Should You Rely On In-House Marketing Or Outsourced SEO Agencies In Singapore?

should i outsource my marketing team in singapore

As a business person, marketer, or web owner, you have the option to wear every hat yourself or assign some of the tasks at hand to the real professionals. Either of the choices is acceptable to a certain point. But as your business grows, there’ll come a time when you’ll have to admit that you need help – and among the things to consider is whether it’s more convenient to hire an in-house digital marketing team or to outsource the services from an agency.

Let’s begin by saying that none of the two options carries more weight over the other, considering each one of them comes with its fair share of perks and setbacks.

In-house Marketing

By in-house marketing what is meant is that you’ll be hiring your own team of marketers, all paid by your company to handle every aspect of your marketing needs. The team hired get to exclusively work for your company.

There are a lot of reasons any company would want to take this path. What’s crucial is that it calls for proper rules to be maintained for it to be successful.

First among them is hiring the required workmanship, including a marketing manager, SEO analyst, content curator, Paid Ads specialists, Social Media Manager, Web developer, CRO-focused designer and a graphics designer to name a few.

This is basically a team of individuals all committed to one task – and that is, moving your site up the search rank ladder, and at core, making sure you’re able to ramp up the sales you make.

Digital Marketing Agency

An agency is a company dedicated to offering digital marketing services to interested parties. It’s basically composed of a broad range of SEO experts that work together to steer businesses towards different marketing goals as agreed.

Some agency are all-rounded and can offer a vast array of digital marketing services including PR, content marketing, web design, social media marketing, link building, and so forth, whereas there are some that specialize in either one or a number of the services we’ve mentioned.

Comparison between the Two


Skillset can be defined as the capacity to deliver on a piece of job or task. The level of skillset tend to differ from one individual to another. Now let’s find out how an in-house team stacks against an agency in terms of skillset.


Every single member of an in-house team is hired to exclusively work for the company. The job entails reporting to work in the morning and doing all they’re required to do to push the company up the search engine ranks. Usually, they’re personally hired and vetted by the company, and NOT an outside source. So there’s a fair chance their level of skill will be good enough, unless the company wasn’t in position to vet right.

Agencies still do the same. They personally hire every single member of the teams they work with, having subjected them to a series of tests and a thorough vetting process. Their experience and level of expertise in the field of marketing helps to ensure that they’re able to choose only the best of the workforce they can find.

It’s almost impossible to find an in-house marketer who’s mastered every aspect of online marketing. And in the off chance that they happen to be, the work involved might be so overwhelming to be handled by one person or small group of digital marketing experts.


While hiring an agency, the first thing you’ll be required to do is walk the company through your past online marketing experiences. What has your company been able to achieve this far?

It’s also part of your job as the business owner to carry out a thorough due diligence on the company in order to find out if they’re a good fit for handling your company’s marketing needs. The problem comes with choosing the right company. Often times, marketers have to sample a long list of boutique agencies before finding one that’s able to deliver on results as agreed.

Agencies also tend to have a large number of skilled individuals working for them. That’s NOT to say that their level of skill will most likely be more developed, but the diversity provided places them in a favourable spot to generate better results.

Who’s better in Terms of Skills?

This question cannot be answered in black and white. As a matter of fact, what’s considered better entirely depends on the nature of your business.

If your budget is big enough to hire throngs of digital marketing experts with varied skill sets, and are sure of finding all of them something they’ll be doing on daily basis, then working on establishing an in-house team would be a wise thing to do.

Also, if you’re only interested in managing only one aspect of your digital marketing campaign, then simple logic will direct you to hire an in-house team.

However, if you’re hoping to develop an all-rounded, top-to-bottom marketing strategy that covers every aspect of digital marketing, from every possible angle, then you don’t need to be reminded that you’re better off settling for a digital marketing agency instead of establishing a sound in-house team.


Who between an in-house team and the digital marketing agency you’re considering to hire has the ability to use their imagination to come up with original ideas to steer your business to the next level of success?


In-house marketers have the capacity to be naturally creative. They’re also attracted to diversity.

Their line of duty however exposes them to routine work, which is bound to get boring with time. There’s also a fair chance that their level of creativity may one day hit a plateau because of being subjected to doing the same thing over and over again. Then there is the perpetual problem of motivation, incentives, keeping up with market pay scale to avoid poaching, trainings, promotions, providing equipment, leaves, offs, training, welfare and a whole host of issues you may not necessarily need or want to bear.

The upside is that their work puts them in a better position to understand their competition better and may therefore be able to help you company compete effectively.


Agencies on the other hand work with different types of clients. Their nature of job exposes them to a series of new tasks, which helps to keep their minds fresh, and up to date with what’s current.

The problem comes when they’re also assigned to handle the marketing needs of some of the companies you’re in direct competition with, thus creating a conflict of interest.

Which is better?

An in-house team is exposed to the risk of being trapped in a rut. If this is the case, then you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency.


Needless to say, hiring an in-house team can be extremely costly. For instance, to hire a competent marketing manager you’ll be required to folk over more than $50 000 annually as salary.

Now take into consideration that you still have to hire a good number of other digital marketing specialists before marking your marketing team as complete, and you’ll have an easy time agreeing with the fact that a digital marketing firm is way cheaper.

It’s a Wrap

There’s no harm in maintaining both, provided you have the financial resources to handle it.

Look into your business goals and needs, and you’ll have no trouble figuring out which option is best suited for your business needs.

For more information regarding how to hire the right in-house team or the best digital marketing agency to outsource SEO services from in Singapore, why NOT contact MediaOne today for a free SEO consultation?

December 15, 2018

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