s a requirement for websites to disclose for the sponsored posts. The rules confirm that bloggers who get cash payment or any other form of payments are viewed as endorsers and as such disclosure for material connections between them and sellers of the service is a prerequisite.

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