Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate_

Studies show that shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest causes of the low Singapore website conversion rates.

Only 20% of your leads will make a purchase, and 80% of the leads will abandon your shopping cart today.

Unfortunately, most businesses in Singapore today are focused on digital marketing activities that will drive new traffic to their website, and pass up on dealing with warm prospects.

The best solution is to use remarketing ads, which focus on exploiting the fear of missing out.

This will require that you use special offers and discounts to entice them.

Social networking sites and email are some of the best places to run the re-targeting ads or re-marketing campaigns, but you can also run them on other marketing platforms used by your customers to increase your Singapore website conversion rate.

80/20 Rule

This is also called the ‘factor sparsity,’ and businesses that follow the rule tend to have a higher conversion rate than those who do not apply it. On top of this, the businesses also have a higher customer lifetime value.

The rule states the:

  • 80% of your sales come from 20% of your marketing efforts
  • 80% of your output comes from 20% of your efforts

These marketing efforts should also be part of your remarketing efforts. The people who have already come to your website, and have shown interest in making a purchase are more likely to convert subsequent visits compared to people who have not interacted with your brand before.

For this reason, the CPA (cost per acquisition) of a remarketing campaign is much lower than that of the initial marketing campaigns.

However, a majority of the businesses in Singapore spend as much as 80% of their marketing budget on new customer acquisitions.

On the other hand, 20% or less of the businesses in Singapore allocate a budget to remarketing efforts that will bring back customers who did not make a purchase.

For an increased Singapore website conversion rate, it should be the opposite.

You ought to spend 80% of your marketing budget on remarketing campaigns, and 20% of the budget on new customer acquisitions in Singapore.

You could be exempt from this rule if you are a new business or you do not count on repeat customers.

Singapore Website Conversion Rate for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce websites in Singapore do not have to contend with traffic, but their biggest challenge is conversions. It is why they have a poor Singapore website conversion rate, standing at less than 10%.

This is especially true when they do not invest enough time and money in remarketing campaigns.

10% e-commerce conversion rate in Singapore might seem good, but it is not. Properly optimised e-commerce websites have a website conversion rate higher than 20%.

However, they could still do much better with optimised remarketing campaigns.

How to Do Proper Remarketing Campaigns in Singapore

Most businesses in Singapore are going about remarketing the wrong way in that they bombard the target audience with promotional messages.

This will create a bad user experience, and you will lose customers in the process.

Remarketing campaigns include every interaction that you engage with your customer in the form of content publishing, sharing videos and more. The goal of the remarketing campaign should be to lure the customers to trust you enough to buy from you.

With a remarketing campaign in Singapore, you do not have to worry about perfecting the headlines, improving your ad copy, or the ‘buy now button.

Unlike new customers, the section of the people you are retargeting will tell you what they want to buy, but they are having issues with the shopping cart.

A majority of the businesses in Singapore are focusing their energies and budgets on acquiring new traffic and converting them into customers.

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However, if you are concerned with increasing your Singapore website conversion rate, you need to put more focus on the existing website visitors.

Benefits of Remarketing Campaigns in Singapore

6 Benefits of Running Remarketing Ads for a Business | Marcabees

Remarketing campaigns have a host of benefits for your business in Singapore. We that these benefits will push you to start looking at running remarketing campaigns

  • Lowers the CPA

Remarketing can lower the cost per acquisition (CPA) over time, and this will mean an increase in your ROI.

This will also increase the return on your advertising, and in time, sour Singapore website conversation rate will skyrocket for a fraction of the cost.

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Customers will continue making repeated purchases, but that is if you will remain visible.

On top of this, it only takes a few weeks for a customer to forget a brand.

With that said, a remarketing campaign in Singapore will help increase the customer lifetime value.

  • Increases Sales and Average Order Value

Repeated customers will make you more money than new customers will since they tend to shop and purchase expensive items.

Some will also go as far as to increase the quantity.

  • Increased Referrals

Digital marketing in Singapore is highly competitive, and businesses need all the help that they can get. Repeated customers will recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues.

This means that a simple remarketing campaign can net in more customers than sophisticated marketing campaigns.

  • A decrease in Lost Revenue

Lost revenue refers to the number of sales that are lost if they are not recovered as soon as possible through marketing efforts.

Recovered revenue refers to sales due to remarketing, but unfortunately, many businesses are not focusing on decreasing their lost revenue.

Recovered revenue is one of the most important key performance indicators, and it is one of the contributors to their low Singapore website conversion rate.

12 Strategies for Writing Emotional Ad Copy (With Examples)

Running properly structured remarketing campaigns that are based on accurate market data will enable you to achieve your sales targets. The secret to achieving this goal is to create emotional ad copy for your campaign.

Before looking at expert tips on how to write emotional ad copy, it’s important to first note that emotional ads don’t refer to tear-jerky TV commercials.

An emotional ad copy mustn’t have video or music for it to be effective in convincing potential customers to buy. 

The secret to a successful remarketing ad is writing succinct content that evokes different emotions. Now, here are 10 tips on how to write better ad copy. 

  • Elicit Negative Emotions

Based on experience creating custom remarketing ad copy for different brands, negative emotions are more powerful in compelling customers to purchase a product or service than positive emotions. 

Singapore’s 15 Fastest-Growing Jobs for 2023, According to LinkedIn

One of the reasons why potential customers failed to buy the first time they visited your website is because they have doubts about the product. You can convince them that your product is the best by using the plant doubt seeds strategy. 

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

This strategy leverages doubt to spur positive action. Borrow a leaf from this MailChimp ad that runs on Facebook. The tagline “Freelancers know they need to hustle to succeed – just don’t hustle too hard” piques freelancers’ attention. They know they need to work hard and consistently offer quality services.

The ad copywriters go-ahead to provide stats on how freelancers who overwork generate less revenue. Thousands of freelancers downloaded the report to learn how to generate more revenue without working too hard.

Some of the words you can use to plant the seeds of doubt are;

    • Do you want this?
    • Can you be sure?
    • When was the last time you looked at…
    • Do you know what your – is?
    • You can always count on your intuition.
  • The Hard Truth Strategy

We humans often try to escape from the hard truth even when we know we are suffering and can reverse the trend by changing how we perform certain tasks. Show customers that they can get more value for money by telling them the hard truth that other brands don’t want to reveal.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

360Learning recently used this strategy to create a buzz about modern eLearning. The ad copy tagline “Traditional eLearning isn’t cutting it anymore and it’s set up to fail” hits the nail on the head. It delivers the message without trying to beat around the bush.

The other ad copy explains why the traditional eLearning strategies are not suitable today. Examples of words that you can include in your ad copy are;

    • Set up to fail
    • The …is no longer delivering the desired results
    • The truth is.
    • Doomed
    • You’re on the fast track to failure
    • We hate to break your heart, but you need to hear this.
  • The Playful Warning

An emotional ad copy doesn’t have to move you into tears. The modern ads that give a playful warning are structured to make you laugh about your current undesired situation. 

Check out this ad for inspiration on how to spice up your remarketing ads by giving your target audience a playful warning without being too harsh on them.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

The tagline “That feeling when you forget to download Capital One Shopping and overpaid online” will automatically trigger you to read the contents of the ad. This ad is more effective when sent to customers who recently abandoned carts or decided to ditch your business for the competitors.

The desired emotion is panic and regret. Below are some words that you can use to convey the warning.

    • If Only
    • Oh shoot
    • Hindsight
    • Facepalm
    • Retrospect
    • But is it?
    • Better safe today than sorry tomorrow
    • Seemed like a good decision at the time, Right?
  • Give a Subtle Threat

This emotional ad copywriting hack is closely related to the previous hack but different in that the threat is subtle. The main goal is to show prospects that they are missing out on big deals or not fully exploiting their potential. 

Talkspace Employees Stress Check Report gained massive traction and effectively conveyed the intended message by using stats to issue the subtle threat. The email copy used statistics – 25% of employees are underperforming due to stress. More than 40% of employees are likely to consider changing jobs due to stress. 

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate? 1

Employees who resonated with the taglines didn’t hesitate to download the report to learn more. Employers and human resource managers also downloaded it to learn how to offer the best working environment.

Some of the words you can use to achieve the same goal are;

    • On the verse
    • When you least expect it
    • Only X (experiences, clicks, minutes) away from ….
    • Fail to realise
    • Inadvertent
    • Misrepresent
  • The Disgruntled Anger Stirrer

Knowing your customer’s pain points is the secret to success. Some of them don’t know that these pain points exist. Create an emotional ad copy to reveal the pain point and endear the brand to them.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

Borrow a leaf from this ad dubbed “Majority of the day should NOT be spent waiting in the pharmacy” ad. Anyone who has in the recent past had to wait for hours to be served at a pharmacy is most likely going to click on the ad to know how they can get a better service.

The pain point highlighted by this ad is the poor quality service offered by some pharmacies. It then uses compelling copy to create an assertive pursuit feeling. 

Here is another example of an emotional ad by SoFi that is structured using this hack. 

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

The beauty of this strategy is that you can use it to create ads for virtually any industry. You just need to segment your audience and use the right words to get the highest response rate. Here are some word examples to get you started.

    • You are not a doormat
    • Put a stop to
    • The game is over
    • Don’t let …. walk all over you
    • You deserve better
  • The Over-Threat Strategy

We mentioned that you shouldn’t be too blunt when writing ad copy, but sometimes that’s the best strategy to encourage customers to immediately spring into action.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate? 2

CallRail uses the Over-Threat strategy to get new customers and encourage previous customers who stopped using the service to come back and subscribe.

The ad has not only a compelling tagline but also a captivating CTA that is strategically positioned to get clicks. Achieve this goal by informing the customers that….

    • They are wasting money
    • They are losing time
    • They are not getting value for money
    • They are throwing away precious time and effort
    • They are offending
    • They are overspending
    • They are overlooking 
  • The Hero Strategy

So far, we have been looking at emotional ad copywriting strategies that evoke the desired negative emotions. As mentioned earlier, your ad copy should elicit both positive and negative emotions. 

10 Ways You Can Analyse and Improve Your Singapore Website Conversions

The hero strategy creates feelings of defeat and dread. The ad tagline should first highlight the problem and then put the customer at ease by reassuring them that all is not lost. 

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

For example, “That feeling when you realise the house will be a wreck until August. But hey, no need to stress!” The ad was used by a company that offers residential cleaning services to market their professional house cleaners. 

Carefully wording the ad will move the target customer from the feeling of stress to relief. Here are some words you can use to offer them relief.

    • No worries
    • Don’t stress
    • But before you panic
    • All is not lost
    • Fear not
    • Good news
    • From woes to wins
  • The Reassurer Strategy

One of our inherent desires as human beings is to be in control of situations. When creating remarketing ads, you can play with words to tell your audience that they are still in control despite the current murky waters they are currently in today.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

Check out this ad by a moving company that was meant to tell clients that they are in control of the moving service offered. The ad had a reassuring tagline “You’re in the driver’s seat at Red Rover. You load the unit, drive the truck & we store it”. 

Be careful not to be verbose when creating the tagline to avoid creating a distraction. The goal should be to deliver the intended message using as few words as possible. Notice that this company also included its name “Red Rover” in the tagline to make it custom.

Try using any of the following ads in your ads to help your target clients feel they are in control of the situation and the service delivery process. 

    • You call the shots
    • Take back
    • Take control
    • Head honcho
    • Hey, we get it
    • You’re in control
    • Data-backed
  • The Curiosity Spark Strategy

Curiosity has been used by copywriters and content writers to spark the audience’s interest and lure them to take the desired action.

When creating remarketing ad copy, we recommend using words that evoke a mix of exclusivity and curiosity feelings. 

In the above GRIN ad, you notice how the copywriter used words such as to discover, secrets, insider and take a peek to capture the customers’ attention.

website design banner

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate? 3

Curiosity to know what is behind the curtains encourages customers who come across the ad to click on it to learn more.

Use these words to spark curiosity without making your ads generic and boring.

    • Want to learn more?
    • Take a gander
    • Discover more
    • Try not to…
    • Let us change your mind
    • See the proof
    • You’ll wish you knew sooner
  • The Visionary Strategy

We all have goals and aspirations of what we want to achieve in future. Ads that evoke a sense of possibility and potential are ideal for addressing your customers’ pain points. Before you embark on writing the ad copy, you need to carry out extensive research to understand your audience’s needs and expectations of your brand.

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Use analytics tools to monitor how the customers interact with the different pages on your websites. For example, check the heatmaps to know which sections they visit before abandoning the cart. All this information will help you streamline your checkout process.

Sorry for digressing, when creating ads, show customers that your product is part of their journey to success. 

In the ad above, the writer uses words such as “at your fingertips” and “imagine being able” to leverage the surgeon’s desire to be the best at what they do.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

Below is another example that was developed using the same strategy.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate? 4

Examples of words that you can use to make your ad read and sound visionary are;

    • Ever wonder (why, how, what could happen)
    • Could
    • Push boundaries
    • Pioneer
    • Beyond
    • What if you could
    • What if we told you 
    • Picture this
  • The Wooer Strategy

The wooer strategy seeks to show customers that they have what it takes to achieve their goals. It is also used to appreciate and honour something that already exists. Like the previous hack, it sparks curiosity to encourage the customers to take the desired action. 

Insert image

Notice how the ad contains encouraging words such as “you are an innovator at heart’’ and “Make your mark”. 

For this strategy to work, consider how your ideal customers would want to be described and talked to. Here are some starting points to get you started.

    • Talented
    • Authentic
    • Hard worker
    • Confident
    • Passionate
    • Unique
    • Committed
  • The Go-Getter Strategy

The go-getter strategy is also motivational as it exudes confidence. It uses a simple strategy that is hinged on “stop X-ing start Y-ing”. Unlike other strategies, this one commands the potential customer to take action that is in line with their life aspirations and goals.

Can Remarketing Increase My Singapore Website Conversion Rate?

Below are a few examples for inspiration.

    • What are you waiting for?
    • Isn’t going to do itself
    • Enough waiting…do X already!
    • If not you, who?
    • This doesn’t have to be a mere dream anymore
    • The time is now
    • This is your time
    • The time is ripe

These 12 strategies will make your remarketing ad copy more effective in helping you win more customers.

Be sure to do A/B tests to know which strategy and wording resonate best with your audience.

Note that poor wording could compromise the credibility and reputation you have worked so hard to achieve. 

You don’t need to do all the hard work yourself anymore.

Get in touch with MediaOne Marketing for professional remarketing and digital marketing services. Our team will not rest until the desired goals are achieved and your business bounces back to profitability. 

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Many businesses in Singapore are content with having a conversion rate of less than 10%, and such an attitude is a contributing factor to why your conversion rates remain low.

On top of this, it means that it will take much longer for you to break even and make decent returns.

Remarketing will do wonders for your Singapore website conversion rate, thus increasing sales, and maximising ROI. Contact us today for digital marketing services in Singapore.

Our team will guide you on the proper remarketing methods to increase your Singapore website conversion rate.

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