Why Your Client Needs a Responsive Website – Not an App

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In all sense, a responsive website design is much better than an app. Singapore has at least 4.83 million and 4.71 million of them access the internet via mobile devices. Which means that more than half of a website’s traffic is mobile generated.

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There are two avenues for capturing mobile users and directing them to a website; via an app or via responsive website design. However, a majority of web design clients insist building an app alongside their desktop website.

According to a Statitsta study as at the last quarter of 2018, there are over 2.1 million apps on Google’s PlayStore, and close to 2 million apps on Apple’s AppStore. The general trend is that users download an app, open it once or twice, and then they delete it.

Most clients see apps as the differentiating factor for staying ahead in the marketplace that seems to be driven by tech-driven digital natives and millenials. However, several studies show that a majority of these millennials and digital natives hardly download mobile apps anymore.

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Reasons Why You Need an App

An app is an independent program or software designed to fulfil a particular purpose. There are two reasons why your client might need an app for their company

  • If the client’s company has immense brand recognition
  • The client’s service or product is the app itself

However, very few companies have reached this status, and it is better to have a responsive website design than an app.

Apps Are the Wrong Approach

Both the responsive website design and app are in the same forte of creating a better mobile experience for the users. However, most clients look to the success of social media apps, and this is the driving force behind their desire for an app.

According to an eMarketer study, a majority of smartphone users only use between 6 and 10 apps per week. The regularly used apps share a common theme, which includes

  • Originality and functionality
  • They are big brands

Besides, these apps are not mobile versions of the websites in place. Before you agree to build the app for your client, do your due diligence and see if the app has the potential to break into the top 10 apps in the world. If it does not, they are best suited to go for a website with a responsive  design.

Declining App Downloads

Most smartphone users today hardly download apps, unless it is social media or specific gaming apps. For a new app to get into the top ten chart and record daily users, it must identify new needs that have not been solved, case in point what Snapchat did.

Approximately only a third of the smartphone users download apps in an average month. Furthermore, the average retention rate for an iOS app a month after a download is 3.2%.

Apps Are Expensive To Build

Building a custom mobile app is very expensive given that less than 3.2% of the people will still have it on their smartphones a month after downloading it. There are several app building cost calculators and the next time a client comes asking for an app, remind them of the two basic requirements; brand recognition as well as the originality and functionality. You can also use a website building cost calculator to help them see the point why a responsive website design is the better option.

A Sensor Tower study shows that 94% of the app store revenue is generated by the top 1% of the apps. What this means is that apps need to have a definite purpose and key functionality to be worth downloading and used daily.

Why Responsive Website Design Is the Better Choice

One of the reasons why clients want an app is to drive traffic to their websites and buy the products using their smartphones. However, a responsive website is the better way to go, and it is your job to help your clients know of the available options and solutions to their problem.

responsive website design

Here are the reasons why responsive website design is better than an app

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People Search for Businesses on Mobile Browsers Not App Stores

This may be obvious to digital marketers, but not so much for the public. App stores are not a service providers search engine. Anyone looking for a service or a product will not go to an app store but will consult Google or other search engines right from their mobile browser. 

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SEO vs. Apps

Focusing on apps to give a company online exposure will significantly limit their online visibility. While Google has started indexing content from apps, a responsive website with high quality and valuable content provides a better user experience on a variety of devices.

Choosing an app over a responsive website design will lead to your client sacrificing essential SEO tools that improve your client’s online presence and visibility.

Use Webflow CMS as A Landing Page Engine

Using Webflow to build a responsive website gives you access to Webflow CMS, which is one of the best SEO tools today. A client management system (CMS) allows your clients to create landing pages, which leads to a boost in their SEO and it is useful in driving traffic to their website.

Apps Do Not Make A Brand Look Professional

If apps are not a core aspect of your client’s business model, it will be irrelevant to their success. As smartphones continue to gain popularity, users have shown reluctance to downloading apps.

More so, smartphone users are less inclined to keep an app around on their phone the app if it doesn’t add a unique purpose to he lives. As difficult as this might sound to your clients, they do not need apps to be a professional, tech-savvy, and desirable business. 


Responsive website design is the only way that your clients can deliver a high mobile user experience on a variety of devices. This will improve your client’s online presence and visibility, and increased sales or subscriptions.

With that said, app design has come a long way, and they are introducing new approaches such as progressive web apps. In spite of this, the points above still holds, and the user demographic is not expected to change any time soon.

So, when a client comes to you asking for an app, help them understand why responsive website design is the better choice. Contact us today for professional web design and digital marketing services in Singapore today.


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